Beijing stays calm despite Taiwan S. China Sea drills 9:50 pm, November 30, 2016

  • Beijing stays calm despite Taiwan S. China Sea drills

    ITU ABA, South China Sea (Reuters) — Taiwan held rescue drills on Tuesday off the coast of its sole outpost in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea, but the biggest claimant in the disputed ar…

  • China tells Taiwan: Stay out of H.K. issue

    BEIJING (Reuters) — China called Wednesday on Taiwan to stay out of Hong Kong’s affairs, saying self-ruled Taiwan was “talking nonsense” about the former British colony and warning it not to …

  • Trump picks loyalists, D.C. vets for cabinet posts

  • Pro-Syria forces surge in Aleppo

    BEIRUT (Reuters) — Syria and its allies aim to drive rebels from Aleppo before Donald Trump takes office as U.S. president, a senior official in the pro-Damascus military alliance said, as pro-gover…

  • N. Korea sanctions must be ‘clear,’ China says

    BEIJING (Reuters) — China said on Tuesday it hoped for a “clear” message to be sent with new U.N. sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear program, but would not comment on the draft, saying th…

  • U.N. warns Myanmar on Rohingya situation

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The reputation of Aung San Suu Kyi’s government in Myanmar is at stake amid international concerns over how it is dealing with violence in the country’s divided north…

  • ‘Lip service’ rued in failed Ukraine peace talks

  • Giant arch to seal Chernobyl ‘for century’

    CHERNOBYL, Ukraine (Reuters) — In the middle of a vast exclusion zone in northern Ukraine, the world’s largest land-based moving structure has been slid over the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site to…

  • May calls Trump after ‘snubs’ to discuss security

    LONDON (Reuters) — British Prime Minister Theresa May and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump agreed on Tuesday that they should work to build relationships through the U.S. transition and meet at the…

  • Cuba’s allies pay tribute to Castro in Havana

    HAVANA (Reuters) — Cuba’s leftist allies and Washington’s top diplomat in Havana joined a sprawling throng of Cubans at a rally on Tuesday to commemorate Fidel Castro, the man who built a Commun…

  • Violence erupts in Brazil over austerity

    BRASILIA (Reuters) — Youths protesting against austerity measures aimed at restoring fiscal discipline in Brazil burned cars and smashed windows of government buildings with rocks on Tuesday as lawm…

  • Cubans come out in Havana en masse to mourn Castro

    HAVANA (Reuters) — Tens of thousands of Cubans, some wrapped in red, white and blue national flags, paid final respects in Havana on Monday to Fidel Castro, who led a leftist revolution, ruled for h…

  • Legal clouds gather over Brexit

    LONDON (Reuters) — A British think-tank said on Monday it planned to take legal action over whether the government can take Britain out of the single market as part of its exit from the European Uni…

  • New foreign minister hints at shift in Denmark

    COPENHAGEN (Reuters) — Denmark’s new coalition government on Monday picked an outspoken eurosceptic as its new foreign minister, marking a potential political shift in a country where opposition …

  • Ireland to get 1st papal visit in 40 years

    VATICAN CITY (Reuters) — Pope Francis will make the first papal trip to Ireland in nearly 40 years, the country’s prime minister said on Monday, amid signs he could also become the first Roman Cat…

  • Syrian girl’s harrowing tweets resonate online

    LONDON (Reuters) — A seven-year-old Syrian girl, whose depictions of daily life in Aleppo have gained a large Twitter following, has sent harrowing messages describing the bombardment of her house …

  • Trudeau’s schedule ‘does not permit’ Castro funeral

    TORONTO (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be attending the funeral of Fidel Castro amid an uproar over his comments over the weekend praising the late Cuban leader. Andree-Lyne…

  • Fewer North Korean workers entering China border

    DANDONG, China (Reuters) — A labor agent sat in his bus on a recent frigid morning, waiting to cross the “Friendship Bridge” at China’s main border post with North Korea. He had come to pick u…

  • Trump, GOP members set to collide on Cuba

  • South Korea leader offers conditional resignation

    SEOUL (AP) — South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Tuesday that she will resign — if parliament arranges the technical details — in her latest attempt to fend off impeachment efforts and ma…

  • ROK’s textbook drafts include more on ‘comfort women’

    SEOUL — The South Korean government released Monday drafts of its government-issued history textbooks set to be introduced in junior high and high schools from March 2017, allocating more space to …

  • Chinese state paper warns Singapore over military ‘hypocrisy’

    BEIJING (Reuters) — The Global Times, China’s nationalist state-owned tabloid, has warned that Singapore’s “hypocrisy” over its military relationship with Taiwan could harm bilateral relatio…

