Netanyahu faces criminal probe 3:20 am, December 30, 2016 JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israel’s attorney general has ordered police to open a criminal investigation in two unspecified matters involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Channel 10 t… Turkey: Syria ceasefire plan prepared with Russia

  • Netanyahu faces criminal probe

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israel’s attorney general has ordered police to open a criminal investigation in two unspecified matters involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Channel 10 t…

  • Turkey: Syria ceasefire plan prepared with Russia

    ANKARA/BEIRUT (Reuters) — Turkey and Russia have prepared an agreement for a ceasefire in Syria, Turkey’s foreign minister said on Wednesday, adding that Ankara would not give up its opposition t…

  • Man suspected of ties to Berlin attacker detained

    BERLIN (AP) — German prosecutors said Wednesday that they have detained a Tunisian man they think may have been involved in last week’s truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin. The 40-year-…

  • Oman said to join Saudi-led alliance

    DUBAI (Reuters) — Oman, which has traditionally resisted Gulf Arab states’ efforts to close ranks against Iran, has joined a Saudi-led coalition of Muslim countries to fight terrorism, Saudi and …

  • Actress Debbie Reynolds, 84, dies day after daughter Fisher

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Debbie Reynolds, who lit up the screen in “Singin’ in the Rain’ and other Hollywood classics despite a tumultuous life, has died a day after losing her daughter, Carrie Fis…

  • Taiwan leader to transit in U.S. in move bound to anger China

    TAIPEI (Reuters) — Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen will pass through the United States when she visits Latin America next month, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday, a move bound to infuriate China, wh…

  • Beijing blasts Taiwan, H.K. independence supporters

    BEIJING (Reuters) — Quoting a poem by the founder of Communist China Mao Zedong, China’s government said on Wednesday that the efforts by Hong Kong and Taiwan independence supporters to link up we…

  • China finishes longest E-W high-speed rail link

    SHANGHAI (Reuters) — China has completed two new high-speed rail links connecting Kunming, the capital of southwestern Yunnan Province, with Shanghai and Guangzhou on the eastern coast, according t…

  • 5 killed in ‘terrorist’ attack in Xinjiang

    BEIJING (Reuters) — Attackers drove a vehicle into a government building in China’s unruly far western region of Xinjiang, setting off an explosive device and using knives to kill two people befo…

  • Pakistan turns on nuclear plant built with China

    ISLAMABAD (AFP-Jiji) — Pakistan’s fourth nuclear power plant went online Wednesday, a joint collaboration with China that adds 340 megawatts to the national grid as part of the government’s effo…

  • U.S. admires Obama most, Trump 2nd

  • Last bridge in Mosul disabled

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Residents of Iraq’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-held city of Mosul said Wednesday that an airstrike disabled the city’s last functioning bridge across the Tigris River, …

  • Israel intensifies blame of U.S. over rebuke

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Doubling down on its public break with the Obama administration, a furious Israeli government on Tuesday said it had received “ironclad” information from Arab sources that Wash…

  • U.S., Russian forces sharing more in Syria

    WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S.-Russian talks on their separate fights against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group are becoming more productive and more frequent, American officia…

  • Trump calls on Bush-era vet for homeland security post

  • N. Korea’s nuke plans ‘big for 2017’

    SEOUL (AFP-Jiji) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is planning a “prime time” nuclear weapons push in 2017 to take advantage of leadership transitions in South Korea and the United States, a hig…

  • Duterte hails record drug haul, arrests

    MANILA (AP) — Philippine authorities said Tuesday that anti-narcotics operations have led to the arrest of 10 suspects, including three Chinese nationals, and the seizure of nearly 1 metric ton of …

  • Leadership posturing intensifies in Seoul

    SEOUL (AP) — While lawyers desperately tried to restore the impeached South Korean president’s powers, politics advanced without her on Tuesday as parties and potential candidates postured for ele…

  • S. Korea’s ex-health minister detained

    SEOUL (AP) — South Korean investigators on Wednesday detained the country’s former health minister as they expand their inquiry into a corruption scandal involving impeached President Park Geun-h…

  • Pop-culture icon Carrie Fisher dies

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Carrie Fisher, a daughter of Hollywood royalty who gained pop-culture fame as Princess Leia in the original “Star Wars” and turned her struggles with addiction and mental ill…

  • U.S. has no objection to China warship drill

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States said China has the right to sail in international waters after a Chinese aircraft carrier cruised past Taiwan and into the contested South China Sea. Taiwan’s…

  • Taiwan: Chinese carrier reaches Hainan

    TAIPEI (Reuters) — China’s sole aircraft carrier the Liaoning has arrived at a naval base on the southern Chinese province of Hainan, a senior Taiwanese military officer said on Wednesday, after …

  • Top 10 International Stories of 2016 / Trump’s surprise win ranked No. 1

    Donald Trump’s surprise win in the U.S. presidential election was selected as this year’s top international news by readers of The Yomiuri Shimbun. Since 1989, the newspaper has asked its reader…

  • Hopes rise for Ban in new S. Korea party faction

    SEOUL (Reuters) — A South Korean ruling party faction announced on Tuesday it would form a new party, and a prominent member of the defectors said they wanted outgoing U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki …

  • S. Korean ruling party splits

    SEOUL (AP) — Dozens of lawmakers split from South Korea’s ruling party Tuesday over the corruption scandal involving impeached President Park Geun-hye in a move that could shape presidential elec…

  • Will sanctions on statues bring DPRK to standstill?

