Secret Service allowed to use warrantless cellphone tracking

  • Secret Service allowed to use warrantless cellphone tracking

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A new policy allows the Secret Service to use intrusive cellphone-tracking technology without a warrant if there’s believed to be a nonspecific threat to the president or another protected person.

    Associated Press
  • Most Americans support NRA despite criticism after mass shooting

    Most Americans maintain a favorable view of the National Rifle Association despite criticism and a presidential rebuke of the gun lobby after a massacre in Oregon this month, Gallup said on Thursday. The NRA is viewed favorably by 58 percent of Americans, Gallup said. Another poll by Gallup,…

  • Sold: 100 wooded acres in New Hampshire, possibly booby-trapped

    A wooded compound in New Hampshire that was the site of a tense standoff between an anti-government couple and federal agents in 2007 sold at auction on Thursday for $205,000, despite concerns that the property may be booby-trapped. The auction at the federal courthouse in Concord marked the second…


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