Jason Chaffetz challenges Kevin McCarthy for House speaker

Jason Chaffetz challenges Kevin McCarthy for House speaker

CNN  – ‎12 hours ago‎
Chaffetz, the Utah Republican who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is taking on his party’s current No.

Kevin McCarthy Don’t Speak English So Good, Rachel Maddow Implies

Huffington Post  – ‎Oct 1, 2015‎
“He is about to be Speaker of the House — probably the second most powerful job in Washington,” Maddow said. “And the more we learn about Kevin McCarthy, the more we see him perform as a politician in public, it is becoming more and more amazing that …

What business leaders can expect from Kevin McCarthy, the likely next House

Fortune  – ‎Sep 29, 2015‎
Boehner’s odds-on replacement, current House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), remains more of a cipher. Part of that owes to experience.

Central Valley sees hope in Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s potential rise

Los Angeles Times  – ‎Sep 28, 2015‎
Every so often, Rep. Kevin McCarthy tosses out a catch phrase that’s popular in this southern tip of the San Joaquin Valley: “Once a Driller, always a Driller.

GOP’s future may rest on untested McCarthy-McConnell relationship

Politico  – ‎Oct 1, 2015‎
Kevin McCarthy is gregarious. Mitch McConnell is guarded. McCarthy engineered a rapid ascent through the House of Representatives, buoyed by his close relationships with colleagues, a genial persona and a bit of luck.

Meet The New Boss: Can Kevin McCarthy Change The Culture?

Daily Caller  – ‎Sep 29, 2015‎
Everyone seems to have concluded that Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will be elevated to Speaker McCarthy, and this likely result raises an obvious question: Was it all worth it?

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