Lefty Presidents are Better for Markets by Luke Delorme


October 2, 2015

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by Luke Delorme

Under their 40 years of tenure since 1923, lefty presidents have seen S&P 500 price appreciation of about 7.2 percent per year. This compares with a paltry 5.3 percent during the 52 years of righty presidents.

by Max Gulker

Republicans favor job creation through indirect actions meant to unleash free markets. Democrats generally favor direct government action to create jobs. So why do we keep having the same debate? Isn’t economics scientific and empirical? Shouldn’t we know who is right, based on their policies’ outcomes?

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Earlier this month, the Department of Education released a new College Scorecard which contains a variety of information about almost all U.S. colleges, including costs, graduation rates, test scores and students’ future earnings. The scorecard has important limitations, but when comparing costs, the Scorecard can be more useful.
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by Marcia Stamell

AIER materials are now available online in more than 500 libraries in Massachusetts. The distribution through the Massachusetts Library System went live September 23, and is part of the Institute’s new partnership with Biblioboard, an electronic library subscription service.

Here’s a strategy for getting the most out of your Social Security benefits, one that is well understood by financial planners. Yet many individuals are still unfamiliar with it.

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by Luke Delorme

People often overpay for investment management advice, seeing it as a more complex art than it actually is.
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