The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) has determined it will disclose on Friday information about all the stocks and bonds it holds, including names of equities and their market capitalization.

The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) has determined it will disclose on Friday information about all the stocks and bonds it holds, including names of equities and their market capitalization…
Who will be LDP, DP ‘contact people’ in constitutional debate?
12:30 am, July 25, 2016
Who will the Liberal Democratic Party and the Democratic Party each choose as their party executive in charge of constitutional issues — many people are paying attention to this question. These e…
Yamaguchi set for 5th term as Komeito leader
11:30 pm, July 24, 2016
Komeito is making arrangements to hold a party convention in Tokyo on Sept. 17 to choose its party head, due to the expiration of current leader Natsuo Yamaguchi’s term of office, according to sour…
Ruling bloc catches up in Tokyo gov. race / Opposition parties feel a sense of crisis
9:30 pm, July 24, 2016
Both the ruling and opposition parties are trying their best to gather more support in the belief that it is still possible to beat former Defense Minister Yuriko Koike in the Tokyo gubernatorial elec…
Koike, Masuda lead field in Tokyo race / Support split within LDP bloc
8:54 pm, July 24, 2016
The leading candidates in the Tokyo gubernatorial election are former Defense Minister Yuriko Koike, 64, and former Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Hiroya Masuda, 64, according to analysi…
Abe sends Merkel condolences
8:05 pm, July 24, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a message of condolence to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday over the mass shooting in Munich the previous day. “Japan stands with …
LDP retakes majority
8:04 pm, July 24, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The ruling Liberal Democratic Party retook a single-party majority in the House of Councillors for the first time in 27 years on Saturday as the party approved a former opposit…
LDP’s Kishida, Ishiba wary of Cabinet, leadership reshuffle
10:30 pm, July 23, 2016
Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Shigeru Ishiba, minister in charge of regional vitalization, are becoming increasingly concerned about what to do when the Cabinet and leadership posts of the Liber…
Government likely not to issue deficit-covering bonds
8:35 pm, July 23, 2016
The government intends not to issue deficit-covering government bonds (see below) as the main source of revenue for the economic measures it plans to draw up by the end of this month, according to so…
SDF planes ordered to leave Djibouti
8:02 pm, July 23, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press)— Defense Minister Gen Nakatani ordered the Self-Defense Forces’ transport aircraft on Friday to return to Japan from Djibouti after accomplishing their mission to get Japanese …
Govt resumes helipad work in Okinawa
11:30 pm, July 22, 2016
NAHA (Jiji Press) — The Defense Ministry’s Okinawa Defense Bureau on Friday resumed the construction of helipads in the U.S. military’s Camp Gonsalves training area in Okinawa Prefecture amid s…
Govt files new lawsuit over Henoko relocation
11:23 pm, July 22, 2016
The government filed a new lawsuit against Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga on Friday at the Naha branch of the Fukuoka High Court to confirm the illegality of Onaga’s refusal to comply with a government…
Defense white paper warns of China’s maritime action
9:08 pm, July 22, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The Defense Ministry expressed strong concern over China’s maritime activities in an assertive, uncompromising manner, in a draft of the 2016 defense white paper it drew up T…
Suga, Aso to remain in current positions
8:36 pm, July 22, 2016
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering having both Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso stay in office in reshuffles of both his Cabinet and…
Govt eyes ¥20 tril. economic boost
9:45 pm, July 21, 2016
The government and ruling parties are working to compile about ¥20 trillion in economic measures by the end of this month, approximately double the previously envisioned figure, it has been learned….
Govt works to change Trump’s stance on Japan
9:30 pm, July 21, 2016
A sense of crisis is building in Tokyo following the Republican Party’s official nomination of Donald Trump as its candidate for the U.S. presidential race, as Trump’s isolationist assertions, wh…
DP eyes leadership election on Sept. 7
8:19 pm, July 21, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The largest opposition Democratic Party is considering holding its leadership election on Sept. 7, as an extraordinary session of the Japanese Diet is likely to be convened in …
UK’s Johnson pledges open market
8:16 pm, July 21, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and new British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson agreed in telephone talks on Wednesday to further strengthen relations between the two countries….
