I know you’re busy, Cowboyron so I’ll get right to the point:

I know you’re busy, Cowboyron so I’ll get right to the point:

Our nation is on a path to disaster due to the Clinton/Obama agenda, and November 8th is our chance to reverse course.

Will you JOIN my father, Donald J. Trump, in our fight to defeat Hillary Clinton and Make America Great Again?

Tonight President Obama and Vice President Biden will deliver their DNC speeches. We expect them to approach it as a victory lap, as they see nothing wrong with the path our nation is headed down.

✔ They see nothing wrong with $19.4 TRILLION in debt, a figure that grows by $32,000 every second.

✔ They see nothing wrong with the lowest labor force participation rate since the Carter administration. Good jobs have disappeared at a record rate in the Obama economy.

✔ And they see nothing wrong with a world on fire, due to their weak and inept leadership on the world stage.

Now they want you to vote for Hillary Clinton to carry on this failed liberal agenda. If she wins, it will mean a third Obama term. America can’t afford a mistake like that.

Is that your choice in this pivotal, historic election?

I hope you’re shouting “NO” from the top of your lungs. And I hope you will JOIN US at this critical time.






My father entered this race because he was fed up with seeing the American people get taken advantage of…

… and I know he has the intellect, insight and tenacity to do truly great things for our country. He will make us better and more successful than we’ve ever been before.

This is our chance to get America winning again, like we used to.

We need your help to be successful.

Please stand with my father by making a generous contribution of $100, $75, $25, or $10 today, as we take on Crooked Hillary and the corrupt DNC to fight for American jobs and opportunity.


Eric Trump

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