U.S. eyes more arms sales to Tokyo, Seoul

  • U.S. eyes more arms sales to Tokyo, Seoul

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. government is considering expanding sales of advanced weapon systems to Japan and South Korea in the face of heightened nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, sources at…

  • Japan, U.S. make show of force

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The Japanese Air Self-Defense Force and the U.S. Air Force conducted a joint exercise over the East China Sea on Saturday as North Korea celebrated its 69th national foundation…

  • Tokyo mulls ordinance banning indoor smoking

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike said Friday that the metropolitan government will submit an draft ordinance against passive smoking that includes a ban on indoor smoking in eating esta…

  • Japan, China mark normalization of diplomatic ties

    BEIJING (Jiji Press) — A ceremony to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and China was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Friday w…

  • Abe, Macron agree to cooperate over N. Korea

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday agreed to work closely to realize a U.N. Security Council resolution to toughen sanctions against North…

  • Yohei Kono meets senior China official in Beijing

    BEIJING (Jiji Press) — Yohei Kono, former speaker of the House of Representatives, held talks Friday with Yu Zhengsheng, the fourth-ranking member of the Communist Party of China at the Great Hall …

  • Russia to wait 2 months for progress in joint activities

    VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Jiji Press) — Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev has said his country will wait for two months for concrete progress, such as participation by Japanese investors, to be…

  • JCG to monitor territorial waters with satellites

    The Japan Coast Guard has decided on a plan to introduce a maritime surveillance system involving satellites to help pinpoint the location of vessels in need of rescue and to counter frequent intrusio…

  • Russia refuses to budge on N. Korea

  • N. territories talks likely to be tough

  • DP accepts resignation of Yamao

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The main opposition Democratic Party at an executive meeting on Friday decided to accept the same day the resignation of scandal-hit former DP policy chief Shiori Yamao from th…

  • U.S. carrier leaves base in Yokosuka

    YOKOSUKA, Kanagawa (Jiji Press) — The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan left Yokosuka naval base on Friday for a surveillance mission amid growing tensions over North Korea. The U…

  • Japan, S. Korea lag behind in defense against EMP attacks

    When it comes to defense against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon, the United States has taken appropriate measures to protect important facilities that will be used as bases in case of contingen…

  • LDP’s Ishiba wants talks on U.S. nuclear weapon deployment in Japan

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Shigeru Ishiba, a prominent lawmaker of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, on Wednesday called for starting talks on the possible deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in the na…

  • PM seeks pressure on DPRK

  • Abe urges Mongolia’s support

    VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe asked Mongolian President Khaltmaa Battulga on Wednesday to cooperate for the adoption of a U.N. Security Council resolution for fresh s…

  • Japan, Russia discuss fish farming on N. islands

    VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin started talks in Vladivostok on Thursday on realizing joint economic activities on the northwestern…

  • FY2018 budget requests set to be scrutinized

  • Abe, Moon aim for UNSC resolution

  • Concerns mount over EMP threat / N. Korea claim of powerful new weapon sends message

    A statement issued Sunday by North Korea that leader Kim Jong Un had observed a hydrogen bomb test also referenced for the first time Pyongyang’s development of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon…

  • Govt studying lasers for missile defense

    With North Korea making progress in its nuclear and ballistic missile development, the government is considering developing a new system for ballistic missile defense, it has been learned. Hitting a…

  • Abe, Putin expected to agree on fields for economic activities

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to agree on specific areas for joint economic activities in the northern territories off Hokkaido, as part of efforts to con…

  • N-test scale revised up to 160 kilotons

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said Wednesday that North Korea’s nuclear test on Sunday may have generated an explosive yield of 160 kilotons of TNT, more than 10 times st…

  • Abe arrives in Vladivostok

    VLADIVOSTOK, Russia (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok on Wednesday afternoon to attend a Russia-hosted Eastern Economic Forum conference. …

  • Tokyo OK’s extra budget for market relocation

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The Tokyo metropolitan assembly approved Tuesday a supplementary budget for fiscal 2017, including ¥5.5 billion in costs related to the delayed relocation of the aging Tsukiji…

  • Japan, U.S. defense chiefs confirm close cooperation

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera and U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis confirmed on Wednesday that their countries will work closely together in response to North Korea’s …