  • U.N. chief ‘humbled’ by crisis in S. Korea

    NEW YORK (Jiji Press) — U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon on Monday said he has been “humbled” by the ongoing political crisis in his home country, South Korea, over suspected intervention in …

  • Plane with Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia; some survivors found

    MEDELLIN, Colombia (AP) — A chartered aircraft with 81 people on board, including a Brazilian first division soccer team heading to Colombia for a regional tournament final, has crashed on its way …

  • Asteroid crater tells about Ice Age sea level

    MEXICO CITY (AFP-Jiji) — The massive underwater crater left by the asteroid that exterminated the dinosaurs has provided new evidence that sea levels were much lower during the last Ice Age, researc…

  • Pluto may hide underground ocean

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Evidence is mounting for an ocean on Pluto, buried beneath its frozen heart. Scientists said that Pluto may have rolled over on its axis eons ago, the result of tidal fo…

  • Study: Your dog can remember what you did

    MIAMI (AFP-Jiji) — When it comes to having a short memory and getting easily distracted, dogs often get a bad rap. A study out on Nov. 23 suggests their recall ability may be deeper than previously …

  • Trump assails push for vote recount

  • Fillon proposes radical reforms

    PARIS (Reuters) — Francois Fillon, the center-right candidate in France’s presidential election as of Sunday and pollsters’ favorite to win that vote next May, is a social conservative and free …

  • New Orleans shooting leaves 1 dead

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Police had already increased patrols in New Orleans’ bustling French Quarter before gunfire erupted early Sunday, leaving one man dead and nine other people wounded in a touris…

  • Swiss reject plan to speed up exit from N-energy

    BERLIN (AP) — Swiss voters rejected a plan to accelerate the country’s exit from nuclear energy in a referendum Sunday, turning down an initiative that would have forced their government to shut …

  • Elian Gonzalez: Late Cuban leader ‘a friend’

    HAVANA (AP) — Elian Gonzalez, the center of an international custody battle waged by Fidel Castro nearly two decades ago, returned to the public eye Sunday to praise the leader who fought to return…

  • Trudeau defends Castro remarks

    TORONTO (Reuters) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, criticized for fondly remembering Fidel Castro without mention of his human rights record, defended his comments on Sunday and said the l…

  • Temer to block any corruption amnesty

    BRASILIA (AFP-Jiji) — Brazil’s President Michel Temer, together with congressional leaders, vowed on Sunday to block any attempt by legislators to grant themselves a corruption amnesty as he sou…

  • Syria forces take Aleppo rebel areas

    ALEPPO, Syria (AFP-Jiji) — Government forces have retaken a third of rebel-held territory in Aleppo, forcing nearly 10,000 civilians to flee as they pressed their offensive to retake Syria’s seco…

  • Zimbabwe rolls out ‘surrogate’ dollars amid unease

    HARARE (AFP-Jiji) — Zimbabwe on Monday starts issuing “bond notes,” its own currency equivalent to the U.S. dollar in a bid to ease critical cash shortages amid widespread fears of a return to …

  • Israel kills 4 ISIL-linked gunmen

    JERUSALEM (AFP-Jiji) — Israeli forces killed four gunmen linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group after they fired on soldiers Sunday, the military said, in the first such att…

  • Fillon wins French conservative presidential primary

    PARIS (Reuters) — Hardline reformist Francois Fillon scored a resounding win in France’s conservative primaries on Sunday, making him favorite to win a presidential election five months from now …

  • A real difference: Leading the fight to eliminate land mines

    Ever since Agnes Marcaillou became director of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in 2012, she has been motivated every day by the direct impact of her mission on the people she works for…

  • U.N. nears sanctions on DPRK coal exports

    The U.N. Security Council’s five veto powers are close to approving new sanctions on North Korea to cut the isolated state’s earnings from exports by more than a quarter, principally by targeting…

  • Iraq adopts law fully legalizing Shiite militias

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Rekindling sectarian rivalries at a sensitive time, Iraq’s Parliament on Saturday voted to fully legalize state-sanctioned Shiite militias long accused of abuses against minority S…

  • South Sudan accepts more U.N. peacekeepers

    JUBA (AP) — South Sudan’s government has accepted with “no conditions” an increase in the peacekeeping force in the country as mandated by the U.N. Security Council in August, Cabinet Affairs…

  • Juncker urges Turkey not to disregard EU warnings

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) — Turkey should heed European Union warnings over halting membership talks and carry out reforms demanded by the bloc, the president of the European Commission said on Saturday i…

  • Analysis / What next for Cuba after Castro’s death?

