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Voters forcing little change in Congress

6:45 am Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
The 2016 race for President continues to feature a lot of calls in both parties to change the political system, but that voter anger isn’t doing much to alter the make up of the Congress, and primaries in three more states on Tuesday will likely follow that same script.

But wait – how is that happening? Aren’t the voters hopping mad? Isn’t that why Donald Trump has done so well, and why mainstream Republican candidates went nowhere in the race for the GOP nomination?

That type of voter attitude is everywhere in 2016 – but it hasn’t trickled down to [More]

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Supreme Court plays deal maker on Obama health law

11:24 am Monday, May 16th, 2016 by Jamie DupreeComments (1)
In a rare move, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sidestepped a major decision on part of the Obama health law, and instead openly suggested a possible compromise, dealing with how the law handles religious organizations that object to paying for health insurance coverage that includes birth control.

Instead of a regular decision, the Justices released what is known as a unanimous “per curiam” opinion, in which the court both floated a compromise and sent the matter back to lower courts for further legal work.

The opinion noted that after oral arguments on this case, the court asked both the Obama [More]

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Obama jabs at Trump in commencement speech

10:53 pm Sunday, May 15th, 2016 by Jamie DupreeComments (1)
It’s not unusual for a commencement speech delivered by President Obama to include a dose of politics, whether it’s a focus on climate change, talk about voting rights, or jabs against Republican members of Congress.

But on Sunday at the graduation ceremonies for Rutgers University, the President – without mentioning Donald Trump by name – moved to more aggressively confront the likely GOP nominee, repeatedly mocking Trump’s call to build a wall along the southern border with Mexico.

“The world is more interconnected than ever before, and it’s becoming more connected every day,” the President told Rutgers students.

“Building walls won’t [More]

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Slow embrace for Trump in Congress

7:03 am Friday, May 13th, 2016 by Jamie DupreeComments (3)
Even as Donald Trump met behind closed doors with Republican leaders in the Congress on Thursday in Washington, D.C., there was no public rush by GOP lawmakers to get on board the Trump bandwagon, though that didn’t seem to worry Trump’s supporters on Capitol Hill.

“This is too complicated,” said one Trump backer, Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA), who argued GOP lawmakers still need some time to let Trump’s victory sink in.

The best example of those who have not yet endorsed Trump is the man in charge, House Speaker Paul Ryan, who used a meeting with Trump to emphasize the need for [More]

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House GOP wins suit on Obama health law

1:32 pm Thursday, May 12th, 2016 by Jamie DupreeComments (3)
Overshadowed by the arrival of Donald Trump on Capitol Hill, a federal judge ruled on Thursday that the Obama Administration has been spending money to reimburse insurance companies without the approval of Congress, dealing a major setback to the Obama health law.

“Today’s ruling by the DC federal court is an important step toward restoring the separation of powers and stopping President Obama’s power grab,” said Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), the chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

“BIG win for the Constitution,” tweeted House Speaker Paul Ryan, as he and other Republicans celebrated an initial victory in a lawsuit that was brought [More]

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Trump meets with GOP leaders

11:27 am Thursday, May 12th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
Donald Trump dominated the news on Capitol Hill today as he met with Republican leaders in the Congress, as Trump and GOP leaders vowed to work together, even as they acknowledged differences in their competing election agendas.

Trump though did not win a public endorsement from House Speaker Paul Ryan. Still, he focused on the positive.

In a news conference back at the Capitol, Ryan was upbeat about the meeting with Trump, as he said the two men discussed not only areas where they agree – but also those where they do not.

“It’s no secret that Donald Trump and I have [More]

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GOP lawmakers still grappling with Trump

12:39 pm Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
The various stages of political grief associated with the race for President were again on display in the hallways of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, as Republicans of all stripes tried to figure out the best way to deal with Donald Trump’s rise to presumptive nominee of the GOP.

For some, the answer was obvious – Trump is a better choice than anything the Democrats can offer.

“Even if Donald Trump brings chaos to this party, that’s better than Hillary Clinton bringing destruction to this Constitution,” said Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ).

For others, the answer was also to support Trump, but with a [More]

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GOP lawmakers look for more details from Trump

3:51 pm Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 by Jamie DupreeComments (1)
With Republicans still getting used to the idea that Donald Trump is on his way to being the Republican Party nominee for President, GOP Senators for and against Trump said on Tuesday that the party’s standard bearer must do more to reach out to Republicans on Capitol Hill and provide more detail on his policy plans and goals.

“Start communicating with the House and the Senate,” was the advice offered by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), who says he’s ready to work with Trump, but wants to see more meat on the bones of the Trump agenda.

Inhofe – who says he’s fully [More]

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Congress returns to – Donald Trump

8:09 pm Monday, May 9th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
When Donald Trump all but wrapped up the Republican nomination for President last week, there were many GOP lawmakers who were able to avoid the usual rush of reporters, as the Congress was on break. But with Trump coming to Washington, D.C in a few days, and lawmakers back at work, there will be a lot of questions for Republicans and how they view Trump.

First to get back to work was the Senate, as Democratic Leader Harry Reid began the new work period with yet another blast against Trump and Republicans in the Congress.

“Trump is the nominee Republican leaders [More]

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Trump completes takeover of GOP

11:10 pm Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 by Jamie DupreeComments (6)
Given no chance last year by most political experts in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump this week finished what to some was a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, pushing ahead with a coalition of supporters that is far different than what the GOP has offered voters in past races for President.

For many years, conservatives proclaimed they were the “base” of the GOP – but the relatively easy victory of Trump for the Republican nomination shows that those conservatives may be loud – especially on talk radio – but that they aren’t really a majority of the party.

And that’s left conservatives [More]

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Voters forcing little change in Congress
Supreme Court plays deal maker on Obama health law
Obama jabs at Trump in commencement speech
Slow embrace for Trump in Congress
House GOP wins suit on Obama health law


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