Eric Shawn reports: Iran forces fighting in Syria 5/16/2016

Eric Shawn reports: Iran forces fighting in Syria



Iran is emboldened by the weakness they see in Washington.

North Korea hoping to hoodwink U.S. again on Nukes



Knowledgeable observers have detected potential signs of an imminent fifth nuclear test in North Korea, reflecting the typical diplomatic combination of carrots (a new, “more reasonable” tone) and sticks (the test). Since the North has fully mastered the art of saying (and promising) one thing while doing precisely the opposite, how to handle the rogue regime should be a significant topic in our upcoming presidential debates.

Bolton weighs in on missing emails from former Clinton IT aide



When the Justice Department makes a representation to a court on the basis of what they are told, in this case by the State Department, and it turns out to be false, that is very serious.

Let the U.K. leave Europe: President Obama’s Brexit threat could easily backfire



President Obama’s threat that a British exit from the European Union would harm the United Kingdom economically may well backfire. Not only did Obama unnecessarily intrude into a British domestic debate — Brexit, as it’s now known — he did so by crassly threatening to downgrade U.S.-U.K. trade relations.

On the Record: White House press naive about foreign affairs



The Obama Presidency has used the press, the establishment mainstream media, more effectively as a propaganda tool than any other Administration in American history.

By John Bolton


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