FBI says California shooters not part of larger terror cell 4:30 pm Friday, December 4th, 2015 by Jamie Dupree




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FBI says California shooters not part of larger terror cell

  • 4:30 pm Friday, December 4th, 2015 by Jamie Dupree

As the FBI officially labeled the investigation of Wednesday’s mass shootings in San Bernardino, California as a terrorism probe, the FBI chief said there was no evidence as yet that the husband and wife team was part of a larger operation.

“There is no indication that they are part of a network,” said FBI Director James Comey in a meeting with reporters.

“So far, we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group, or form part of a cell,” Comey added.

Comey said the two seem to have been inspired from afar, as he acknowledged that Syed Farooq [More]

Republicans see seeds of terror in California shootings

  • 1:05 pm Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 by Jamie Dupree
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While Democrats stepped up their calls for action on gun control measures, Republicans looked at yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California and mainly saw the threat of terrorism from the Middle East.

“All of us are deeply concerned that this is yet another manifestation of terrorism – radical Islamic terrorism,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), as he kicked off a day long forum of Republican candidates for President in Washington, D.C.

“We need a President who will call the enemy by its name – radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz added.

Meanwhile at the White House, President Obama appeared before reporters – flanked by [More]

California shootings spur new calls by Democrats for gun controls

  • 3:57 pm Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015 by Jamie Dupree
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News flashes of another mass shooting in America drew a swift response from prominent Democrats, who swiftly moved to urge action on gun control, as this incident quickly took on political overtones.

“I refuse to accept this as normal,” said Hillary Clinton on Twitter; she was in Florida for campaign stops today.

In the Congress, several more liberal Democrats also urged action to curb gun violence.

“Gun violence is a crisis of epidemic proportions in our nation,” said House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in a statement, as she urged action by lawmakers.

“Congress has a moral responsibility to vote on common sense measures to [More]

8 tidbits from the highway bill

  • 9:56 pm Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 by Jamie Dupree
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As Congressional negotiators unveiled a more than 1300 hundred page highway construction bill on Tuesday, a quick peek inside the plan showed that it contains provisions that are about much more than just building new roads and bridges across the United States.

For those who want to look at the entire bill, you can read the measure here.

If you read on, here are eight items from the finalized highway bill that caught my eye:

1. Renewal of the Export-Import Bank – More conservative Republicans had tried to get rid of this government agency, but there were simply too many [More]

Waste report cites Trump tax break

  • 11:08 pm Monday, November 30th, 2015 by Jamie Dupree
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A report on government waste from Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) singled out the Republican leader in the race for President, criticizing the federal government for handing out $40 million to Trump’s company in tax breaks for restoring a historic building not far from the White House.

“While the lucky guests of this palatial hotel will be awestruck by its glitz and glamour, taxpayers are unlikely to be amused that they helped foot the bill through a $40 million tax credit thanks to the National Historic Tax Credit,” Lankford’s report said.

Lankford’s report notes that Trump is investing $200 million to renovate the [More]

Congress back for year end push

  • 8:56 pm Sunday, November 29th, 2015 by Jamie Dupree

After time at home for a Thanksgiving break, lawmakers in Congress get back to work in Washington, D.C. on Monday, facing a variety of budget decisions that could spark a political showdown before Christmas, and maybe even a government shutdown in less than two weeks.

Among the many issues that might surface on Capitol Hill:

1. Return of the Omnibus – The giant, year-end spending bill that everyone loves to hate will be back in a few days. House and Senate negotiators have been working for weeks to cram twelve spending bills into one giant package, as lawmakers again failed to [More]

Obama vows to “accelerate” military action against Islamic State

  • 2:41 pm Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 by Jamie Dupree
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Expressing strong support for the French people in the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, President Obama said he agreed and French President Francois Hollande had agreed to said he had agreed to broader intelligence sharing for military action against the Islamic State, as the President said additional measures would be taken inside Syria.

“The question now is how can we accelerate it,” as President Obama said he had ordered the Pentagon to come up with new efforts against the Islamic State even before the Paris attacks.

“We intend to execute on those plans,” Mr. Obama said, though he did [More]

White House again rejects extra checks on Syrian refugees

  • 3:25 pm Monday, November 23rd, 2015 by Jamie Dupree
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With the President back from his trip to Asia, the White House wasted no time on Monday in publicly rejecting a plan approved last week by the House that would set up more hurdles for Syrian refugees trying to enter the United States, as officials say it’s not the answer to fighting the Islamic State.

“I think we’ve made a pretty strong case about why what Congress did is not going to improve our national security,” said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

At a briefing for reporters, Earnest labeled the move a “piece of political rhetoric,” saying, “it won’t do anything[More]

VA takes fire for not firing two officials

  • 4:45 pm Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 by Jamie Dupree
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Several weeks after two senior VA officials took the Fifth Amendment and did not answer questions before Congress, lawmakers and veterans groups expressed outrage this weekend as the VA demoted the pair instead of firing them over charges that they wrong

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