    PYONGYANG (AP) — With somewhere around 4,000 artists and staff, the Mansudae Art Studio, a huge complex of nondescript concrete buildings on a sprawling, walled-off campus with armed guards in the …

  • Chinese fans recall Wham!’s own cultural revolution

    BEIJING (Reuters) — It was strangely muted when George Michael, as part of the British pop duo Wham!, took the stage at the Workers Gymnasium in Beijing in April 1985, recalled one of those who atte…

  • Thai temple raid called off

    BANGKOK (Reuters) — Thai police on Tuesday called off a raid to arrest a prominent Buddhist monk wanted for suspected money laundering after devotees barricaded entrances to his sprawling temple com…

  • Taiwan warns of increasing threat from ‘enemies’

    TAIPEI (Reuters) — Taiwan warned on Tuesday that “the threat of our enemies is growing day by day,” as Chinese warships led by the country’s sole aircraft carrier sailed towards the island pro…

  • China sets sights on dark side of moon

    BEIJING (AP) — China vowed Tuesday to speed up the development of its space industry as it set out its plans to become the first country to soft land a probe on the far side of the moon, around 201…

  • Egypt law gives Sisi more media control

    CAIRO (Reuters) — Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will pick a chairman and members of a new media council under a law passed on Monday, giving the body the power to fine or suspend publicati…

  • Dark matter research pioneer Vera Rubin dies

    PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) — Vera Rubin, a pioneering astronomer who helped find powerful evidence of dark matter, has died, her son said Monday. She was 88. Allan Rubin, a professor of geosciences at P…

  • Trump slams U.N. as ‘good time’ club

  • Obama vs Trump poll dispute erupts

  • ‘Harry Potter’ spider found

    MUMBAI (AFP-Jiji) — Indian scientists have discovered a new species of spider that looks “uncannily” like the sorting hat in Harry Potter and have named it after its owner Godric Gryffindor, the…

  • Study: Pregnancy changes women’s brains

    NEW YORK (AP) — Pregnancy affects not only a woman’s body: It changes parts of her brain too, a new study says. When researchers compared brain scans of women before and after pregnancy, they spo…

  • Sex exists to avoid disease

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — From an evolutionary perspective, sexual reproduction could be seen as a non-starter. Compared to cloning, which also exists in nature, it’s a major waste of time and energy. …

  • Queen Elizabeth misses Xmas service due to illness

    SANDRINGHAM, England (AP) — A bad cold kept Queen Elizabeth II from attending the traditional Christmas morning church service near her Sandringham estate in rural Norfolk, England, raising some co…

  • Israel summons U.S., other envoys

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday summoned the U.S. ambassador to Israel to discuss the U.S. abstention in a U.N. Security Council resolution demanding an end…

  • Russia focuses on faults, not terror, in plane crash probe

    SOCHI, Russia (AP) — A pilot error or a technical fault — not terrorism — is likely to be the cause of the plane crash into the Black Sea, Russia’s transport minister said Monday as the nation…

  • Tunisia security forces warn of returning jihadis

    TUNIS (AFP-Jiji) — Tunisia’s security forces called on the government on Sunday to take “exceptional measures” to combat the return of jihadists fighting for extremist groups abroad. Tunisia…

  • 54,000 in Germany flee large unexploded bomb

    BERLIN (AFP-Jiji) — An unexploded British bomb from World War II forced 54,000 people out of their homes in Germany on Christmas Day, the country’s biggest such evacuation since the end of hostil…

  • Militia attacks kill 34 Congo civilians

    KINSHASA (Reuters) — Militias in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo killed at least 34 civilians over the weekend, the army and local activists said, and the violence stoked concerns over politic…

  • Indonesia marks 12th anniversary of deadly tsunami with prayers

    BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AFP-Jiji) — Thousands of Indonesians prayed for their loved ones at mass graves and mosques Monday to mark a tsunami that devastated Aceh Province 12 years ago, one of the wor…

  • Egypt confirms producer’s arrest

    CAIRO (Reuters) — Egypt confirmed on Sunday that it had arrested an Al Jazeera news producer, accusing him of “provoking sedition” on behalf of the Qatar-based broadcaster that it considers a m…

  • China tests new version of stealth fighter

    BEIJING (AFP-Jiji) — China has tested the latest version of its fifth-generation stealth fighter, state media reported Monday, as it tries to end the West’s monopoly on the world’s most advance…

  • Publicist: Singer George Michael dead at age 53

    LONDON (AP) — George Michael, the British pop superstar who reached early fame with WHAM! and went on to a solo career lined with controversies and chart-topping hits that blended soul and dance m…

  • Money raised for driver’s family

    WARSAW (Reuters) — A crowdfunding campaign has raised over $170,000 for the family of Polish truck driver Lukasz Urban who was murdered as he apparently tried to seize back control of his vehicle a…

  • Netanyahu: Israel to reassess U.N. relations

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) — Israel will reassess its ties with the United Nations following the adoption by the Security Council of a resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlement building, Prime Min…

  • 3 arrested for ties to Berlin attack

    TUNIS (Reuters) — Tunisian security forces have arrested three suspected militants after uncovering their links to Anis Amri, the Tunisian national believed responsible for the Berlin Christmas mar…

  • ‘No survivors’ as Russian military jet crashes

    MOSCOW (AFP-Jiji) — A Russian military plane crashed on its way to Syria on Sunday, with no sign of survivors among the 92 onboard, who included dozens of Red Army Choir members heading to celebrat…

  • 2 linked to Dhaka cafe siege killed

    DHAKA (AFP-Jiji) — Two militants linked to the Islamist extremist group behind July’s Dhaka cafe siege that left 22 people dead were killed Saturday after Bangladesh police raided a hideout in th…

  • Iraqis celebrate 1st Christmas in post-ISIL town

    BARTELLA, Iraq (Reuters) — Several hundred Iraqi Christians flocked on Saturday to a northern town recently retaken from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), celebrating Christmas for the f…

  • Trump to dissolve foundation amid New York investigation

  • Russian passenger jet with 92 aboard crashes into Black Sea

    MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian passenger plane with 92 people aboard, including a famed military band on the way to Syria, crashed into the Black Sea on Sunday minutes after takeoff from the resort city o…

  • FBI probes FDIC hack linked to China

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The FBI is investigating how hackers infiltrated computers at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for several years beginning in 2010 in a breach senior FDIC officials …

