Sister Wives’ daughter says LDS church won’t let her get baptized

‘Sister Wives’ daughter says LDS church won’t let her get baptized

KUTV 2News  – ‎Oct 13, 2015‎
In the episode, the newly engaged Madison said she does not want to practice polygamy, which was forsaken by the LDS Church more than 100 years ago.

After Hofmann forgeries, a ‘revolution’ in LDS Church approach to history

Salt Lake Tribune  – ‎Oct 14, 2015‎
Today, Mormon forger and murderer Mark Hofmann likely would have a tougher time selling his fake documents – and his seriously skewed view of the origins of the LDSChurch – than he did 30 years ago. Hofmann preyed on the urge to hide unwelcome …

LDS photographer featured, shares testimony on Huffington Post Instagram account

Deseret News  – ‎Oct 15, 2015‎
The HuffPost Religion Instagram account (@huffpostrelig) featured the photography ofLDS photographer Chris Burkard last Friday.

Opinion: Face it, BYU football will miss on some LDSrecruits  – ‎Oct 14, 2015‎
PROVO – Aside from a few Internet nerds and a relatively small portion of the fan base, most of the diehards of college football teams don’t stress – or even know about – recruits who choose other teams.

6 things you need to do before you leave on a LDS mission

St George News  – ‎15 hours ago‎
ST. GEORGE – The time has finally come for those with a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is just a few months away.

LDS Church Prepares to Give Large Donation to North Dakotans

KFYR-TV  – ‎5 hours ago‎
When a charity is about to give out more than 35,000 pounds of donations, it can take a while to set up. That’s exactly what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is doing today.

Learn more about the new LDS Apostles

St. George Daily Spectrum  – ‎Oct 15, 2015‎
Oct. 3 was a historic day for the LDS Church as it marked the first time in more than a century that it gained three new apostles at one time.

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