Picture Fish, such as wild salmon and herring, are rich in both zinc andomega-3 fatty acids. While high-zinc foods are traditionally recommended for body fluid production and prostate function in men, they are also vital for women’s sexual health

Confirmed: Red meat triggers toxic immune reaction which causes cancer

Red meat has been linked to cancer for decades, with research suggesting that eating large amounts of pork, beef or lamb raises the risk of deadly tumours. But for the first time scientists think they know what is causing the effect. The body, it seems, views red meat as a foreign invader and sparks a toxic immune response.


White House issues ambitious plan to stop illegal fishing


A White House task force issued new recommendations to combat the growing problem of illegal fishing and to make it easier to tell if the fish on your plate was legally caught and imported. The recommendations are designed to block the import of illegally caught fish and to improve traceability and transparency in the $500 billion global seafood industry. More…

Crabmeat Imports Flood into Baltimore’s Port


Two million pounds of crab product from China traveled up the Chesapeake Bay into the port of Baltimore during the first 10 months of 2014. Another million pounds came from Indonesia. In total, more than 4 million pounds of crab from all over the world moved into the port, according to an analysis of import records compiled by Zepol, a Minneapolis-based company that specializes in trade data. More…

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Scientists believe Viagra could be used to treat memory loss


Viagra could be used to stop the onset of dementia, scientists believe. A trial has been launched to see if the drug – normally used to treat erectile problems in men – could help stave off a common form of the disease. The drug, called Tadalfil – which is in the same family as Viagra – works by dilating blood vessels.

Conflict on the high seas over Alaskan halibut

A struggle in Alaska over shrinking supplies of halibut is threatening the iconic centerpiece fish in favor of cheaper exports, fast-food fillets and fish sticks. If expected cuts are made in January, halibut fishing could be over in the Bering Sea west of Alaska, the source of one-sixth of halibut caught in the United States.

Bunker Hill a fascinating Alaskan story


Fashiell Hammett, renowned author of The Maltese Falcon, was the editor of the Army paper in the Aleutians. He wrote: “Modern armies had never fought on any field that was like the Aleutians. More…

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The Great Seafood Rip Off


When grouper appears on a restaurant menu, a diner ought to be confident that grouper is served, not catfish from Thailand. At the grocery store, a container labeled “Chesapeake Bay” crab meat should actually contain crab from the Chesapeake Bay.And no seafood lover should have to unknowingly support poaching and other forms of illegal ocean fishing when they purchase fish or shellfish to feed their family.

Alaska Marijuana industry taking shape


“We are aiming to boost the industry’s image by removing negative stereotypes and stigmas, while promoting education surrounding the many uses of cannabis,” said Olivia Mannix, co-founder of Cannabrand, an ad agency representing marijuana-related businesses. More…

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Obama: The only people with the right to object to immigration are the Native Americans


President Obama quite succinctly summed up the absurdity of the Republicans’ issues with his immigration reform in Chicago, arguing that perhaps the only people who can legitimately be pissed off about illegal immigrants are Native Americans. More…

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Several international seafood processors receive FDA warning letters

Foreign seafood processors in Ecuador, Portugal, Malaysia, Spain and Vietnam have, in the past month or so, have received warning letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All face the possibility of having their fish or fish products detained at the U.S. border without any physical examination unless FDA’s concerns are addressed. More…

Overview of Dutch Harbor Alaska
Location and Climate

Unalaska overlooks Iliuliuk Bay and Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island in the Aleutian Chain. It lies 800 air miles from Anchorage, a two- to three-hour flight, and 1,700 miles northwest of Seattle.

Seafood tops in sexual foods that fire up your libido

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US -Cuba deal: A marriage 18 months in the making, blessed by pope Francis  


If ever there was a lingering illusion thatBarack Obamamight have “accidentally” bumped into the president of Cuba at the funeral of Nelson Mandela last December, it will have vanished like a puff of cigar smoke. What was purportedly an unscripted public handshake at that event in Soweto was, as it turned out, the culmination of six months of secret diplomatic talks held far away in Canada.

Commercial seafood could disappear fro

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