U.S. Border Patrol strikes a deal to put Echodyne’s drone radar system to the test GeekWire – ‎Dec 21, 2016‎

Crossing Borders for a Secure Water Future US-Mexico San Pedro River Aquifer Report

United States Geological Survey (press release)  – ‎Dec 20, 2016‎

Scarborough: Europe Letting Us Down With PorousBorders, “I Hope Everybody Felt Really Good About That”

RealClearPolitics  – ‎Dec 22, 2016‎
Joe Scarborough said Europe is letting the U.S. down with their porous border and that Angela Merkel received TIME’s Person of the Year award for “an extraordinarily reckless policy that makes everybody feel good.

Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Up 230 Percent

Breitbart News  – ‎Dec 22, 2016‎

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