  • Diet panels condemn Pyongyang’s N-test

  • Oshima picked ahead of Yamao for DP secretary general

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The nation’s main opposition Democratic Party approved executive appointments by new President Seiji Maehara at a general meeting of its lawmakers on Tuesday, following Maeha…

  • Abe, Moon to seek stronger U.N. resolution on N. Korea

    Following North Korea’s sixth nuclear test on Sunday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke Monday morning with South Korean President Moon Jae In and they agreed to seek a stronger U.N. resolution on Nor…

  • Experts: N. Korean test may have been hydrogen bomb

    SEOUL/WASHINGTON — With North Korea’s nuclear weapons research institute claiming Sunday that it had achieved “success in testing a hydrogen bomb” to be mounted on an intercontinental ballisti…

  • Govt closely watching next move by U.S. on North Korea

    The government is keeping a close eye on the “next move” by the United States, as Tokyo cannot rule out the possibility of the United States launching restricted air raids on North Korea in the wa…

  • Abe orders more radiation monitoring

    The government is enhancing its monitoring activities for the detection and analysis of radioactive substances emitted by North Korea’s nuclear test on Sunday. The measures, which include increasi…

  • Japan calls for tougher U.N. sanctions

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Sunday strongly condemned North Korea’s latest nuclear test as “totally unacceptable,” suggesting Tokyo’s intention to pursue tougher sanctions against Pyongyang …

  • Maehara to pick Yamao as DP secretary general

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — New Democratic Party leader Seiji Maehara plans to appoint Shiori Yamao, former policy chief of the DP, as secretary general of the main opposition party, it was learned Sunday…

  • Nuke test ‘4 times strength of Hiroshima’

    The government protested to North Korea through diplomatic channels on Sunday after determining that an earthquake observed in the country was caused by a nuclear test. Following a National Security…

  • Japan-S. Korea defense hotline may open this year

    SEOUL (Jiji Press) — A hotline between the Japanese and South Korean defense ministers may open within this year, South Korean Vice Defense Minister Suh Choo Suk said in a recent exclusive intervie…

  • Turbulent path awaits new DP chief

    Newly elected Democratic Party President Seiji Maehara, who won the party’s leadership vote on Friday, will begin changing the policies that existed under former DP President Renho. Maehara is ca…

  • Maehara to pick Edano for key post

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Seiji Maehara, new head of the main opposition Democratic Party, said Saturday that he plans to appoint Yukio Edano, who lost to him in the DP leadership election on Friday, to…

  • Abe-Putin meeting set for Thursday

    MOSCOW (Jiji Press) — A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been set for Thursday in the Russian Far East city of Vladivostok, the presidential office…

  • Kono urges China, Russia to up pressure on N. Korea

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Foreign Minister Taro Kono on Friday urged China and Russia to play a role in increasing pressure on North Korea to stop its provocations. Strictly implementing U.N. Security …

  • Does DP have the spirit to take power again?

    The Democratic Party’s presidential election took place as the party stands at the edge of the abyss. It was an election on which the party has staked its fate. It was an election between two candid…

  • Aso cancels U.S. trip due to N. Korea situation

  • Amphibious assault ship departs U.S. for Japan

    HONOLULU (Jiji Press) — The amphibious assault ship USS Wasp has left Naval Station Norfolk, Va., for Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, according to the U.S. Navy. The ship will be deployed as the flag…

  • Maehara wins DP presidential election

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Former Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara was elected president of the main opposition Democratic Party on Friday, beating his sole opponent, former Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio E…

  • Organizer: No eulogy for slaughtered Koreans ‘intolerable’

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The organizer of a ceremony held on Friday to mourn Korean residents slaughtered in the turmoil right after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake protested Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike’…

  • New laws eyed for 2020 Tokyo Games

    The government and the suprapartisan Sports Federation of Diet Members will consider establishing legislation to address possible issues concerning the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, it has been…

  • Japan plans to discuss with U.S. on North Korea

  • Japan, U.K. to hike pace of sanctions against N. Korea

    TOKYO (AFP-Jiji) — Britain and Japan will step up the pace of sanctions against North Korea after its “outrageous” firing of a missile over Japan, British Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursda…

  • Tokyo, Washington set sights on N. Korea oil export ban

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The Japanese and U.S. governments have stepped up their efforts to realize a fresh U.N. Security Council resolution calling for tighter sanctions against North Korea in response…