  • U.N. to start talks on N-ban treaty in March

    NEW YORK (Jiji Press) — The U.N. General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution calling for beginning negotiations next March on a treaty to ban the use of nuclear weapons. This is the first time…

  • Trump welcomes ‘nice’ letter from Putin

  • Malta plane hijacking ends peacefully

    VALLETTA (AP) — Two Libyan hijackers diverted a domestic flight to the Mediterranean island of Malta on Friday to demand asylum in Europe and create a new political party in honor of the late dicta…

  • South Korean investigators summon Park’s jailed friend

    SEOUL (AP) — A South Korean special prosecutor on Saturday summoned a jailed friend of impeached President Park Geun-hye who allegedly exploited her connections with Park to extort money and favors…

  • Question looms whether Berlin attack suspect had accomplices

    MILAN (AP) — A routine request for ID papers outside a deserted train station in a Milan suburb at 3 a.m. Friday led to a police shootout that killed the Tunisian fugitive wanted in the deadly Chris…

  • Trump cochair wishes death on Obama, calls 1st lady male

  • U.S. abstention allows U.N. to condemn Israel for settlements

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — In a striking rupture with past practice, the United States allowed the U.N. Security Council on Friday to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem as a …

  • Trump continuing battle with media

  • Spicer picked for U.S. press secretary

  • Trump: U.S. must ‘strengthen’ nuclear capability

  • 5 held over Christmas Day bomb plot in Australia

    CANBERRA (AP) — Police in Australia have detained five men suspected of planning a series of Christmas Day bomb attacks in the heart of the country’s second-largest city, officials said Friday. …

  • U.S. House report: Snowden still in contact with Russian intelligence

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden “has had and continues to have contact” with Russian intelligence services, according to a newly declassified U….

  • Berlin attack suspect slipped through net

    BERLIN (AFP-Jiji) — As police hunt for Tunisian Anis Amri, the top suspect in Berlin’s Christmas market attack, public anger has grown over a catalog of failures that allowed him to evade arrest …

  • Syrian Army retakes control of Aleppo in boost for Assad

    BEIRUT (Reuters) — The Syrian Army said it had retaken complete control of Aleppo on Thursday after the last rebel fighters were evacuated from the battered city, handing President Bashar Assad his …

  • Italian media: Suspect in Berlin truck attack shot dead in Milan

    MILAN (AP) — A man killed in a shootout with police in Milan early Friday is the main suspect in the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people, Italian news agency ANSA report…

  • Clinton wins popular vote by 2.9 million

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton received nearly 2.9 million more votes than President-elect Donald Trump, giving her the largest popular vote margin of any losing presidential candidate. Certif…

  • Ferry tragedy probed as Park impeachment hearing opens

    SEOUL (AFP-Jiji) — South Korea’s scandal-hit president was asked to clarify the mystery surrounding her whereabouts at the time of a disastrous 2014 ferry sinking Thursday, as the Constitutional …

  • Trump: U.S. must greatly strengthen N-capability

    WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday abruptly called for the United States to “greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability” until the rest of the world “co…

  • Tunisian suspected in Berlin attack

    BERLIN/DUESSELDORF (Reuters) — German police are looking for an asylum-seeker from Tunisia after finding an identity document under the driver’s seat of a truck that plowed into a Berlin Christmas…

  • Trump: Berlin violence attack on humanity

  • Wang: U.S. ties face new uncertainties

    BEIJING (Reuters) — China-U.S. relations face new uncertainties but with mutual respect for core interests they will remain stable, China’s foreign minister said, adding one individual will not i…

  • China confirms 3rd human bird flu infection in week

    BEIJING (Reuters) — China has found two more cases of human bird flu infection, bringing the total this week to three, stoking fears about the spread of the deadly virus at a time when other Asian …

  • Defiant Gambia leader says he won’t step down

    DAKAR (AP) — Gambia’s longtime ruler Yahya Jammeh says only Allah can deny him victory, vowing to defend himself no matter the cost against growing international pressure for him to accept his el…

  • Kremlin: Almost all talks with U.S. frozen

    MOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The Kremlin said on Wednesday almost all communications channels between Russia and the United States have been frozen but the U.S. State Department disputed the state…

  • Trump discusses cutting F-35, Air Force One costs

  • Romania’s leftists propose Muslim woman for PM

    BUCHAREST (Reuters) — Romania’s Social Democrat Party (PSD) proposed a leftist woman from the country’s tiny Muslim minority as prime minister on Wednesday, a close associate of PSD power broke…

  • Turkish prosecutors probe why Russian’s killer not taken alive

    ISTANBUL (Reuters) — Turkish prosecutors are investigating why the off-duty policeman who shot dead Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was not captured alive, state media said on Wednesday, as the num…

  • Assad nears Aleppo endgame

    BEIRUT (Reuters) — Syrian President Bashar Assad appeared close to victory in Aleppo on Wednesday, but United Nations and rebel officials denied that an operation to evacuate fighters and civilians …

  • U.N. finds airstrike hit aid convoy in Syria

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — A United Nations internal inquiry released on Wednesday found that a deadly attack on an aid convoy in Syria in September came from an airstrike, but it could not conclud…

  • Queen Elizabeth to reduce duties

    LONDON (Reuters) — Britain’s Queen Elizabeth will step down as patron from a number of national organizations in the coming months after she turned 90 in April, Buckingham Palace said in a stateme…

  • Split imminent in Park’s party

    SEOUL (AFP-Jiji) — South Korea’s ruling conservative party on Wednesday faced an imminent split over the impeachment of scandal-hit President Park Geun-hye, a development that would seriously unde…

  • Police now want Choi’s daughter

    SEOUL (Reuters) — South Korea on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant for a daughter of the woman at the center of President Park Geun-hye’s corruption scandal and investigators raided the National …

  • Merkel’s road to reelection set to get rougher after attack

    BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel already knew that her campaign for a fourth term as Germany’s leader will be her most difficult yet. The deadly truck attack on a Christmas market may have m…