    HAVANA (AFP-Jiji) — A page in Cuba’s history has turned with the death of its revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. So what happens now on the communist island? The Caribbean nation is at a crossroa…

  • Clinton team to take part in vote recount

  • 3 California mosques get threatening letters

  • Joy erupts in Miami while Havana mourns

    HAVANA (AFP-Jiji) — Havana plunged into mourning Saturday and celebrations erupted in Miami at the death of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, whose iron-fisted rule defied the United States …

  • K-pop video director charged in scandal

    SEOUL (AFP-Jiji) — A prominent K-pop music video director was charged Sunday as part of a corruption scandal rocking South Korea and engulfing President Park Geun-hye. Cha Eun Taek, who has worked…

  • Filipinos march in Manila to protest dictator’s divisive burial

    MANILA (Reuters) — Thousands of Filipinos demonstrated on Friday against last week’s burial of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos in a heroes’ cemetery, showing disdain for the veneration afforde…

  • Duterte: Talks, not war may solve Philippine conflict

    ZAMBOANGA, Philippines (AFP-Jiji) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte raised the prospect Friday of holding peace talks with Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic militant group which has abducted dozens of fo…

  • Erdogan, Putin in Syria talks after Turkish soldiers killed

    ISTANBUL (AFP-Jiji) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed the Syrian conflict with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin by phone Friday after the Turkish army accused Moscow ally Dam…

  • British fashion photographer David Hamilton dies

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — Controversial British fashion photographer David Hamilton, 83, was found dead in his Parisian home Friday, emergency services sources said, just weeks after being accused of rape…

  • Fidel Castro a revolutionary, lifelong learner

    HAVANA (AFP-Jiji) — His long-winded political rants were legendary. But Fidel Castro also loved burning the midnight oil, the written word, and, ironically, the sport that unites Cuba and its U.S. …

  • French prosecutor: 4 friends plotted imminent attack in Paris

    PARIS (AP) — Four long-time friends in their 30s, living in the same French city and communicating through a closed phone line, were planning a terror attack in France as early as next week on orde…

  • Strong quake kills 1 in western China

    BEIJING (AFP-Jiji) — A powerful 6.5-magnitude quake rocked a mountainous area of far western China Friday night, with one person killed when a house collapsed in a region often plagued with seismic…

  • 43 killed in Iranian train collision

    TEHRAN (AP) — A train collision in northern Iran killed at least 43 people and injured 100 on Friday, Iran’s state media reported. The official IRNA news agency quoted Mostafa Mortazavi, a spoke…

  • Cuba’s Fidel Castro, who defied U.S. for 50 years, has died

    HAVANA (AP) — Former President Fidel Castro, who led a rebel army to improbable victory in Cuba, embraced Soviet-style communism and defied the power of 10 U.S. presidents during his half century r…

  • Protesters gather for 5th week

    SEOUL (Reuters) — Hundreds of thousands rallied in central Seoul on Saturday for a fifth week of protests against President Park Geun-hye, in the largest ongoing series of demonstrations in the cou…

  • France’s Fillon makes patriotic pitch for final votes

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — Conservative presidential frontrunner Francois Fillon drew cheers for his uncompromising views on Islam and French identity at a final rally in Paris Friday ahead of a primary vot…

  • Trump names McGahn counsel, McFarland to security post

    WASHINGTON (Bloomberg) — President-elect Donald Trump named Donald F. McGahn as White House counsel and Kathleen McFarland as deputy national security adviser, moves that add a lawyer seasoned in po…

  • Indonesia arrests bombing suspect

    JAKARTA (Reuters) — Police in Indonesia have arrested a suspected Islamist militant and seized a large quantity of bomb making material that he planned to use in attacks on government buildings and…

  • ‘Brady Bunch’ star Henderson dies at 82

    WASHINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — Florence Henderson, who played the virtuous matriarch on “The Brady Bunch” — the iconic U.S. TV series of the early 1970s — has died at the age of 82. Henderson pas…

  • Park’s approval rating sinks to new record low

    SEOUL (Reuters) — South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s approval rating fell to 4 percent amid a deepening political crisis, marking an all-time low for any democratically elected leader in the …

  • Colombia govt, rebels ink new deal

    BOGOTA (AP) — Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed a revised peace agreement with the country’s largest rebel movement on Thursday, making a second attempt within months to end a half ce…

  • Schulz to return to German politics

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) — European Parliament President Martin Schulz is returning to German politics, raising the prospect he may challenge Angela Merkel as chancellor and prompting speculation of a re…

  • EU lawmakers vote to halt Turkey membership talks

    STRASBOURG (Reuters) — European Union lawmakers called on Thursday for a temporary halt to EU membership talks with Turkey because of Ankara’s “disproportionate” reaction to July’s failed c…

  • Man gets life for killing U.K. lawmaker

    LONDON (Reuters) — A loner obsessed with Nazis and extreme right-wing ideology was sentenced on Wednesday to spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering lawmaker Jo Cox in a frenzied street …

