Imagine being able to step back in time and ask four of the United States Founding Father’s anything.

Imagine being able to step back in time and ask four of the United States Founding Father’s anything.

Well that’s exactly what Mount Rushmore National Memorial visitors were able to do Friday morning.

This was not your ordinary press conference, but dozens of people gathered around to ask four famous faces anything they would like to know with the motto, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Washington says, “It’s always a pleasure to see people come and that they want to interact with you is really what it amounts to. And their questions are always pertinent. They’re always important because it’s what’s on their mind. So we are never dismissive of a question that we may even think, ‘well, you should already know this.’ How are you going to know something if you don’t ask.”

The presidential re–enactors say it’s an honor to be able to portray such important men.

Lincoln says, “I think there has never been a nation quite like this throughout the world where the many govern themselves. Where a national model was to bring one out of many and to be a small part of that is an honor I never would’ve imagined.”

Washington says, “It’s always an honor and a privilege to return to Mount Rushmore and to give my views on the founding of our country. And when I give my talk, I will take some time to explain the Declaration of Independence as I find most people don’t really know what it’s saying other than it declares independence. They don’t see what the founding principles are and that’s a problem in a country when so many of its citizens don’t know what it means to be an American. What it is that the principles of the nation are based on. And that’s my purpose of being here.”

Immediately following the press conference, the presidents stepped outside for a picture and autograph session.

The Chief of Interpretation and Education at Mount Rushmore says this is not all the monument has to offer this weekend.

McGee–Ballinger says, “We will have our flute player and storyteller here and then we’ll have our regular program with ranger talk, a movie and then retreating the flag and then the sculpture being lit.

“If you did not get a chance to come get a picture or hang out with the four famous faces, they will be here at Mount Rushmore all day tomorrow.

For a complete list of events going on at Mount Rushmore, go to
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