Here’s Why Gallup Won’t Poll the 2016 Election

Here’s Why Gallup Won’t Poll the 2016 Election

TIME  – ‎20 hours ago‎
The announcement this week that Gallup, one of America’s most storied pollsters, will no longer do horse-race polling on who’s ahead in the 2016 election cycle only underscored the huge changes in the industry. Michael Dimock, president of the Pew …

Political Polling’s Unfavorables Are on the Rise

The Atlantic  – ‎Oct 8, 2015‎
Political scientists also complain that the media breathlessly report junk polls without adequate scrutiny, and fail to distinguish between better and worse ones.

Gallup isn’t doing any horserace polling in 2016. Here’s why.

Washington Post  – ‎Oct 7, 2015‎
Breaking a decades-long tradition, Gallup, the best-known name in polling, has decided not to conduct polls of support in the 2016 presidential primaries.

Colombia Update: Gallup Poll Suggests Frontrunner in Bogota Mayoral Race

AS/COA Online  – ‎Oct 7, 2015‎
Peñalosa has climbed steadily in Gallup polling since he joined the race this spring, while his closest rival, Rafael Pardo, went down by one point since the last poll in July, and Clara López, currently in third place, lost two.

Six in 10 Americans say federal government has too much power: Gallup poll

Washington Times  – ‎Oct 9, 2015‎
“In the years prior to the election of Obama as the first black president, blacks generally were more concerned than the general public about the federal government having too much power,” Gallup’s Jim Norman wrote. “Obama’s victory in the 2008

Gallup won’t poll the primaries

Politico  – ‎Oct 7, 2015‎
But after a bruising 2012 cycle, in which its polls were farther off than most of its competitors, Gallup told POLITICO it isn’t planning any polls for the presidential primary horse race this cycle. And, even following an internal probe into what went

PML-N leads against PTI in pre-poll surveys

Geo News, Pakistan  – ‎Oct 9, 2015‎
According to the poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan in NA-122 in September, out of the sample who was surveyed, 36% favoured PTI, while 51% favoured PML-N.

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