  • Suicide bomb kills 100 in Iraq / Scores of Iran pilgrims among attack victims

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) — A suicide truck bomb killed about 100 people, most of them Iranian Shiite pilgrims, at a petrol station in the city of Hilla, 100 kilometers south of Baghdad on Thursday, police …

  • Tens of thousands flee wildfire in Israel

    HAIFA, Israel (AP) — A wildfire roared through parts of Israel’s third-largest city on Thursday, forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes as the country’s leaders raised the …

  • Stricter sanctions on N. Korea ‘agreed upon by U.S., China’

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The United States and China have agreed on new U.N. sanctions to impose on North Korea over the nuclear test it conducted in September, but Russia is delaying action on a…

  • Court upholds life sentences for 2 Khmer Rouge leaders

    PHNOM PENH (AP) — A special Cambodian court on Wednesday upheld the life sentences for the two most senior surviving members of the Khmer Rouge regime, which was responsible for the deaths of 1.7 mi…

  • Trump names Haley as envoy to U.N.

  • Trump claims ‘open mind’ on Paris deal

  • Power vacuum opens in Seoul as Park fights for her survival

    SEOUL (Reuters) — As the chorus grows louder for South Korean President Park Geun-hye to resign over a corruption scandal, a power vacuum is weighing on her administration, leaving her political sur…

  • De Niro among Obama’s good fellas and females

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama awarded the nation’s highest civilian honor to 21 groundbreaking actors, musicians, athletes and innovators who inspired him over the years and “helped …

  • Russia defies EU sanctions

    LONDON (Reuters) — Russian tankers have smuggled jet fuel to Syria through EU waters, bolstering military supplies to a war-torn country where Moscow is carrying out airstrikes in support of the gov…

  • British warship arrives in Israel

    HAIFA, Israel (AP) — A British warship on Tuesday conducted a joint exercise with the Israeli navy before docking in the port of Haifa for a visit that comes at a time of heightened tensions in the…

  • Fillon bites back, says ‘I am no medieval reactionary’

    PARIS (Reuters) — France’s frontrunner for the conservative ticket in next spring’s presidential election hit back on Tuesday after a personal attack from his rival, heralding a hard-fought fin…

  • Philippine general: U.S. agrees to scale back military drills

    MANILA (Reuters) — Philippine and United States military officials agreed to scale back joint exercises and reduce U.S. troop deployments, a Philippine general involved in the talks said on Tuesday,…

  • Ex-CIA boss hints at serving Trump

  • Pope extends to all priests power to forgive abortions

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Saying nothing is beyond the reach of God’s mercy, Pope Francis told Catholics worldwide he is allowing all priests to absolve the faithful of abortion — women and health wo…

  • Queen could host Trump in months

    LONDON (AFP-Jiji) — Queen Elizabeth II could host Donald Trump within months of him becoming U.S. president, with the British government confirming Monday that it was considering a state visit next …

  • Trump remains elusive on Cabinet

  • 6 children killed in bus crash

    CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (Reuters) — A bus carrying elementary students home from school in Chattanooga, Tenn., crashed on Monday afternoon, killing at least six children and sending nearly two dozen to a…

  • ISIL’s Mosul supply route on verge of being severed

    TAL AFAR AIR BASE, Iraq (Reuters) — Iraqi Shiite militias were massing troops on Monday to cut remaining supply routes to Mosul, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group’s la…

  • Seoul ‘would accept’ bigger defense burden

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — South Korea would have to embrace the idea of taking a greater share of defense costs “if there is a huge demand” for this from the future U.S. administration of Donald Tr…

  • Duterte to ban fishing in Scarborough Shoal

    MANILA (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has decided to declare a lagoon in China-controlled waters to be a marine sanctuary where Filipinos and Chinese will be prohibited from fishing, of…

  • New device sparks hope for paralysis cure

    GENEVA (AFP-Jiji) — A new device has allowed two monkeys to regain use of their paralysed legs by transmitting brain signals wirelessly, bypassing their spinal cord lesions, a study released on Nov….