  • Zurich mosque shooter had ‘no Islamist links’

    ZURICH (Reuters) — A gunman who shot three worshipers in a Zurich mosque on Monday evening was a 24-year-old Swiss man with Ghanaian roots and no apparent links to Islamist radicalism, police said o…

  • EU stops short of semi-auto gun ban

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) — The European Union agreed on stricter gun rules on Tuesday but balked at a proposal for a complete ban on the most lethal semi-automatic weapons such as the Kalashnikov. The m…

  • Turkey, Russia probe Karlov killing

    ANKARA (AP) — Investigators from Turkey and Russia hunted for clues Tuesday in the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey in front of stunned onlookers at a photo exhibition in Ankara. A …

  • Obama exercises 1950s drilling law

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday banned new oil and gas drilling in federal waters in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, in a push to leave his stamp on the environment bef…

  • Sao Tome severs Taiwan ties

    TAIPEI/BEIJING (Reuters) — Taiwan accused China of using Sao Tome and Principe’s financial woes to push its “one China” policy after the small West African state ended ties with the self-ruled…

  • Pope orders freeing of ‘Vatileaks’ priest

    VATICAN CITY (Reuters) — Pope Francis has commuted the jail sentence of a Spanish priest who was convicted of leaking Vatican documents and ordered that he be released from jail, the Vatican said o…

  • ‘Moscow Declaration’ adopted for Syria deal

    MOSCOW (Reuters) — Russia, Iran and Turkey said they were ready to help broker a Syrian peace deal after the three countries held talks in Moscow on Tuesday and adopted a declaration which set out t…

  • German forces hunt for attacker

    BERLIN (AP) — The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group claimed responsibility Tuesday for a truck attack on a crowded Berlin Christmas market that German authorities said came right out of th…

  • China returns U.S. drone

    BEIJING (AP) — China on Tuesday handed back to the United States an underwater drone whose seizure raised tensions in a relationship that has been tested by President-elect Donald Trump’s signals…

  • Norway, China normalize ties after 6-yr Nobel spat

    OSLO/BEIJING (Reuters) — Norway and China on Monday normalized diplomatic and political ties, frozen since 2010 when Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Norwegian Foreig…

  • 12 killed as truck plows into Berlin market

    BERLIN (AP) — A truck rammed into a crowded Christmas market in central Berlin on Monday evening, killing 12 people and injuring nearly 50 as it smashed through tables and wooden stands. Police sai…

  • Man held outside U.S. Embassy in Ankara

    ANKARA (AP) — Turkish police have detained a man who fired shots in front of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, several hours after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was killed in an attack. The state-ru…

  • Berlin police probe terrorism link in Christmas market killings

    BERLIN (Reuters) — Investigators suspect the driver of a truck that plowed into a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market, killing 12 people and injuring 48, did so intentionally in a terrorist attack, …

  • Witnesses recall sudden change to festive spirit

    BERLIN (Reuters) — The Berlin evening air was cool, the mulled wine warm and festive spirits high. Then, suddenly, chaos: A truck plowed into the Christmas market, making no obvious attempt to stop,…

  • U.S. ready to help investigation

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the killing of the Russian ambassador to Turkey on Monday, and said the United States was ready to help Russia and Turkey investi…

  • Ankara attacker’s family detained

    ANKARA (Reuters) — Turkish police have detained six people over the killing of the Russian ambassador, state media said. The state-run Anadolu Agency said on Tuesday the attacker’s mother, fath…

  • Russian ambassador killed in Ankara

    ANKARA (AP) — A Turkish policeman fatally shot Russia’s ambassador to Turkey on Monday in front of a shocked gathering at a photo exhibit and then, pacing near the body of his victim, appeared to …

  • China smog 100 times over WHO guideline

    BEIJING (Reuters) — Concentrations of airborne pollutants in a major northern Chinese city exceeded a World Health Organization (WHO) guideline by 100 times on Monday as north China battled with poo…

  • How will Moscow react to killing?

    ISTANBUL (AFP-Jiji) — The assassination of Russia’s envoy to Turkey will likely not harm warming bilateral ties but its impact will be felt more in Syria, according to analysts surveyed by AFP. T…

  • Trump: Terrorists behind Turkey, Germany killings

  • NATO, Russia stall on Ukraine in talks

    BRUSSELS (AP) — NATO and Russia remain at loggerheads over Ukraine, the alliance’s top official said Monday, but have discussed a proposal to try to improve air safety over the Baltic Sea. NATO …

  • UNSC unanimously calls for Aleppo safeguards

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The United Nations Security Council on Monday unanimously called for U.N. officials and others to observe the evacuation of people from the last rebel-held enclave in Alep…

  • Lagarde keeps job, escapes penalty, wins full backing of IMF

    PARIS/WASHINGTON (Reuters) — International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde kept her job and escaped punishment on Monday despite a conviction on negligence charges by French judges over a sta…

  • 2016 officially a ‘surreal’ year

    CHICAGO (Reuters) — In a word, 2016 was “surreal.” Surreal, meaning “marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream” was looked up so much by online users that Merriam-Webster on Monda…

  • Trump assured of presidency after Electoral College vote

  • Austrian far right signs with Putin

    VIENNA (Reuters) — Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPO) offered on Monday to act as a go-between for U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin after signing a coop…

  • Jumping robot eyed to aid in rescues

    MIAMI (AFP-Jiji) — An agile jumping robot that was inspired by some of the animal world’s best leapers could one day help in rescue efforts after earthquakes or building collapses, U.S. scientists…

  • Study: Computer games help relieve phantom pain

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — Amputees who played computer games using a virtual on-screen arm experienced relief from the phantom pain that often afflicts people who have lost a limb, scientists said on Dec. …

  • Feathered dinosaur tail found in amber

    WASHINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — Researchers have discovered the partial tail of a feathered dinosaur that was preserved in amber some 99 million years ago, according to a study released on Dec. 8. One of t…