Turkey seeks crackdown on group in Japan
8:15 pm, July 21, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Turkish Ambassador to Japan Ahmet Bulent Meric met the press in Tokyo Wednesday to call for a crackdown of a group in Japan linked with Fethullah Gulen, a U.S.-based preacher s…
$2 bil. pledged to stabilize Iraq
8:12 pm, July 21, 2016
WASHINGTON (Jiji Press) — Over 20 countries pledged a total of $2 billion in assistance to stabilize Iraq, at an international donor conference in Washington Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State John…
Okinawa designates part of Nago ‘ruins’
8:11 pm, July 21, 2016
LDP in tug-of-war over upper house posts
10:30 pm, July 20, 2016
A tug-of-war has been intensifying within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party over the selection of candidates for the next president of the House of Councillors. The largest LDP faction, led by Hir…
Name recognition key to Tokyo governor race
8:24 pm, July 20, 2016
In the July 31 Tokyo gubernatorial election, with a record 21 candidates running for election as leader of Japan’s capital, the trend of the “popularity vote” has been growing. Having a well-re…
Tanigaki hospitalized before LDP reshuffle
8:18 pm, July 20, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Sadakazu Tanigaki remained hospitalized on Tuesday after suffering an injury while cycling on Saturday. His prolonged hospitalizati…
56% of Taiwanese like Japan the most
8:16 pm, July 20, 2016
TAIPEI (Jiji Press) — A poll has shown that a record 56 percent of Taiwanese people picked Japan as the foreign country or region they like most, the Taipei office of Japan’s Interchange Associat…
Ruling camp keeps low profile in Tokyo race
10:30 pm, July 19, 2016
With the Tokyo gubernatorial election approaching on July 31, the Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party dispatched their star lawmakers to make campaign speeches in support of the oppositi…
Abe to attend closing ceremony of Rio Games
9:30 pm, July 19, 2016
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe intends to visit Brazil to attend the closing ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics on Aug. 21 local time, according to sources. During the visit, the prime minister also…
PM to ponder Cabinet reshuffle during vacation
9:29 pm, July 19, 2016
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will likely use his summer vacation to consider how he should reshuffle the Cabinet and the Liberal Democratic Party leadership, both of which are expected to take place on …
Japan in Depth / Japan, China tug-of-war ends in draw at ASEM
5:27 am, July 18, 2016
ULAANBAATAR — Japan and China ended up in a diplomatic draw with regard to the wording of the chairman’s statement at the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), held until Saturday in the Mongolian capital o…
Female participation in politics still lags
11:30 pm, July 17, 2016
A record 28 women won seats in the latest House of Councillors election. The number of female upper house members increased by 12 to 50, accounting for 20 percent of the total, but Japan still trails …
70th anniversary of women’s suffrage
11:29 pm, July 17, 2016
This year marks the 70th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Japan. Women in the nation went to the polls for the first time in 1946, when the first House of Representatives election after the end …
Deep historical relations with Turkey
10:29 pm, July 17, 2016
JERUSALEM — Japan and Turkey established bilateral diplomatic relations in 1924, and have strong ties historically and economically. The Imperial Japanese Navy led by Heihachiro Togo, commander in…
Parties lack concrete policies in Tokyo gov. race
11:30 pm, July 16, 2016
In the campaign to elect the next governor of Tokyo, both the ruling and opposition parties have had trouble staying consistent, either regarding the past statements of candidates or the process itsel…
Japan, ROK agree to carry out accord
9:32 pm, July 16, 2016
ULAANBAATAR (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-hye agreed Friday that the two countries will sincerely implement their deal to “finally and irreversibly…
Appeal to Cambodia
9:31 pm, July 16, 2016
ULAANBAATAR (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday sought Cambodia’s understanding over a recent international tribunal ruling against China’s territorial claims in the South Chin…
Abe, Li restate their S. China Sea stances
9:30 pm, July 16, 2016
ULAANBAATAR — A bilateral meeting between Japan and China on Friday left the two nations as divided as ever. The meeting was held soon after the recent arbitration court ruling over the South China …
Abe, Yasay call for compliance
9:29 pm, July 16, 2016
ULAANBAATAR (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay agreed Friday that a recent international tribunal ruling over a South China Sea dispute should …
‘South China Sea’ not in ASEM statement
8:57 pm, July 16, 2016