  • Phone dirt reveals data

    MIAMI (AFP-Jiji) — Traces of skin, oil and grime left on your phone can reveal a lot about your lifestyle, and may some day serve as a “fingerprint” in criminal investigations, researchers said …

  • Mattis leading candidate for Trump’s defense secretary

  • Obama says goodbye to world stage after 8 years

    LIMA (AFP-Jiji) — U.S. President Barack Obama bid farewell to the world stage Sunday, pondering his legacy and offering advice to his successor at the end of his final foreign tour. His historic …

  • Merkel to seek 4th term next year

    BERLIN (AP) — Angela Merkel, who has steered Germany through several global crises as its first female leader, said Sunday she will seek a fourth term as chancellor in elections next year, when she …

  • ROK lawmakers move to impeach Park

    SEOUL (Bloomberg) — A faction of lawmakers in Park Geun-hye’s ruling party is calling for her ouster, putting the opposition closer to the numbers needed to impeach South Korea’s president over …

  • Sarkozy defeated in conservative primary

    PARIS (Reuters) — French voters defied expectations on Sunday by throwing former President Nicolas Sarkozy out of the race to be the conservatives’ nominee for the presidential election and prope…

  • Reeling from hurricane, Haiti awaits outcome of election

    LES CAYES, Haiti (Reuters) — Haiti held a long-delayed election on Sunday amid scenes of devastation in parts of the country, with voters hoping a new president would boost the economy after a dest…

  • Record sale for a rare Tintin drawing in Paris auction

    PARIS (AP) — A rare drawing from one of Tintin’s most famous comic books, “Explorers on the Moon,” was sold Saturday for a record €1.55 million ($1.64 million), auction house Artcurial said…

  • Egypt jails journalists’ union chief for 2 years

    CAIRO (Reuters) — An Egyptian court sentenced the head of the journalists’ union and two board members to two years in prison on Saturday for harboring colleagues wanted by the law and spreading …

  • Merkel to increase spending in election year

    BERLIN (Reuters) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised on Saturday to increase investment in infrastructure in Europe’s biggest economy in 2017, an election year, without resorting to new bo…

  • Xi calls for ‘smooth transition’ in U.S. relations

    LIMA (Reuters) — Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday called for a “smooth transition” in Beijing’s relationship with Washington and praised outgoing President Barack Obama for strengthen…

  • Kin gather at Marcos’ tomb amid protests

    MANILA (AP) — Family members and followers of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos gathered for a vigil at his tomb on Saturday, a day after his secrecy-shrouded burial at a heroes’ cemetery trig…

  • ‘Hamilton’ cast’s plea to VP-elect ignites debate

  • Prosecutors consider Park as ‘accomplice’

    SEOUL (Reuters) — South Korean prosecutors said on Sunday that they believed President Park Geun-hye was an accomplice in a corruption scandal that has rocked her administration, in a heavy blow to …

  • Trump holds talks with old foe Romney

  • Hospitals in Aleppo ‘out of action’

    BEIRUT (Reuters) — All hospitals in Syria’s besieged rebel-held eastern Aleppo are out of service after days of heavy airstrikes, its health directorate and the World Health Organization said, tho…

  • At least 90 killed as Indian train derails

    NEW DELHI (Reuters) — At least 90 people were killed and more than 150 injured when an Indian express train derailed in northern Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, with the toll set to rise amid a desperate …

  • Dalai Lama visits Mongolia over China’s objections

    ULAANBAATAR (AFP-Jiji) — The Dalai Lama met with Buddhist worshippers Saturday during a four-day visit to Mongolia, despite Beijing’s strident demand that he be barred from entering the country. …

  • Women’s cancer deaths predicted to soar

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — Two reports have warned of an explosion in cancer deaths among women, with a toll, mainly from breast cancer, of some 5.5 million per year by 2030 — roughly the population of De…

  • White coat hypertension may point to heart problem

    Some older people who get what’s known as white coat hypertension — a spike in blood pressure at the doctors’ office — may have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, a study suggests….

  • Study: Anesthesia risks in early childhood minimal

    CHICAGO (AP) — Anesthesia during early childhood surgery poses little risk to intelligence and academics later on, the largest study of its kind suggests. The results were found in research on near…

  • Watch your self! India tops ranking for selfie deaths

    NEW DELHI (AFP-Jiji) — Next time you’re at the Taj Mahal, find yourself standing on a precarious cliff or see an approaching train, maybe just enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture the pe…

  • Trump picks loyalists for top security, law enforcement jobs

  • Petraeus eyed for defense chief

  • NATO ‘absolutely confident’ Trump committed to alliance

    BRUSSELS (AFP-Jiji) — NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Friday voiced confidence that Donald Trump was committed to the transatlantic alliance, which has stood the test of time for both the United Stat…

  • UN climate talks end with pleas for Trump to join fight

    MARRAKECH (AP) — The first U.N. climate conference after the landmark Paris Agreement closed Friday with delegates appealing to Donald Trump to join the battle against global warming and inviting h…

  • Granddaughter of Trump sings ‘PPAP’

  • NYT subscriptions up despite Trump’s claim

    NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Times pushed back against President-elect Donald Trump, saying Thursday that its paid subscriptions have jumped since the election, despite what Trump has said on Twitt…

  • Oxford Dictionaries names ‘post-truth’ word of the year

    LONDON (Reuters) — “Post-truth” was proclaimed international word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries on Wednesday after beating off “alt-right” and “Brexiteer,” a choice the publisher s…

