Gun Laws, Deaths and Crimes




Gun Laws, Deaths and Crimes  – ‎Oct 4, 2015‎
President Barack Obama claimed that “states with the most gun laws tend to have the fewest gun deaths.” Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, meanwhile, has made nearly the opposite claim, saying states with stringent gun control laws have

Fiorina’s Unsupported Claim about VA Deaths  – ‎Sep 23, 2015‎
Carly Fiorina on several occasions has said 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for care from the Veterans Health Administration.

Obama’s Numbers (October 2015 Update)  – ‎7 hours ago‎
The economy has added nearly 8.4 million jobs – more than six times the number gained under George W. Bush. The number of job openings doubled, to a record 5.7 million.

Fact checking Jeb Bush’s attack on Donald Trump’s ‘tax plan’

CNN  – ‎Sep 25, 2015‎
FROM FACTCHECK.ORG: Jeb Bush mocked Donald Trump by saying liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports Trump’s “tax plan.

Social Security Bunk — Again  – ‎Sep 24, 2015‎
Here we go again: another phony and misleading claim that somebody is “robbing Social Security.” In this case it’s an ad launched on Sept.

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