Editorial: Bush-whacked – NY Daily News New York Daily News – ‎10 hours ago‎

Editorial: Bush-whacked – NY Daily News

New York Daily News  – ‎10 hours ago‎
The millions of Americans stuck against their will in low-wage, part-time jobs deserve serious attention from presidential candidates, not the cynical gotcha attack that Democrats have zinged at Jeb Bush.

FDA drops the ball on new menu rules: Editorial | masslive.com

MassLive.com  – ‎2 hours ago‎
FDA drops the ball on new menu rules: Editorial. FDA rules mandate calorie counts Calories CONTINUED FROM PAGE C1. Calories of each food item appear on a McDonalds drive-thru menu in New York.

Editorial counterpoint: Southwest LRT plans unrealistic – StarTribune.com

Minneapolis Star Tribune  – ‎19 hours ago‎
In two recent editorials this paper lamented the 2015 Legislature’s failure to meet Minnesota’s transportation challenges and celebrated the latest not-dead-yet Southwest light-rail plan, wrapped in shiny new duct tape (“Minnesota sputters in roads

EDITORIAL: THC can’t help PTSD, experts say – The Gazette

Colorado Springs Gazette  – ‎16 hours ago‎
Clearing the Haze is a special report produced by Gazette editorial board members Wayne Laugesen and Pula Davis in collaboration with Christine Tatum, a veteran journalist and former national president of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Editorial board endorses Megan Barry for Nashville mayor – The Tennessean

The Tennessean  – ‎Jul 12, 2015‎
From left, Megan Barry, Charles Robert Bone, David Fox, Bill Freeman, Howard Gentry, Jeremy Kane and Linda Eskind Rebrovick participate in the May 18 Nashforward mayoral debate.

Deal would move Nynex building off the dime (Editorial) | syracuse.com

Syracuse.com  – ‎8 hours ago‎
It’s been 20 years of empty promises, delinquent taxes and a bankruptcy, but it appears that this time Syracuse might finally have a shot at redeveloping the long-vacant Nynex building.

Editorial: One for the middle class – Times Union

Albany Times Union  – ‎13 hours a

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