  • Vietnam ‘expanding’ S. China Sea runway

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Vietnam is extending a runway on an island it claims in the South China Sea in apparent response to China’s building of military facilities on artificial islands in the reg…

  • Trump ‘offers ex-general Flynn national security adviser job’

    NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. President-elect Donald Trump offered former military intelligence chief Michael Flynn the job of national security adviser as he began to build out his national security team Th…

  • Park’s lawyer seeks more time from prosecutors

    SEOUL (AFP-Jiji) — South Korean President Park Geun-hye will not be ready to appear before prosecutors until next week despite their demand to question her sooner over a snowballing political scand…

  • U.N. arms embargo sought on S. Sudan

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The United States circulated on Thursday to the 15-member United Nations Security Council a draft resolution to impose an arms embargo on South Sudan and further targeted…

  • IAEA chides Iran for failing to keep N-deal commitments

    VIENNA (AFP-Jiji) — The head of the U.N. watchdog chided Iran on Thursday for exceeding for the second time an agreed upper limit for nuclear material set out in last year’s atomic accord. A rep…

  • Obama urges Trump to stand up to Russia

    BERLIN (AP) — U.S. President Barack Obama prodded Donald Trump on Thursday to take a tougher approach toward Russia, urging the president-elect to “stand up” to Moscow when it violates global n…

  • Duterte threatens to leave ICC

    MANILA (AP) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday he might follow Russia’s example and withdraw from the International Criminal Court, where his critics say he could be charged ove…

  • Clinton: Fight for our values

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on Wednesday for a renewed fight for a more-inclusive United States despite disappointment over an election …

  • Dozens killed in strikes on eastern Aleppo

    BEIRUT (Reuters) — Airstrikes and shelling killed at least 25 people in rebel-held eastern Aleppo on Thursday on a third day of renewed bombing, according to a group that monitors Syria’s civil w…

  • Obama urges world to resist isolationism

    ATHENS (AP) — Standing in democracy’s birthplace, U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday issued a parting plea to world leaders not to let the fear of globalization tugging at Europe and the U.S…

  • Kerry: U.S. climate goals won’t be reversed

    MARRAKECH, Morocco (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made a stirring appeal Wednesday to all countries — including his own — to press ahead with the fight against climate change, saying…

  • U.S. cancels energy leases in sacred Montana area

    BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — U.S. officials canceled 15 oil and gas leases on Wednesday in an area bordering Glacier National Park that is considered sacred to the Blackfoot tribes of the U.S. and Canada…

  • DAPL decision unlikely until 2017

    BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A federal judge likely won’t decide until early next year whether to give the developer of the Dakota Access oil pipeline permission to finish the $3.8 billion project, acco…

  • Dylan won’t attend Nobel gala

    COPENHAGEN (AP) — Bob Dylan won’t be coming to Stockholm to pick up his 2016 Nobel Prize for literature at the Dec. 10 prize ceremony. The Swedish Academy said Wednesday that Dylan told them “…

  • Extensive cultural damage in Iraq’s historic Nimrud

    NIMRUD, Iraq (AP) — Nearly a month into the fight to retake Mosul, government forces pushed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants out of nearby Nimrud, home to some of Iraq’s rich…

  • Hollande ex-minister Macron launches bid for presidency

    PARIS (Reuters) — Former economy minister Emmanuel Macron launched his bid for the French presidency on Wednesday, a move likely to take votes from mainstream candidates in a tight race that promise…

  • Team denies disorganization

  • Police pursue blasphemy case against Jakarta head

    JAKARTA (Reuters) — Indonesian police said on Wednesday they will investigate a blasphemy complaint by Muslim groups against the Christian governor of Jakarta, amid simmering religious and ethnic t…

  • Hollande, Ban urge Trump to respect climate deal

  • DPRK ‘does not care’ who is U.S. president

  • Assad ready to work with Trump

  • Russia restarts airstrikes in Syria

  • Trump turns to Wall Street

  • ISIL executes 21 civilians in Mosul

  • Yemen ceasefire ‘agreed’

  • Hardliner says wall, Muslim registry plans ongoing

  • Luxury N.Y. apartments stripped of Trump name

  • Dakota pipeline protests escalate as firms step in

  • Thailand confirms 33 new Zika cases

  • Park’s lawyer requests prosecutors to delay deadline

  • Global temperatures head for new record

  • H.K. court sides with Beijing over lawmakers

  • 100s evacuated from N.Z. quake-hit areas

  • British PM May: It’s time to respond to transformed world

  • New EU defense plan aims for ‘strategic autonomy’

  • Giuliani tipped for secretary of state

  • FBI: Muslim hate crimes up 67%

  • U.S. may have committed war crimes, Hague court says

  • Gambia to quit ICC in 2017

  • Putin, Trump speak by phone, agree to work to improve ties

  • Obama says Trump is ‘pragmatic’

  • Human antibody gives hope for Zika treatment

  • Zebrafish offers clues for spinal repair

  • Does Shanghai lack long-term climate plan?