  • Reindeer getting smaller

    STOCKHOLM (AP) — Reindeer living on the Arctic island of Svalbard are getting smaller — and scientists say climate change may be the cause. Scientists from Britain and Norway have found that adul…

  • Park confidante denies charges

    SEOUL (AP) — The jailed confidante of disgraced South Korean President Park Geun-hye denied on the first day of her trial on Monday that she used her ties to the president to extort money from big …

  • Impeachment sets off early ROK race

    SEOUL (AFP-Jiji) — The impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye has set off an early scramble among her potential successors, even before the final decision has been made to remove her fr…

  • Hundreds evacuated from Aleppo

    ALEPPO, Syria (AFP-Jiji) — More than 1,000 people left the rebel enclave of Aleppo on Monday, raising hope for many others still stranded, as Russia eased its objections to sending U.N. observers to…

  • Malaysia calls for ASEAN to arrange Rohingya aid

    YANGON (Reuters) — Malaysia said Monday the plight of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar was a regional concern and called for the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to coordinate humanitaria…

  • Gunmen kill 10 in series of attacks on Jordan police

    KARAK, Jordan (AP) — Gunmen assaulted Jordanian police in a series of attacks Sunday, including at a Crusader castle popular with tourists, killing seven officers, two local civilians and a woman v…

  • Anti-abortionists, buoyed by Trump, get new wind

    WASHINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — Emboldened by Donald Trump’s imminent arrival at the White House, abortion opponents are mobilizing, taking severe measures that some say threaten constitutional freedoms….

  • New Lebanon unity Cabinet announced

    BEIRUT (AP) — A new 30-member national unity Cabinet headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri was announced Sunday in Lebanon nearly two months after a new president was elected, and the premier vowed …

  • U.S. senators seek probe of cyber-attacks by Russia

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. Republican and Democratic senators called on Sunday for a special bipartisan panel to investigate cyber-attacks against the United States by foreign countries with a foc…

  • West Bank settlers agree to relocation

    AMONA OUTPOST, Palestine (AFP-Jiji) — Residents of a wildcat settlement in the occupied West Bank agreed to a plan Sunday to relocate their hilltop outpost peacefully that could allow Israel’s go…

  • Poland’s president talks with opposition

    WARSAW (AP) — Police removed several protesters blocking a prominent Polish governing party member’s car Sunday in a southern city as the president met in the capital with opposition leaders to h…

  • UNSC agrees on draft resolution for Aleppo monitoring

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The U.N. Security Council agreed on a draft resolution aimed at ensuring that U.N. officials can monitor evacuations from the Syrian city of Aleppo and will vote on the t…

  • Iran calls for meeting over U.S. sanctions

    DUBAI (Reuters) — Iran has requested a meeting of a commission overseeing the implementation of its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, Iranian state media reported Saturday, in response to what T…

  • U.K. faces Christmas strikes to mail, train, air travel

    LONDON (AP) — The United Kingdom faces a Christmas of discontent as labor unions threaten to disrupt airports, rail services and mail deliveries. The Unite union and aviation services company Swiss…

  • 30 soldiers killed in Yemen suicide blast

    ADEN (AFP-Jiji) — A suicide bomber killed at least 30 Yemeni soldiers in Aden on Sunday, the latest in a string of deadly bomb attacks against recruits in the war-torn country’s second city. Mil…

  • Anne Frank may have been caught ‘by chance,’ not betrayed

    THE HAGUE (AFP-Jiji) — Anne Frank may have been discovered “by chance” and not because she was denounced to Holland’s Nazi overlords by unknown betrayers as long thought, the museum in her ho…

  • Smoggy Beijing under red alert

    BEIJING (Reuters) — Beijing’s city government ordered 1,200 factories near the Chinese capital, including a major oil refinery run by state oil giant Sinopec, to shut or cut output on Saturday af…

  • Gunmen kill 5 female airport staff in Kandahar

    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) — Five female Afghan guards working in the airport in southern Kandahar were killed by unknown gunmen as they were on their way to work, security officials said Satu…

  • Analysis / 5 ways Kim has changed North Korea

    TOKYO (AP) — It’s been five years since North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took power following the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, whose demise was observed at monuments and on city center plazas …

  • Winter storm socks Midwest, East, spawning accidents, deaths

    A winter storm of snow, freezing rain and bone-chilling temperatures socked the nation’s mid-section and East Coast on Saturday, causing hundreds of accidents on icy roads and putting a crimp on Ch…

  • Pope eats with homeless on 80th birthday, gets 70,000 emails

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis celebrated an active if low-key 80th birthday on Saturday, sharing breakfast with eight homeless people before celebrating Mass with cardinals as greetings poured i…

  • Supporters, opponents of Park stage big rallies

    SEOUL (Reuters) — Supporters of South Korean President Park Geun-hye rallied on Saturday for her reinstatement while opponents gathered to repeat their demands that the leader impeached over a corr…

  • Protestors in Berlin demand humanity

    BERLIN (AFP-Jiji) — Protestors rallied in Berlin on Saturday against the war in Syria denouncing the international community for failing to help civilians, especially children, in the besieged city…

  • Desperate ‘thousands’ await evacuation from Aleppo

    ALEPPO, Syria (AFP-Jiji) — Trapped civilians and rebels waited desperately Sunday for evacuations to resume from an opposition-held enclave in Aleppo, as the U.N. Security Council prepared to vote o…

  • China to return seized U.S. drone, slams Washington

    BEIJING/WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (Reuters) — China will return an underwater U.S. drone seized by a naval vessel this week in the South China Sea, both countries said on Saturday, but Beijing complain…

  • E-cigarettes a ‘major public health concern’ in U.S.

    MIAMI (AFP-Jiji) — E-cigarette use is exploding among young people and is now “a major public health concern,” the U.S. Surgeon General warned on Dec. 6, sparking disagreement from experts in Br…

  • Does parental depression affect teens’ symptoms?