ULAANBAATAR — Asian and European leaders did not specifically mention the “South China Sea” in a statement of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), apparently in consideration of China’s opposition…
Abe stresses rule of law at meeting with Li
11:40 pm, July 15, 2016
ULAANBAATAR (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed the need to resolve South China Sea conflicts in a peaceful manner under the rule of law, at a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang …
Japan, U.S., ROK recognize S. China Sea ruling legality
9:25 pm, July 15, 2016
HONOLULU — Japan, South Korea and the United States, during vice foreign minister-level talks on Thursday in Hawaii (Friday Japan time), jointly recognized that a recent ruling by an international a…
Record 21 candidates run for Tokyo governor
8:50 pm, July 14, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — A record 21 people filed their candidacies for Tokyo governor on Thursday as the official campaign period started for the July 31 gubernatorial election, following the resignat…
SDF aircraft to be sent to S. Sudan to evacuate officials
8:47 pm, July 14, 2016
The government was to send Self-Defense Force C-130 transportation aircraft to South Sudan on Thursday. Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said Thursday evening the government would dispatch the C-130 airc…
LDP to regain single-party majority
8:43 pm, July 14, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is slated to recover a single-party majority in the House of Councillors for the first time in 27 years, as an independent upper house membe…
UPPER HOUSE ELECTION 2016 / 70% hope for debate over Constitution
10:30 pm, July 13, 2016
Seventy percent of respondents said in a survey conducted immediately after the House of Councillors election that they hoped to see lawmakers actively debate amendments to the Constitution in the Die…
UPPER HOUSE ELECTION 2016 / Analysts map candidates’ divisions
10:29 pm, July 13, 2016
Each winning candidate in Sunday’s House of Councillors election clearly showed either conservative or liberal views in keeping with party lines, according to an analysis of a Yomiuri Shimbun candid…
Ruling could impact legal status of Okinotorishima islands
9:30 pm, July 13, 2016
The government is investigating whether the court of arbitration’s ruling over the Spratly Islands will adversely impact the international community’s stance on Japan’s Okinotorishima islands. …
Govt urges China to follow ruling
8:47 pm, July 13, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga urged China on Wednesday to abide by the Hague tribunal ruling the previous day against Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea. “T…
Discord in Tokyo gov. poll
8:45 pm, July 13, 2016
Official campaigning for the crowded Tokyo gubernatorial election starts Thursday, with both the ruling and opposition blocs facing concerns over intraparty unity in supporting their candidates. Th…
Vote-value gap in upper house shrinks
8:16 pm, July 13, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The maximum vote-value disparity in the House of Councillors has shrunk to 3.043 times, Jiji Press estimates showed Wednesday. The weight of a single vote in Fukui Prefecture…
Abe orders economic measures to boost exports, tourism
8:44 pm, July 12, 2016
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday instructed Nobuteru Ishihara, minister in charge of economic revitalization, to map out measures to further accelerate Abenomics. The main pillars of the economi…
Education of young voters shows positive influence
8:29 pm, July 12, 2016
The results of an Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry survey released Monday make it clear that education to help young voters understand the meaning of sovereignty, and the importance of ex…
Cabinet reshuffle likely in early Aug.
8:17 pm, July 12, 2016
The handling of key government figures who support Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — including Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso, who also serves as finance minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga …
18-year-olds take lead among new voters
8:16 pm, July 12, 2016
Voter turnout in the constituency section of Sunday’s House of Councillors election was 51.17 percent among 18-year-olds and 39.66 percent among 19-year-olds, according to a survey released Monday …
No easy path to amending top law
7:54 pm, July 12, 2016
As a result of Sunday’s House of Councillors election, the number of upper house members with a positive view of revising the Constitution surpassed the two-thirds mark of 162. Thus in both the Hous…
Despite opposition unity, LDP solid in 1-seat races
10:51 pm, July 11, 2016
The Liberal Democratic Party won 21 seats among the nation’s 32 constituencies with only one seat up for grabs, which were key battlegrounds for ruling and opposition camps in Sunday’s upper house…
Crowded race for Tokyo gov.