  • Hagerty presents his credentials

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — New U.S. Ambassador to Japan William Hagerty handed credentials from President Donald Trump to the Emperor in a ceremony held at the Imperial Palace on Thursday. “It was an h…

  • N. Korea confirms missile flew over Japan

  • Govt to push for oil embargo

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Wednesday that Japan will encourage other countries to include an embargo on oil exports as one of the U.N. Security Council’s addi…

  • Abe, Moon want maximum pressure

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae In agreed Wednesday to work together to realize a fresh U.N. Security Council resolution to toughen sanctions again…

  • Northern territories graves visit under way

    NEMURO, Hokkaido (Jiji Press) — A group of 55 Japanese people departed from a port in Nemuro in Hokkaido on Wednesday for the Habomai islets in the Russian-held northern territories to visit graves …

  • British PM May arrives in Japan

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and British Prime Minister Theresa May attended a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the Omotesenke Fushin’an tea house in Kyoto on Wednesday afternoon, after her arrival…

  • Aso retracts remark

    Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso released a written statement Wednesday regarding his remark about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, saying, “It was inappropriate that I mentioned Hitler…

  • Aso makes Hitler gaffe in speech

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Taro Aso on Tuesday made a possibly controversial remark over Germany’s wartime dictator Adolf Hitler. Stressing the importance of…

  • Russia conducts drills on Chishimas

    MOSCOW — Russia’s Eastern Military District announced that it has begun military drills on the Kuril Islands, or the Chishima Islands, which include the northern territories. The announcement o…

  • UNSC to hold urgent meeting

  • N. Korea fires missile over Japan

  • Abe, Trump agree to press N. Korea

  • Govt to curb pachinko rewards, introduce reforms

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Concerned Cabinet ministers adopted measures on Tuesday to discourage people from indulging in gambling, including a cut by about one-third in the number of pachinko balls to b…

  • J-Alert emergency info issued in 12 prefs

  • Govt on high alert for future launches

    The government responded severely Tuesday to North Korea’s unannounced ballistic missile launch over Japan, with Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga calling it “an excessive provocation.” Ja…

  • Japan, ROK call for sanctions

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Foreign Minister Taro Kono and his South Korean counterpart, Kang Kyung Wha, shared the view Tuesday that the U.N. Security Council should adopt a new resolution calling for ti…

  • Candidate backed by LDP wins Ibaraki gov. poll

    MITO (Jiji Press) — Kazuhiko Oigawa, an independent candidate backed by the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, won Sunday’s gubernatorial election in Ibaraki Prefecture. His victory, gained …

  • Govt to take steps toward denuclearizing N. Korea

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Japan will take concrete action to denuclearize North Korea, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Monday. Suga told the day’s press conference that the Japanese gove…

  • Japan urges predictable Brexit ahead of visit by May

    TOKYO (Reuters) — Japan wants Britain’s exit from the European Union to be predictable and transparent so that Japanese companies can continue to operate smoothly in the country, a senior governm…

  • China seen topping Japan in contributions to U.N.

    NEW YORK — Japan is expected to drop from its position as the second-largest contributor to the U.N.’s general budget in the 2019-2021 period, with China taking over that spot, according to a U.N…

  • Former Prime Minister Tsutomu Hata dies at 82

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Former Prime Minister Tsutomu Hata died of old age at his home in Tokyo on Monday morning. He was 82. After defecting from the Liberal Democratic Party in a bid to realize po…

  • Maehara leads in DP election

  • DP members opposing tie with JCP support Maehara

  • Govt budget requests may top ¥100 tril.

  • Moon backtracks, tells Abe issue of requisitioned workers ‘settled’

  • Suga: N. Korea missiles posed no threat to national security

  • ¥280 bil. eyed for work style reform

  • China bombers fly close to Kii Peninsula

  • More entities sanctioned over links to Pyongyang

  • Opening day of Games could be a holiday

  • Anniversary of China relations likely to be marked on Sept. 8

  • Japan wary of Russia’s move to make north isles a special economic zone

  • Maehara interested in Koike-linked party

  • Defense Ministry to seek record ¥5.25 tril. budget

  • N. territories designated special zone by Russia

  • Ruling bloc agrees on need for supplementary budget

  • Govt to strengthen support for foreign trainees in nursing care

  • DP leadership candidates debate on key issues

  • Moon Jae In / After 100 Days / President gains 80% approval through populist policies

