Newsweek See realtime coverage Blame game starts as Aleppo’s rebels fall BBC News – ‎33 minutes ago‎

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Blame game starts as Aleppo’s rebels fall

BBC News  – ‎33 minutes ago‎
The scene at the Security Council in New York on Tuesday afternoon was worth thousands of words about the failure of diplomacy in Syria.

Fed on track to raise rates today: 4 fast facts

CNNMoney  – ‎1 hour ago‎

Amazon Conducts First Commercial Drone Delivery

Wall Street Journal  – ‎2 hours ago‎

Newtown marks 4th anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre

Fox News  – ‎35 minutes ago‎

Mitt Romney to Harry Reid: ‘Good riddance’

Washington Times  – ‎1 hour ago‎
Mitt Romney says the feeling is mutual after outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he lost all respect for the former Massachusetts governor following his unsuccessful bid to be Donald Trump’s secretary of state.
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MILO: Al Sharpton is ‘All About The Money’

Breitbart News  – ‎13 hours ago‎
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Next moves for Monte dei Paschi after ECB calls time

Financial Times  – ‎12 hours ago‎
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Hillary Clinton aide’s typo may have led the Russians to emails

New York Daily News  – ‎19 hours ago‎
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Two years into fracking ban, use of natural gas rising

WRVO Public Media  – ‎7 hours ago‎
Andrew Cuomo’s administration decided not to allow fracking within New York’s borders. But two years later, scientists and professors from Cornell say the state’s use of natural gas is on the rise, increasing by 18 percent with more than 500,000 new

What if the Fracking Boom Is Just a Bubble?

EcoWatch  – ‎2 hours ago‎

Coal Comeback? This Mining Company Already Pivoted to Gas

Wall Street Journal  – ‎Dec 7, 2016‎

Future of fracking research uncertain under Trump

Environment & Energy Publishing  – ‎Dec 13, 2016‎

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