  • S. Korea’s Park to be quizzed as early as today

  • Trump’s new chief of staff a man with many friends

  • Xi, Trump agree to meet

  • Bulgaria premier quits over new pro-Russia president

  • France marks 1 year since Paris terrorist attacks

  • Colombia signs new peace deal

  • Trump names GOP head as chief of staff

  • 2 dead after M7.8 quake hits N.Z.

  • ‘2-3 million’ to be deported

  • Trump assigns Pence transition team head

  • Obamacare portions to be ‘kept’

  • Germany says time to support Africa

  • Trump begins laying transition groundwork

  • Hundreds of thousands rally in Seoul to demand Park’s ouster

  • After off the mark polls, some question value of ‘big data’

  • Analysis / Trump could easily erase Obama’s legacy

  • Xi vows zero tolerance for separatist movements

  • Protocol on press access bucked

  • Park’s approval rating remains at all-time low

  • Fresh protests erupt in U.S. cities; Trump blames media

  • Taliban car bomb strikes German consulate; 4 killed

  • Trump meets with Obama, discusses transfer of power

  • Hollywood in mourning over Trump victory

  • U.N. says food rations are out in east Aleppo

  • Singer-Songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen dead at age 82

  • Populist pandering no way to lead U.S.

  • Senate leader dashes hopes for TPP vote before year-end

  • Angry anti-Trump protesters march in cities across U.S.

  • Lab pig Ebola scare unfolds in Canada

  • An unexpected thrill ride on TV

  • Trump win elicits fears, some cheers around globe

  • Prince Harry condemns media ‘harassment’ of new girlfriend

  • Some look to Canada, N.Z. after Trump’s rise

  • Embattled Park to skip APEC meeting

  • H.K. lawyers march against China’s ‘interference’

  • GOP maintains control of Congress

  • Trump triumphs over Clinton / Real estate mogul wins key swing states in stunning run to White House

  • Donald Trump elected president

  • Trump takes Florida, Ohio, N.C. in battle for White House

  • Winner must help heal U.S. politics

  • Astronaut votes while he ‘floats’

  • Janet Reno, 1st female U.S. attorney general, dies

  • Samsung offices raided by prosecutors as Park scandal deepens

  • U.N. talks aim for action on COP22 pledges

  • Medics talk of ‘Humvees loaded with bodies’

  • Militia edges forward in Raqqa assault

  • Mass ISIL grave found near Mosul

  • Israel rejects French invite to Middle East peace conference

  • In defeat, Park to let parliament pick PM

  • Nature in Short / Flowering gentians catch your eye in late autumn

  • Heading affects memory

  • Mutant mosquitoes to breed out diseases

  • Humanity killing off wildlife, marine life

  • China moves to bar H.K. activists

  • U.S. turnout surges among minorities

  • Pope holds Mass for 1,000 prisoners

  • Assault launched on ISIL ‘capital’ in Syria

  • Michelin releases 1st Seoul guide

  • FBI clears Clinton in new email review

  • Iraqi forces: Defenses, civilians hamper advance on Mosul

  • Irish ‘behind Mosul suicide attack’

  • Pakistan to deport National Geographic ‘Afghan girl’

  • EU to flag ‘relapse’ on press freedom in Turkey

  • Spain: Security forces arrest ETA leader

  • Girl abducted by Boko Haram found by troops

  • Trump, Clinton court voters in swing states

  • Prosecutors arrest 2 former Park aides

  • ‘The Simpsons’ renewed through historic 30th season

  • Melania worked ‘without proper visa’

  • Security scare for Trump in final days

  • 2 Italians, Canadian freed in Libya

  • U.S. warning of Al-Qaida election threat

  • Beijing to intervene in oath dispute with H.K. lawmakers

  • Clinton sent daughter material later classified

  • May assures EU leaders Brexit going as planned

  • Sting to sing at Paris Bataclan reopening after 2015 attacks

  • Pressure mounts on embattled Park

  • Iraqi special forces push deeper into eastern Mosul

  • Huge Muslim protest in Jakarta turns deadly

  • 3 U.S. military trainers killed by Jordan forces

  • To control childhood asthma attacks, reduce indoor pollutions

  • Babies should sleep in parents’ room for first year

  • Clinton, Trump clash in final campaign stretch

  • Zuma faces no-confidence vote

  • Fending off Trump, Clinton tries to secure ‘blue wall’