    When parents have a history of depression, teens are at greater risk for developing the disorder themselves, and signs of being irritable, anxious and fearful may precede a first episode of depression…

  • Trump given warning over upending China policy

  • Philippines faces growing HIV epidemic

    MANILA (AP) — A human rights group says the Philippines is facing one of the fastest growing epidemics of HIV in the Asia Pacific, fueled by government policies that restrict intervention, including…

  • U.S. says Chinese warship seized Navy underwater drone

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A Chinese warship seized a U.S. Navy unmanned underwater glider that was collecting unclassified scientific data in the South China Sea, and the U.S. is demanding its return, the …

  • China paper: Issue to be resolved

    BEIJING (Reuters) — China expects a smooth resolution to the seizure by its navy of “unidentified” equipment found in the South China Sea, a state-run newspaper said on Saturday, after U.S. off…

  • Duterte says he’ll set aside sea feud ruling against China

    MANILA (AP) — The Philippine president said Saturday he would “set aside” a ruling by an international arbitration tribunal that invalidated Beijing’s claims to most of the busy South China Se…

  • Obama, rapping Putin, says U.S. could strike back on cyber

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama put Russia’s Vladimir Putin on notice Friday that the U.S. could use offensive cyber muscle to retaliate for interference in the U.S. presidential electio…

  • White House alludes to Putin involvement in U.S. hacking

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration suggested Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally authorized the hacking of Democratic officials’ email accounts in the run-up to the …

  • Facebook moves to fight fake news posts

    NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is taking new measures to curb the spread of fake news on its huge and influential social network. It will focus on the “worst of the worst” offenders and partner with …

  • Park’s lawyers: No grounds for impeachment

    SEOUL (AP) — A lawyer for impeached South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Friday that the country’s Constitutional Court should restore Park’s powers because there is not enough evidence to…

  • Hitler house expropriated

    VIENNA (AFP-Jiji) — Austrian members of parliament have approved the expropriation of the house where Adolf Hitler was born, ending years of bitter legal wrangling. A large majority approved the …

  • Galileo, Europe’s rival to GPS, starts service

    BERLIN (AP) — Eight years late and billions over budget, European officials flipped the switch Thursday on a satellite navigation system meant to rival the U.S.-made GPS service that has become a s…

  • EU agrees to extend Russia sanctions

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) — European Union leaders agreed on Thursday to extend economic sanctions against Russia over the turmoil in Ukraine until mid-2017, though some wanted a longer timespan over fea…

  • White supremacist convicted in Charleston church shooting

    CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Dylann Roof was convicted Thursday in the chilling attack on nine black church members who were shot to death last year during a Bible study, affirming the prosecution’s p…

  • Traces of explosives found in EgyptAir crash

    CAIRO (AP) — Traces of explosives have been found on some of the victims of an EgyptAir flight from Paris that crashed in the Mediterranean Sea in May, Egypt’s government said Thursday, a finding…

  • Thousands of residents leave Aleppo under ceasefire deal

    ALEPPO, Syria/BEIRUT (Reuters) — Thousands of people were evacuated on Thursday from the last rebel bastion in Aleppo, the first to leave under a ceasefire deal that would end years of fighting for …

  • EU rebuffs legislature’s bid for bigger role in Brexit talks

    BRUSSELS (AP) — The leaders of 27 European Union countries on Thursday rebuffed a bid by the EU legislature for a much bigger role in talks on Britain’s exit from the bloc, an argument that detrac…

  • France to extend state of emergency

    PARIS (AP) — French lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly to extend the national state of emergency a further six months to July 15. The French Senate, the parliament’s upper house, voted Thursday…

  • ‘Brexit’ to enter Oxford dictionary

  • Think tank: Beijing installs weapons on S. China Sea islets

  • Afghan boy scores big moment with superstar Messi

  • Putin is world’s most powerful man in Forbes rankings

  • Duterte says he personally killed criminal suspects

  • Trump endorses Romney’s niece for RNC chair

  • Syria civil war could mar Obama’s legacy

  • Park’s ‘missing’ 7 hours scrutinized again

  • N. Korea rejects U.N. abductions report

  • Taiwan urged to increase defense spending

  • Tillerson ties thorny for Senate

  • Angry Mexican townsfolk kidnap drug lord’s mom

  • Trump meets ‘old friend’ Kanye West

  • Italy’s new PM wins confidence vote

  • Rouhani orders plans for building atomic boats

  • Rebels to surrender, pull out as Aleppo fighting ends

  • Zinke wanted for interior secretary job, reports say

  • Blasphemy trial under way for Christian Jakarta gov.

  • China, Mexico move to deepen ties

  • U.S. says China policy not a ‘bargaining chip’

  • Senate GOP leader breaks from Trump over hacking

  • Tillerson said pick for secretary of state

  • Guterres sworn in as U.N. chief

  • Israel gets F-35 jets

  • Gas attack suspected near Palmyra ISIL territory

  • Aleppo’s ‘doomsday’ imminent

  • Don’t sleep on it: Going to bed mad makes it worse

  • Spacecraft examines Saturn’s rings

  • Swiss solar plane to soar into stratosphere

  • Italy FM tapped to be prime minister

  • Trump calls CIA report on election ‘ridiculous’

  • Twin Istanbul blasts leave 38 dead

  • Dylan sends message of thanks for Nobel Prize

  • English sworn in as N.Z. prime minister

  • Social Democrats win Romania elections

  • Tsang expected to run for top H.K. job

  • Bomb kills 25 at Cairo Coptic cathedral

  • Trump questions ‘one China’ policy

  • Conservatives hold slim lead over leftists in Macedonia

  • 2 ex-senior Park officials charged

  • Many doctors use wrong food allergy test

  • Menopause tied to decline in women’s lung function

  • Obama orders full review of 2016 election cyber-attacks

  • Trump to name Goldman exec to key economic post

  • Plant-based diets good for anyone, if well balanced

  • Suicide attackers kill 30 at Nigeria market

  • Gambia’s longtime ruler refuses to bow out, demands fresh polls

  • Santos accepts Nobel for peace deal, urges shift in drug war

  • Dutch firebrand found guilty of discrimination against Moroccans

  • Exxon CEO leads for secretary of state post

  • Laureates to receive Nobels, except Bob Dylan

  • Separate blasts in Egypt kill 7 people

  • South Korea’s impeachment crisis: What happens now?

