The Terrorists Are Winning…And It’s Our Fault

The Terrorists Are Winning…And It’s Our Fault

The terrorists are winning. They are not winning because of our inept performance on the battlefields of Iraq and Syria. They are not winning because a pair of Islamic extremists killed 14 people in San Bernardino, as tragic as that was. They are winning because they are succeeding in terrorizing us. “ISIS is not going to conquer the United States,” says Cato scholar Michael D. Tanner. “But it can make us change our way of life — if we let it. It can make us give in to fear and bigotry. …If ISIS succeeds in that, it will have won. That’s something every American should fight against.”

New Primer Explains the Fiscal Imbalance

The fiscal imbalance of the United States government – the excess of what we expect will be spent, including debt repayment, over what the government expects to receive in revenue – is large and growing. If no significant spending adjustments occur in the next few decades, we could be headed for a major fiscal crisis. A new report by Cato Director of Economic Studies Jeffrey Miron details key principles of fiscal stability and will serve as a guide readers can confidently rely on for understanding what the true state of government financial health should be – and how it has slid into imbalance.

And that the way I see it Cowboy Ron

yes they are winning! Why? because of this measure response attitude. a measure response is a blue print for an unending war which make a lot of corporation lots of money.

Wat need to be done is this You kill one american we kill one hundred they kill four american we kill four hundred. If that don’t get the job done then we race the stake to one thousand to one. Like the second world war

And that the way I see it Cow boy ron

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