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Boot Hill Vandalism Affects History

Updated: Thu 10:52 PM, Jul 16, 2015
By: Shelby Brunk
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The Boot Hill Cemetery was vandalized – taking a part of Ogallala history with them as they damaged gravestones from the 1800

North Platte “I have yet to find out who it is. Rather it was kids or adults. It’s a mystery,” Tomas England, volunteer for the Boot Hill Cemetery, said.

The mystery England is looking to solve is a ‘who done it’ case.

“In February or March we had some vandalism here and somebody or a group of people came up here and they tore out almost all of the graves out of the ground here,” England explained.

England along with other volunteers worked to restore the tombstones and graffiti left behind.

England described the destruction the vandals left behind of a statue that stands behind him – one that represents the Boot Hill Cemetery.

“I had scrubbed some graffiti off because some people had been putting graffiti all over it,” England said. “I scrubbed that off. They’ve had people in the past climbing onto it and breaking the stirrup off that his foot is in and pieces off it.”

But, historically, this had been the second vandalism Boot Hill had experienced. But, they are making sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’ve had the community donate a lot of money and we plan to put up cameras here,” England said. “We’re even putting up lights around the statue to help with the cameras. Even if that detours people from ever coming up here and doing that again that’s important as well.”

But, just like the mystery England is solving today … he’s also looking at the mysteries of the 1800’s that surround him along Boot Hill.

“There’s been a little bit different stories of how it went because the news papers in the day were not as accurate,” England explained.

Even though the mystery of these cowboys is a cold case, England is hopeful their current mystery will be solved soon.
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