  • Risking Beijing’s ire, Vietnam begins dredging on South China Sea reef

  • Trump campaign spent less than rival’s

  • ROK lawmakers impeach Park / Prime minister takes over presidential power

  • Russia says Aleppo combat suspended

  • Le Pen: No schooling for illegal migrants

  • N. Korea ‘can mate warheads to missiles,’ U.S. official says

  • John Glenn, 1st American to orbit Earth, dies at 95

  • Trump picks fast-food exec for labor secretary

  • U.S. official: 50,000 ISIL militants killed in 2 years

  • South Korean President Park is impeached in stunning fall

  • Syria rebels seek ceasefire as Assad nears retaking Aleppo

  • S. Korea lawmakers set up impeachment vote

  • Giraffes, rarer than elephants, put on extinction watch list

  • Pakistan plane crash kills all 47 aboard

  • Parliament backs May’s schedule for Brexit

  • Italian president accepts Renzi’s offer to resign

  • Trump’s choice for top China diplomat has long ties to Xi

  • Time names Trump Person of the Year

  • Trump selects climate-change denier for EPA

  • DiCaprio meets Trump on green jobs to boost economy

  • N.Y. wants $35 mil. to protect Trump; Congress offers $7 mil.

  • Non-interventionist military policy proclaimed by Trump

  • Pearl Harbor attack victims remembered

  • Fallout from S. Korea scandal could reach as far as U.N. chief Ban

  • Pipeline opponents to ride out snowstorm in casino

  • Trump Taiwan call ‘calculated’

  • Merkel sets out 4th term vision

  • Trump lets fly on plans for new Air Force One

  • China crackdown relies on ‘torture, detentions’

  • EU tells U.K. to ‘keep calm and negotiate’ until Oct. 2018

  • Syrian troops take Old City of Aleppo

  • 12 more prisoners released in Gambia

  • Frantic rescue after deadly Indonesia quake

  • South Korea corporate chiefs questioned over Park scandal

  • U.S. drug bill clears Senate

  • Contenders emerge for N.Z. leadership

  • Valls quits govt, launches bid to become French president

  • China urges U.S. to block Tsai’s transit

  • Top U.K. court hears challenge to Brexit plans

  • Is Europe’s populist genie out of the bottle?

  • Park ‘to calmly accept impeachment outcome’

  • ISIL on brink of losing Sirte

  • Russia, China veto U.N. truce for Aleppo

  • Carson heeds Trump’s call to fill housing role

  • Original pyramid may lie within Chichen Itza

  • Scientists aim for first U.S. aquatic species map

  • Male monkeys go to war to maintain status

  • Renzi loss energizes Italy’s populists

  • Moderates celebrate poll results in Austria

  • Thousands pray for late Thai king as nation adjusts to life without him

  • Trump complains about China policy

  • N.Z. premier announces resignation

  • Fidel interred in rock

  • Citing differences, R.P. vice president quits Cabinet

  • U.S. Army to re-route N.D. oil pipeline

  • Italy’s Premier says he’s resigning after defeat of reforms referendum

  • Toll in California loft fire rises to 33

  • Austrians reject far right in presidential election

  • Renzi vows to resign after Italians defeat referendum

  • 1st Thai held for royal insult under new king

  • Ex-Chelsea player ‘paid to keep abuse quiet’

  • Chelsea apologizes to victim

  • Cuba will ban naming of monuments after Fidel

  • Carter: U.S. must stay in Iraq after ISIL defeated

  • Uzbekistan votes to elect 2nd ever president

  • Stein: Penn. recount bid will head to federal court

  • Beijing protests over Trump Taiwan call

  • Austrian far-right on cusp of power in poll

  • Calif. fire kills 9 at dance party; dozens missing

  • Rain, sorrow for final goodbye

  • Europe holds its breath as Italy votes in key referendum

  • Study: Swimming, dance, racket sports delay death

  • Trump speaks with Taiwan’s Tsai, risking China tensions

  • Beijing: Call a ploy by Taipei

  • Suu Kyi says intl attention fueling divisions in north

  • Gambians celebrate defeat of “billion year” leader

  • Renzi makes final appeal to Italians

  • Bill to impeach Park filed in ROK

  • Indonesia ‘blasphemy’ protest grows

  • Charlie Hebdo mocks Merkel in 1st German edition

  • Bolivia suspends airline after Colombia crash

  • Trump to name Mattis for Pentagon

  • Park foes eye Dec. 9 impeachment vote

  • Trump kicks off ‘thank you’ tour in U.S. heartland

  • Yoga philosophy joins UNESCO list

  • Hollande won’t stand for 2nd term as French president

  • Thai crown prince ascends to throne

  • 30,000 flee east Aleppo; Russia proposes ‘humanitarian corridors’

  • Trump vows to step back from business, focus on White House

  • FBI to gain expanded hacking powers

  • CIA chief: Trump killing Iran deal would be folly

  • House Democrats reelect Pelosi as head amid discord

  • U.S. military vets to form human shield at N.D. protests

  • Colombia’s congress ratifies peace deal with FARC rebels

  • Cubans cheer Castro’s ashes on final journey

  • China warns against ‘pomp’ for bigwigs

  • Norwegian keeps chess crown

  • India’s Supreme Court orders cinemas to play national anthem

  • Thai crown prince returns home to be King Rama X

  • U.N. imposes new sanctions on N. Korea to slash export revenue

  • ROK’s ruling party proposes Park quit in April

  • Opposition rejects Park’s offer to quit, pushes impeachment

  • Beijing stays calm despite Taiwan S. China Sea drills

  • China tells Taiwan: Stay out of H.K. issue

  • Trump picks loyalists, D.C. vets for cabinet posts

  • Pro-Syria forces surge in Aleppo

  • N. Korea sanctions must be ‘clear,’ China says

  • U.N. warns Myanmar on Rohingya situation

  • ‘Lip service’ rued in failed Ukraine peace talks

  • Giant arch to seal Chernobyl ‘for century’

