‘Anger and sense of waste’ for families of Afghanistan dead as troops sent back to Helmand to help save Sangi



‘Anger and sense of waste’ for families of Afghanistan dead as troops sent back to Helmand to help save Sangin
Plymouth-based M Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines, carrying out Operation Volcano against Taliban forces in the village of Barikyu in Nothern Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
British military advisers have been deployed back to Helmand as Taliban insurgents overrun most of the district of Sangin
British military deployed to Afghanistan: Why Sangin matters
Germany searching for migrants who ‘entered Germany using same passports as Paris attackers’
Migrants queue on a street to enter the compound outside the Berlin Office of Health and Social Affairs (LAGESO) for their registration process in Berlin, Germany
Search for migrants using stolen passports reportedly under way as official figures show migration to Europe in 2015 surpasses US record for European migrants set back in 1907
Iraqi troops ‘advance into city centre’ in battle to retake Ramadi
Iraqi soldiers advance in northern Ramadi
If the capital of Anbar state is recaptured, this would mark the biggest victory for Iraqi forces since the onset of the campaign
Jewish extremist leader says Christmas has ‘no place’ in the Holy Land
Ultra right wing movement Lehava leader Benzi Gopstein
Faith and anti-racism groups call for police investigation into incitement to violence after Lehava head calls for Christian ‘vampires’ to be expelled from Israel and Christmas banned
Refugee and migrant arrivals in EU pass one million in 2015, says UN

UN refugee agency is planning for arrivals to continue at a similar rate in 2016
Mass tourism is jeopardising our city’s future which is under threat, Venetians tell UN
People sits in gondolas at sunset in Venice
Campaigners urge Unesco to put the city on a danger list of world heritage sites amid concern over dwindling city population numbers
Chinese human rights lawyer gets suspended sentence for posting Tweets
Chinese lawyer Pu Zhiqiang (R) speaks to journalists outside a courthouse in Chongqing municipality, December 28, 2012.
Supporters voice concerns as Pu Zhiqiang is found guilty of “picking quarrels” in closely watched trial.
Spain’s ruling conservatives win election but lose grip on majority
Spain’s Prime Minister and Popular Party (PP) candidate Mariano Rajoy reacts at the party headquarters after results were announced in Spain’s general election
Popular Party (PP) of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy faces battle to cling to power as result heralds end of bi-party politics
Spain election: What happens next?
Muslim bus passengers save Christian ‘brothers and sisters’ during Al-Shabaab attack
Al-Shabaab militants battled with African Union troops in Mogadishu
Christians were handed Islamic clothing items by their Muslim colleagues, to prevent al-Shabaab terrorists from distinguishing between them and Muslims during attack in Kenya
Young Afghan-American woman shot dead by ‘mullah as she left her Kabul gym’
Lisa Akbari, a dual Afghan-American citizen
Lisa Akbari, a dual Afghan-American citizen, had worked as a human terrain team analyst and with NGOs in Afghanistan
The world in 2015: terror, migration and Trump

Will we remember 2015 most for its grisly succession of terror attacks, or for the ceaseless flow of refugees out of the Middle East and north Africa?
Nicolas Cage agrees to return Tyrannosaurus skull to Mongolia
Nicolas Cage agrees to return Tyrannosaurus skull (inset) he bought at auction in 2007 to Mongolia
Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage to return a dinosaur skull he bought at auction in 2007
New Tokyo Olympic stadium has ‘remarkable similarities’ to British architect’s original plan
Japan unveils blueprint for centrepiece of the 2020 Tokyo Games, but the Kengo Kuma design is quickly likened to a hamburger
Oxford University head under fire for lavish penthouse refurbishment
The vice chancellor of Oxford University has come under fire over a lavish refurbishment at the penthouse that will be his residence when he takes up his new post in New York
What is El Gordo lottery in Spain?
Workers move one of the drawing spheres, which will be used for the Christmas Lottery draw on 22 December, as it is set up at the Royal Opera House, in Madrid, Spain
On Tuesday morning, ticket holders will await their number being chosen in a draw that will see €2.24 billion distributed
Man tells how shark jumped on surfboard

Shark jumps on surfer’s board at Australia’s Bondi Beach
Man describes his lucky escape after a six-foot shark jumps on his surfboard at Sydney’s Bondi Beach
Madame Claude, France’s most famous brothel owner, dies
Madame Claude claimed to have been a resistance agent in the Second World War and said that she spent time in a Nazi concentration camp
Some of the brothel owner’s clients are alleged to include Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and actor Marlon Brando

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