9:17 pm, July 11, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Former Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Hiroya Masuda and former Japanese Federation of Bar Associations President Kenji Utsunomiya announced Monday that they will …
Govt to evacuate citizens from South Sudan
9:07 pm, July 11, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The government decided at a meeting of its National Security Council on Monday to fully support efforts to allow Japanese citizens in South Sudan to safely leave the country am…
Victorious Abe promises stimulus / Pro-charter change camp hits two-thirds
9:00 pm, July 11, 2016
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition partner Komeito won a total of 69 seats in constituencies and the proportional representation segment in the House of Councillors election on Sund…
Cabinet duo loses; LDP out of Okinawa
8:59 pm, July 11, 2016
In Sunday’s House of Councillors election, Justice Minister Mitsuhide Iwaki lost his seat in the Fukushima constituency and Aiko Shimajiri, minister of state for Okinawa and northern territories af…
Ruling camp holds over 60% of seats
8:47 pm, July 11, 2016
The Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito jointly won 69 seats in Sunday’s upper house election, up 10 from the 59 held by the ruling camp before the announcement of the election and above the minim…
Focus turns to economic measures / Ruling coalition members seek to spend ¥10 trillion
8:34 pm, July 11, 2016
Now that the ruling coalition parties have won the upper house election, the government and the ruling camp will accelerate their formulation of large-scale economic measures with an eye on the extrao…
Voter Turnout Stands at 54.7 Pct in Upper House Election
8:00 pm, July 11, 2016
TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Voter turnout in the election for the House of Councillors on Sunday rose 2.09 percentage points from the previous election in 2013 to 54.70 percent, Internal Affairs and Commu…
UPPER HOUSE ELECTION 2016 / LDP, Komeito wins majority / Pro-charter change camp tops two-thirds threshold
10:11 am, July 11, 2016
UPPER HOUSE ELECTION 2016 / LDP, Komeito wins majority / Pro-charter change camp tops two-thirds threshold
3:11 am, July 11, 2016
UPPER HOUSE ELECTION 2016 / Leaders span Earth twice on campaign trail
11:29 pm, July 10, 2016
Early voters hit record high
11:29 pm, July 10, 2016
Sanctions on Kim Jong Un welcomed
11:06 pm, July 10, 2016
Japan mulls new antiterror measures
11:05 pm, July 10, 2016
Obama sends Abe letter of sympathy
11:00 pm, July 10, 2016
Voters to cast judgment on Abenomics
11:43 pm, July 09, 2016
75 seats new target for groups seeking constitutional revision
10:30 pm, July 09, 2016
Election for upper house to decide nation’s course / Party heads make final appeals for crucial vote
8:41 pm, July 09, 2016
Info-gathering unit to be expanded
7:58 pm, July 09, 2016
Suga longest-tenured chief cabinet secretary
8:37 pm, July 08, 2016
Support expanding for ‘vulnerable voters’ / Measures taken for ill, disabled people
10:30 pm, July 07, 2016
Abe, Modi affirm cooperation
8:44 pm, July 07, 2016
Japan, U.S., ROK officials to meet
8:43 pm, July 07, 2016
Economic concerns top election tweets
8:38 pm, July 07, 2016
With support across age groups, LDP gaining in proportional race
10:30 pm, July 06, 2016
Interest in election grows among teens
10:29 pm, July 06, 2016
Opinion poll: House of Councillors election 2016 / Party heads keenly focus on 12 one-seat constituencies
9:30 pm, July 06, 2016
Koike makes official her bid to become Tokyo gov.
8:56 pm, July 06, 2016
Poll: Ruling bloc likely to build upper house majority
8:25 pm, July 06, 2016
Japan, U.S. agree on civilian SOFA coverage
9:24 pm, July 05, 2016
Teen voter turnout at 38% in Fukuoka
8:36 pm, July 05, 2016
Abe, Renzi agree on antiterrorism efforts
8:34 pm, July 05, 2016
6.56 mil. vote early for upper house poll
8:33 pm, July 05, 2016
LDP puts off decision on Tokyo gov. election
8:32 pm, July 05, 2016
Japan, U.S. agree to limit civilian component in wake of murder
2:23 am, July 05, 2016
Lawmakers’ income logs 1st fall in 4 yrs
9:06 pm, July 04, 2016
Fear spreads in Japanese community
9:02 pm, July 04, 2016
Bereaved families reach Dhaka
9:00 pm, July 04, 2016
Gunmen made no demands
8:53 pm, July 04, 2016
Tokyo ward mayors ask Masuda to run
7:49 pm, July 04, 2016
Kennedy pays tribute to Bangladesh attack victims
7:17 pm, July 04, 2016
State minister briefed by Hasina
10:44 pm, July 03, 2016
¥126 billion ODA sent to Bangladesh
9:28 pm, July 03, 2016
Abe: Dhaka terrorism unforgivable
8:41 pm, July 03, 2016
G-7 to demand China respect intl ruling over South China Sea
8:34 pm, July 03, 2016
Japan version of CCRC to be studied
8:10 pm, July 03, 2016
1st poll held since voting age lowered
8:08 pm, July 03, 2016
House of Councillors election 2016 / 63% candidates cite economy as key
10:30 pm, July 02, 2016
Abe orders government to gather info
9:16 pm, July 02, 2016
1st Japanese elected to U.N. child committee
8:19 pm, July 02, 2016
Tokyo LDP branch eyes Masuda for gov.