  • May calls Trump after ‘snubs’ to discuss security

  • Cuba’s allies pay tribute to Castro in Havana

  • Violence erupts in Brazil over austerity

  • Cubans come out in Havana en masse to mourn Castro

  • Legal clouds gather over Brexit

  • New foreign minister hints at shift in Denmark

  • Ireland to get 1st papal visit in 40 years

  • Syrian girl’s harrowing tweets resonate online

  • Trudeau’s schedule ‘does not permit’ Castro funeral

  • Fewer North Korean workers entering China border

  • Trump, GOP members set to collide on Cuba

  • South Korea leader offers conditional resignation

  • ROK’s textbook drafts include more on ‘comfort women’

  • Chinese state paper warns Singapore over military ‘hypocrisy’

  • U.N. chief ‘humbled’ by crisis in S. Korea

  • Plane with Brazilian soccer team crashes in Colombia; some survivors found

  • Trump assails push for vote recount

  • A real difference: Leading the fight to eliminate land mines

    Ever since Agnes Marcaillou became director of the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) in 2012, she has been motivated every day by the direct impact of her mission on the people she works for…

  • Clinton team to take part in vote recount

  • 3 California mosques get threatening letters

  • Trump names Haley as envoy to U.N.

  • Trump claims ‘open mind’ on Paris deal

  • Trump remains elusive on Cabinet

  • ‘Hamilton’ cast’s plea to VP-elect ignites debate

  • Trump holds talks with old foe Romney

  • Trump picks loyalists for top security, law enforcement jobs

  • Petraeus eyed for defense chief

  • Team denies disorganization

  • Trump turns to Wall Street

  • Hardliner says wall, Muslim registry plans ongoing

  • Luxury N.Y. apartments stripped of Trump name

  • British PM May: It’s time to respond to transformed world

  • Giuliani tipped for secretary of state

  • Putin, Trump speak by phone, agree to work to improve ties

  • Obama says Trump is ‘pragmatic’

  • Trump’s new chief of staff a man with many friends

  • Trump names GOP head as chief of staff

  • Trump assigns Pence transition team head

  • Obamacare portions to be ‘kept’

  • After off the mark polls, some question value of ‘big data’

  • Protocol on press access bucked

  • Trump meets with Obama, discusses transfer of power

  • Hollywood in mourning over Trump victory

  • Populist pandering no way to lead U.S.

  • Senate leader dashes hopes for TPP vote before year-end

  • An unexpected thrill ride on TV

  • Trump win elicits fears, some cheers around globe

  • Some look to Canada, N.Z. after Trump’s rise

  • GOP maintains control of Congress

  • Trump triumphs over Clinton / Real estate mogul wins key swing states in stunning run to White House

  • U.S. turnout surges among minorities

  • Trump, Clinton court voters in swing states

  • Melania worked ‘without proper visa’

  • Security scare for Trump in final days

  • U.S. warning of Al-Qaida election threat

  • Clinton sent daughter material later classified

  • Clinton, Trump clash in final campaign stretch

  • Fending off Trump, Clinton tries to secure ‘blue wall’

  • Trump, Clinton in close final week battle

  • Trump sticks to attacking Clinton

  • Trump seeks boost from Clinton’s email probe

  • Poll: Clinton extends lead

  • Trump touts urban policy and his new hotel

  • Trump’s Hollywood star smashed

  • Half of all Republicans would reject poll result

  • Youngsters prefer ‘giant meteor’

  • Analysis / Trump stays on scorched earth strategy

  • Trump says he may not accept election result

  • N.C. GOP office torched, graffiti threat sprayed nearby

  • Trump ramps up rigged election claim

  • Trump campaign rocked by new sexual allegations

  • Obama: ‘Democracy itself’ at stake in poll

  • Michelle Obama excoriates Trump over sexual assault

  • Trump campaign hit by new allegations of sexual assault

  • House Speaker Ryan dumps Trump

  • Forgiveness, praise focus of Pence’s resurfacing

  • 2nd debate marked by personal insults

  • More Republicans condemn Trump

  • Ryan ‘sickened’ by comments

  • Trump caught making lewd remarks about women

  • Clinton edges out in front of Trump in national poll

  • Twitter, ‘lies’ and videotape: Trump shames beauty queen

  • Clinton hits Trump over Cuba embargo ‘violation’

  • 1st Trump-Clinton showdown draws record ratings for debate

    NEW YORK (AP) — The showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the most-watched presidential debate ever, with 84 million viewers. The Nielsen company said the viewership, over 13 netwo…

  • Analysis / Trump struggles to be ‘change’ candidate in 1st TV debate

  • Asia viewers see Clinton as winner

  • Trump plagued by sniffles during debate

  • Trump vows to accept ‘undivided’ Jerusalem

  • Clinton, Trump neck and neck heading into 1st showdown

  • Cruz endorses Trump, whom he called ‘utterly amoral’

  • Clinton leads Trump by 4 points

  • Politics takes center stage at Emmys

  • Clinton condemns triple ‘apparent terrorist attacks’

  • Clinton, Trump trade barbs over health amid tighter race

  • Powell criticizes candidates in slew of hacked emails

  • Clinton, Trump seek to prove fitness

  • Rio 2016 / U.S. swimmers were not robbed, Brazil police say

  • TV camera falls on Rio Games visitors in latest mishap

  • Putin slams discrimination at send-off ceremony

  • High alert for Olympics

  • Olympic torch lit by Rousseff

  • 100 days to Rio Olympics, many challenges remain

  • 6 months to Rio Games, troubles mount for Brazil

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