  • Maehara, Edano run in poll for DP leadership

  • Moon Jae In / After 100 Days / Reconciliation with North Korea at a standstill

  • Moon Jae In / After 100 Days / President torn over comfort women issue

  • Japan, U.S. resolve to pressure China

  • Japan notifies U.S. of guidelines review

  • Ospreys take part in Japan-U.S. drill

  • Tokyo seeks U.S. support for introduction of Aegis Ashore

  • Kono seeks early CTBT ratification

  • 4 China ships enter Japanese waters

  • S. Korea returns to compensation issue

  • Japan, U.S. vow to firm alliance in 2-plus-2 talks

  • Abe, Hagerty affirm ties

  • Abe tells top U.S. general of resolve to boost alliance

  • New U.S. envoy eager to enhance ties with Japan

  • Komeito leader eyeing Russia visit

  • Shelter confirmed for Japanese in ROK

  • Moon says requisitioned workers have right to claim compensation

  • Ministers, McMaster hold talks

  • Introduction of land-based Aegis system eyed

  • Staff for Abe’s wife transferred to Rome

  • Osprey aircraft to take part in Japan-U.S. drills from Fri.

  • Ministers leave for U.S. security talks

  • Analysis / Minister’s remarks show Pyongyang’s ulterior motive

  • N. Korean foreign minister suggested dialogue to Kono

  • Abe makes ritual offering to Yasukuni

  • Moon urges Japan to show courage

  • Japan concerned about comfort women statues

  • Comfort women statues put on S. Korea buses

  • Peace pledge renewed on war-end anniversary

  • Abe, Trump agree to prevent N. Korea’s missile launches

  • Abe, Trump to discuss threats by North Korea

  • Defense chief makes 1st Okinawa visit

  • Tourism MBA courses eyed to boost industry

  • Komeito cautious over casinos / Low Cabinet rating boosts opponents

  • U.S. marines to ground Osprey aircraft for 24 hours

  • PAC-3 units deployed in Chugoku, Shikoku

  • Advisory panel postpones decision on Kake school

  • Defense Ministry OK’s U.S. Osprey flights in Japan

  • U.S. attack would be ‘exceptional’

  • Technical, legal problems vex Japan’s missile interception

  • Over 60% opposed to ‘3rd term’ for Abe

  • Air visit to graves in northern territories expected for Sept. 23

  • Defense Ministry creates post to counter cover-ups

  • Japan, U.S., S. Korea agree to pressure N. Korea

    SINGAPORE/SEOUL (Jiji Press) — Senior officials of Japan, the United States and South Korea have confirmed their countries’ cooperation to add pressure on North Korea through the U.N. Security Co…

  • Japan’s odds of intercepting N. Korean ICBM unfavorable

  • Japan to more strictly confiscate cargo linked to North Korea’s nuke supplies

  • My Japanology / Hooked for 40 years since a visit to Ryoanji temple

  • Lessons learned from Senkaku war games

    SUFFOLK, Va. — “An armed group has come ashore on one of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, and while the Japan Coast Guard and police forces struggle to bring the incident under control, …

  • MSDF ship joins U.S. vessel on escort mission

    YOKOSUKA, Kanagawa (Jiji Press) — A Japanese destroyer joined a U.S. military supply ship in waters off the Boso Peninsula on Monday afternoon to guard it in the first such operation during peacetim…

  • Japan ‘on high alert’ after North Korea missile launch

  • Poll: 64% favor U.S. pressure on North Korea

  • Government extends sanctions on North Korea for 2 years

  • N. Korea believed to have fired Scud-ER missiles

  • SWIFT bans access by North Korea banks

  • Missile landed 200 kilometers off Noto Peninsula

  • Upper house unanimously passes protest resolution

  • Abe, Trump agree threat of N. Korea now in ‘new stage’

  • NSC meeting held

  • Likely reaction to U.S.-ROK drills

  • India-Japan strategic partnership: Renewed focus on peace and security in Asia

    By Madhuchanda Ghosh India and Japan are redefining their relations in the backdrop of the changing security architecture in Asia. The post Cold War structural changes in Asia’s security environm…

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