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Nantes: Riotous Assembly over an Ayrault-port
Riots badly damaged Nantes when around 1000 leftist extremists battled police, water cannons and teargas at the end of a pacific tractor-led protest against 46-year-old plans for a new airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

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Cross & Crescent Flirt in France – A Tea Party?
Following the electorate’s quenelle to the ruling Socialists in the first round of nationwide municipal elections other forces playing a long game on the right, aim to overturn the country’s increasingly discredited progressive elite.

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Tattoo de Liberté 2014 Save Banon’s Books Pastis in the Sun? Kiwi and her Cook-Book Viva Verdi in Cinema
A Military Tattoo will be part of June D-Day commemorations in France this year.
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David and Goliath struggle underway to save a rural bookstore from Internet ogres.
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In the Cevennes they look forward to mid-February with particular passion, why?
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There’s a special nez to this Montpellier Kiwi’s recipes nurtured in local terroir .
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Verdi from La Scala in Milan opens the Viva l’Opéra season around France.
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social charges
Skype: Telecom Demand Cash Safe in (live) Stock No, You Can’t Opt Out St Remy & Van Gogh How Paris Fared in WWl
French prosecutors try to force Skype to register as a local telecoms operator
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Forget banks, bonds or bitcoin your money might well be safer French live stock.
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French authorities are closely watching – a ‘shorn-sheep’ small business revolt
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Committed to the an asylum in Provence, Van Gogh painted some last great masterpieces.
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As the world prepares for the centenary of the Great War, Philippa Campsie unearths some fascinating insights .
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À Table: Œuf cocotte
Œuf cocotte au cresson de Méréville: Try watercress from Terroirs d’Avenir, 6,7,8 rue du Nil 75002 Paris and sourced from the Essone valley.
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Consider Flax but…
In this month’s column Mike Alexander notes that with cotton starting to fall out of favour in some circles, French flax could make a comeback, but there is a but to the story.
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Life in Wartime France
Prize-winning UK novelist, Nicholas Shakespeare describes how, poking around a collection of family papers helped him piece together a compelling wartime story about his mysterious aunt Priscilla.
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This is Weird!
Not sure how this works… it just does! Bizarre Stare at the red dot on the girl’s nose for 30 seconds. Turn your eyes to a plain surface. Blink repeatedly and quickly.
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Holiday Gite & Grange
For Sale. This converted barn and gite is located close to Gramat, Rocamadour, Padirac, St Cere and Figeac in the Lot , Its reduced to € 288,000 for quick transaction.
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1789 and Wheat Ergot
One of the key triggers of the French Revolution, was bread, or a lack of it; but asks Mike Alexander, might a common fungus have had something to do with it?
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