Dr. Ben Carson and Governor Bobby Jindal have confirmed

Ronnie, I’ve got big news!

Dr. Ben Carson and Governor Bobby Jindal have confirmed that they will be speaking at our Rising Tide Summit in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on December 5th. After the huge success of our 9.12 Grassroots Summit, we’ve had no problem hearing back from presidential candidates. And if you didn’t make it to the 9.12 Grassroots Summit, this is your chance to come to the next FreedomWorks event.

And that’s just the beginning; all presidential candidates have been invited including Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul. AndRonnie, now you’re invited too.

It’s crucial that we hear from each of these candidates about how they’re going to fix our economy. To see their vision for the economy and the country. And this is your chance to see them live, completely unfiltered, and free of the media spin.

Get Your Passes Today

Ronnie, we can’t continue to let the media pick our candidates for us. If we’re going to get a real constitutional conservative in the White House, we’ve got to vet each and every one of these candidates. And the Rising Tide Summit will allow you to do just that. Passes are going fast and space is limited. Sign up today to save your spot for this historic event.

Ronnie, this is going to be a truly historic event and it’s taking place in one of the most important states in the primary process. If you were one of the 10,000 patriots who came to our 9.12 Grassroots Summit or watched it live online, you know that a FreedomWorks event is simply a can’t miss. And if you’ve never been to a FreedomWorks event you’re in for a real treat. So don’t delay, register today.

Come to the Rising Tide Summit to see which candidate truly knows how to make freedom work.

Adam Brandon
President & CEO, FreedomWorks



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