Trump says terror attack in Germany proves he’s right on immigration

Trump says terror attack in Germany proves he’s right on immigration

  • 2:29 pm Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
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In his first comments since a terror attack this week at a Christmas market in Germany which killed a dozen people, President-Elect Donald Trump told reporters it demonstrates the need to restrict Muslim immigration into the U.S. from certain areas of the world.

“You know my plans all along, I’ve been proven to be right, 100 percent correct,” Mr. Trump said in between meetings at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida retreat in Palm Beach.

“What’s happening is disgraceful,” he told reporters.

“It’s an attack on humanity, that’s what it is. It’s an attack on humanity. And it’s got to be stopped,” the [More]

Trump urged to undo Obama move to block offshore drilling in Arctic and Atlantic

  • 7:34 pm Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree

As President Obama on Tuesday moved to prevent offshore oil and gas exploration in a large swath of waters off Alaska and in the Atlantic Ocean, a dispute quickly broke out about how lasting that drilling ban would actually be, as GOP lawmakers said President-Elect Trump could just reverse the declaration when he takes office in January.

Mr. Obama used a 1953 law known as the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, to block new drilling leases, “for a time period without specific expiration.”

“This withdrawal prevents consideration of this area for any future mineral leasing for purposes of exploration, development, or production,” [More]

Judge releases search warrant related to Clinton email probe

  • 1:18 pm Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
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A federal judge has made public a redacted copy of an FBI search warrant that roiled the 2016 campaign for President, showing that agents believed there was “probable cause” to believe that classified information might have been on a laptop that belonged to longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and her estranged husband, former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY).

In the search warrant from late October, the FBI said that a cursory review of emails on that laptop made agents believe that it could have contained “classified information which was produced by and is owned by the U.S. Government.”

The affidavit for the laptop [More]

One month to Donald Trump’s inauguration as President

  • 7:00 am Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
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Now that the vote of the Electoral College is out of the way, a quick glance at the calendar shows that January 20, 2017 is just a month away, as the pace of work is quickening at the U.S. Capitol for the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump.

I hustled out in the chilly weather of the last week to get some photographs on the West Front of the Capitol – there is still a lot of work to be done to get things ready.

It’s a big operation – building the stand where the new President will take the oath of office, [More]

Trump revolt goes nowhere as Clinton loses more electoral votes

  • 5:34 pm Monday, December 19th, 2016 by Jamie Dupree
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While demonstrators made their voices heard at Electoral College gatherings all across the country, their plea to individual electors to rebel and drop Donald Trump went absolutely nowhere, as Hillary Clinton was actually the candidate who had more electors refuse to vote for her, with the final outcome moving President-Elect Trump one step closer to the White House.

The biggest group of rogue electors was in Washington State, where three of them cast votes for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one voted for a native American environmental activist named Faith Spotted Eagle, instead of Clinton.

Washington State also cast four [More]

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