  • U.K. High Court rules Brexit needs Parliament’s approval

  • Car bomb explodes in Turkey after MPs held

  • Paris climate agreement becomes international law

  • Embattled S.Korea leader: Scandal “all my fault and mistake”

  • Iraqi govt consolidates gains before Mosul urban warfare

  • Denied arms, Duterte calls U.S. ‘monkeys’

  • Hacked emails show Clinton camp ‘coordinated’ with State on server

  • Carter talks with Turkey about role in Raqqa fight

  • Russia gives rebels deadline to leave Aleppo

  • Kenya pulls U.N. peacekeepers from S. Sudan in protest

  • Park risks probe, new PM nominee warns

  • Russia’s No. 4 city mired in HIV epidemic

  • Obama slams ‘innuendo’ by FBI

  • Xi meets Taiwan opposition, cites ‘1-China principle’

  • N. Korea set to launch missile, U.S. says

  • Scandal-rocked S. Korean president replaces premier

  • Park stresses ‘all-nation, neutral government’

  • Venezuela opposition scraps Maduro trial

  • Kerry meets China state councilor in New York

  • Iraqi troops engage ISIL in Mosul

  • Turkish tanks readied at Iraqi border

  • U.N. chief fires South Sudan commander after harsh report

  • Anti-Putin activist being ‘tortured’

  • Russia says Syria peace talks halted indefinitely

  • Trump, Clinton in close final week battle

  • Pope appoints new archbishop for Guam amid abuse scandal

  • Thai king succession announcement allays fears

  • China’s new stealth fighter takes flight

  • Hezbollah ally elected as Lebanon president

  • Iraqi forces make 1st push into Mosul

  • Pyongyang revels in Seoul political woes

  • Trump sticks to attacking Clinton

  • Holocaust hero Wallenberg ‘dead’

  • Pope marks Protestant Reformation

  • Rwanda accuses 22 French officers of genocide

  • Monkeys make stone flakes like early tools

  • Study finds little lies lead to bigger ones

  • Woman in scandal roiling S. Korea detained

  • Moroccans protest fishmonger’s death

  • Warrant obtained for Clinton emails

  • Series of quakes hits Italy’s identity

  • Woman at center of S. Korea crisis begs forgiveness

  • Toll in Yemen airstrikes hits 60

  • Trump seeks boost from Clinton’s email probe

  • Poll: Clinton extends lead

  • Trump touts urban policy and his new hotel

  • Trump’s Hollywood star smashed

  • Half of all Republicans would reject poll result

  • Youngsters prefer ‘giant meteor’

  • Analysis / Trump stays on scorched earth strategy

  • Trump says he may not accept election result

  • N.C. GOP office torched, graffiti threat sprayed nearby

  • Trump ramps up rigged election claim

  • Trump campaign rocked by new sexual allegations

  • Obama: ‘Democracy itself’ at stake in poll

  • Michelle Obama excoriates Trump over sexual assault

  • Trump campaign hit by new allegations of sexual assault

  • House Speaker Ryan dumps Trump

  • Forgiveness, praise focus of Pence’s resurfacing

  • 2nd debate marked by personal insults

  • More Republicans condemn Trump

  • Ryan ‘sickened’ by comments

  • Trump caught making lewd remarks about women

  • Clinton edges out in front of Trump in national poll

  • Twitter, ‘lies’ and videotape: Trump shames beauty queen

  • Clinton hits Trump over Cuba embargo ‘violation’

  • 1st Trump-Clinton showdown draws record ratings for debate

    NEW YORK (AP) — The showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the most-watched presidential debate ever, with 84 million viewers. The Nielsen company said the viewership, over 13 netwo…

  • Analysis / Trump struggles to be ‘change’ candidate in 1st TV debate

  • Asia viewers see Clinton as winner

  • Trump plagued by sniffles during debate

  • Trump vows to accept ‘undivided’ Jerusalem

  • Clinton, Trump neck and neck heading into 1st showdown

  • Cruz endorses Trump, whom he called ‘utterly amoral’

  • Clinton leads Trump by 4 points

  • Politics takes center stage at Emmys

  • Clinton condemns triple ‘apparent terrorist attacks’

  • Clinton, Trump trade barbs over health amid tighter race

  • Powell criticizes candidates in slew of hacked emails

  • Clinton, Trump seek to prove fitness

  • Rio 2016 / U.S. swimmers were not robbed, Brazil police say

  • TV camera falls on Rio Games visitors in latest mishap

  • Putin slams discrimination at send-off ceremony

  • High alert for Olympics

  • Olympic torch lit by Rousseff

  • 100 days to Rio Olympics, many challenges remain

  • 6 months to Rio Games, troubles mount for Brazil

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