It not worth going to court

'I wasn't speeding, but I did pass two cars who were.'

How many times do we here some one say it “is not worth going to court for a tickets it is only two points.” It will cost me a days pay to go to court.

well that may be true court have a backlog and the beanch you will haft to sit on are hard, But points on you’r driving record will cost you Job opportunity.

The second thing to consider it may rase your personal insurance on your car and home and reflected neg on your credit rating.

if bad luck continue and you get any more tickets you will haft to go to court. Judges understand and appreciate hard working people and will worked with you.

The last thing you you don’t want to do is before the judge with eight point on you’r record telling the judge I am a good driver.

I have legan insurance with us legal it is at a small price and gives me peace of mind.

And that the way i see it.

Happy trails Cowboyron



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