What Does 2016 Hold for Obamacare

What Does 2016 Hold for Obamacare?

Motley Fool  – ‎1 hour ago‎
Next year is a big one for Obamacare, as several major changes are set to go into effect. Specifically, more employers are now required to offer health coverage to full-time employees, penalties for not obtaining coverage are more severe, and your

Sorry, Conservatives, Obamacare Is Still Working

New York Magazine  – ‎Dec 24, 2015‎

Schnurman: Texas loses on Obamacare while California embraces it

Dallas Morning News  – ‎12 hours ago‎

Obamacare young people sign-ups nearly double

CNBC  – ‎Dec 22, 2015‎

Wait–Did Hillary Just Say Obamacare Hurts Workers?

Town Hall  – ‎Dec 23, 2015‎

How Marco Rubio stealthily gutted ObamaCare

The Week Magazine  – ‎Dec 21, 2015‎

The Fate of Obamacare

New York Times  – ‎Dec 19, 2015‎

Obamacare glitches are back

CNN  – ‎Dec 19, 2015‎

Obamacare’s bumpy ride for consumers

Chicago Tribune  – ‎Dec 22, 2015‎

311000 In Michigan Enroll For Obamacare Coverage

CBS Local  – ‎Dec 24, 2015‎

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