1:05 am, July 02, 2016
MSDF to strengthen remote islands defense capability
9:27 pm, July 01, 2016
ASDF scrambles against China planes spike
8:35 pm, July 01, 2016
1 in 4 Japanese now over 65
9:30 pm, June 30, 2016
Vice FM, U.K. discuss Brexit
9:22 pm, June 30, 2016
Record 5,299 early vote polling stations
8:39 pm, June 30, 2016
Koike to run for Tokyo gov. without LDP backing
2:05 am, June 30, 2016
Govt mulls fresh lawsuit over Futenma
12:30 am, June 30, 2016
Timing for ‘comfort women’ funds unclear
10:30 pm, June 29, 2016
JCP sacks policy chief over gaffe
7:56 pm, June 29, 2016
S. Korea joins drill to track missiles
7:52 pm, June 29, 2016
Britain calls for continued ties
8:26 pm, June 28, 2016
Japan, U.S. officials confirm cooperation
8:24 pm, June 28, 2016
Candidates flock to places youths gather to appeal to new voters
9:52 pm, June 27, 2016
Abe holds crisis Brexit meet
8:28 pm, June 27, 2016
DP chief Okada may quit if party loses in Mie
8:11 pm, June 27, 2016
Abe to attend ASEM summit
3:08 am, June 27, 2016
¥10 trillion stimulus mulled if Brexit weighs down Japan
11:02 pm, June 26, 2016
Govt, BOJ in hard place over Brexit
8:44 pm, June 26, 2016
1st poll for youth voters in Fukuoka
7:54 pm, June 26, 2016
Brexit may have impact on upper house poll
2:15 am, June 26, 2016
Referendums eyed warily after Brexit
9:30 pm, June 25, 2016
DP slams govt’s response to U.K. vote
9:29 pm, June 25, 2016
Tokyo assembly cancels mission to Rio
8:20 pm, June 25, 2016
Rose to visit Japan, S. Korea, China
8:02 pm, June 25, 2016
N. Korea missile landed ‘in target zone’ outside EEZ
9:46 pm, June 24, 2016
Abe calls for stability
8:42 pm, June 24, 2016
Teens show low interest in election
8:21 pm, June 24, 2016
Poll shows ruling bloc set to win most seats
8:13 pm, June 24, 2016
Abe visits quake-hit Kumamoto town
8:34 pm, June 05, 2016
Hiroshima visit fresh start for nuclear-free world
12:09 am, May 29, 2016
Obama renews call to eliminate N-weapons / Remarks speak to immense tragedy of World War II
9:54 pm, May 28, 2016
Japan-U.S. alliance to enter new phase
9:48 pm, May 28, 2016
White House would ‘welcome Abe’s visit to Pearl Harbor’
8:55 pm, May 28, 2016
[Movie] Obama visits Hiroshima / U.S. president pays respects to A-bomb victims
4:15 pm, May 28, 2016
G-7 to stress online freedom, security
8:51 pm, May 24, 2016
Diet enacts extra budget for Kumamoto quake relief
9:15 pm, May 17, 2016
G-7 ministers vow education to promote diverse societies
3:32 am, May 16, 2016
Obama’s Hiroshima visit hailed
9:11 pm, May 15, 2016
Environment ministers to urge trading of greenhouse gas cuts
3:16 am, May 15, 2016
Containing diseases on G-7 agenda
11:02 pm, May 14, 2016
Kumamoto quakes designated as ‘extraordinary disaster’
10:15 pm, May 10, 2016
PM: Fiscal policies should be timely, done flexibly
10:14 pm, May 06, 2016
Abe: U.K. should stay in EU
9:13 pm, May 06, 2016
G-7 seeks ‘free flow of information’
8:43 pm, April 30, 2016
Abe’s Summit Diplomacy / Economic cooperation a major goal
8:29 pm, April 29, 2016
PM Abe visits quake-hit areas
8:27 pm, April 29, 2016
Abe orders extra budget for quakes
2:24 am, April 25, 2016
Govt plans ‘severe disaster’ designation
8:35 pm, April 23, 2016
Obama may follow Roos, Kerry
11:32 pm, April 21, 2016
Obama plans to visit Hiroshima on G-7 trip
8:33 pm, April 21, 2016
Kumamoto Earthquake / Support grows for new delay to tax hike
9:21 pm, April 20, 2016

Nagasaki mayor asks for visit by Obama
8:19 pm, April 14, 2016
Kerry says museum ‘gut-wrenching’
10:20 pm, April 11, 2016
N-free world focus at G-7 meeting
9:14 pm, April 11, 2016
Report: Obama ponders visit to Hiroshima
8:52 pm, April 11, 2016
G-7 ministers pledge antiterrorism plan
8:44 pm, April 11, 2016
Japan, U.S. aim for successful G-7
8:33 pm, April 01, 2016
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