N. Korea foreign minister: Trump has declared war 2:34 am, September 27, 2017

  • N. Korea foreign minister: Trump has declared war

  • U.S. Navy Pacific commander retiring after fatal collisions

    TOKYO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. Pacific Fleet commander Adm. Scott Swift said he plans to retire after being passed over for promotion to the chief of all military forces in the region in the wak…

  • Trump posts tweet on Puerto Rico crisis, debt

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States ramped up its response Monday to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, even as President Donald Trump brought up the island’s struggles before Hurricane Maria…

  • Turnout high in Kurdish referendum

    ERBIL/SULAIMANIYA, Iraq (Reuters) — Kurds voted in large numbers in an independence referendum in northern Iraq on Monday, ignoring pressure from Baghdad, threats from Turkey and Iran, and internat…

  • U.S. warns Kurds vote will boost instability

    WASHINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — The United States warned that an independence referendum Monday for Iraqi Kurdistan to break away from Baghdad will “increase instability.” “The United States is dee…

  • Wildlife pays price of Kenya’s illegal grazing

    NAIROBI (AFP-Jiji) — “It’s devastating. I’ve been following them every day of my life for the last year,” said Dedan Ngatia, a wild dog researcher in Kenya’s central Laikipia region. “Th…

  • Global warming predicted to expand typhoon wind areas

    TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The strong wind areas of typhoons are estimated to expand if global warming increases further in the future, a study by a Japanese team has shown. The research article by the j…

  • Feuds and politics divide world of taekwondo

    PYONGYANG (AFP-Jiji) — As time ticked away in the final bout of the taekwondo championships in Pyongyang, the North Korean women fighters counted down anxiously, leaping up to hug each other tearful…

  • Basque leader: Allow Catalan referendum

    MADRID (AFP-Jiji) — The regional leader of Spain’s Basque Country, where nationalist sentiments run high, urged Madrid on Sunday to allow independence referendums like those held in Scotland and …

  • Pope’s sex abuse advisers also consider children of priests

    VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis’ committee of advisers on protecting children from sexually abusive priests is expanding its workload to include the needs and rights of children fathered by Roma…

  • Polish president unveils court reform in democratic test

    WARSAW (Reuters) — Polish President Andrzej Duda unveiled proposals on Monday for judiciary reform that is viewed by the European Union and critics of the government as a crucial gauge of Warsaw’…

  • Myanmar police: 28 Hindus slain by Muslim group

    YANGON (AP) — Myanmar police said Monday that they have discovered at least 28 slain Hindu women and boys in two mass graves in the Southeast Asian country’s conflict-torn northern Rakhine State….

  • Iraqi Kurds vote in referendum

    ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) — Voting started on Monday in an independence referendum organized by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq, ignoring the threats of the Kurds’ neighbors …

  • Airstrikes jolt northern Syria despite ceasefire

    BEIRUT (AP) — Airstrikes have targeted rural Aleppo in northern Syria on Sunday for the first time in months since a ceasefire took hold in the province, killing one, activists and a war monitoring…

  • Macron’s new party suffers its 1st setback in Senate vote

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — French President Emmanuel Macron’s new centrist political party suffered its first electoral setback in Senate elections on Sunday in which the right-wing Republicans party stre…

  • Kushner used private email for official business

  • Germany’s jubilant far-right AfD has Merkel in its sights

    BERLIN (Reuters) — Swept into parliament by those Germans angered at the arrival of more than a million refugees and migrants, the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) had a stark message for Cha…

  • U.S. airstrikes in Libya kill 17 ISIL militants

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Six U.S. airstrikes on an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) desert camp in Libya killed 17 militants and destroyed three vehicles, the U.S. military said Sunday, th…

  • N. Korea, Venezuela added to U.S. travel ban

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday slapped new travel restrictions on citizens from North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, expanding to eight the list of countries covered by hi…

  • R.P. vows to probe deaths of Vietnamese fishermen

    MANILA (Reuters) — The Philippines has assured Vietnam of a fair and thorough investigation into the deaths of two of its fishermen during a sea chase incident at the weekend, during which warning …

  • London mayor: U.K. shouldn’t host Trump visit

  • U.S. Senate opposition to Obamacare repeal bill grows

  • Merkel narrowly wins 4th term

    BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel won a fourth term Sunday, but now faces the tricky prospect of forming a coalition with two disparate new partners after voters weakened her conservati…

  • Brussels awaits details from Davis on Brexit plan

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) — Three days after Theresa May sought to revive Brexit negotiations by hinting at concessions on the divorce terms and painting a glowing picture of future friendship, EU negotia…

  • German envoy: AfD will not change status quo

    The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party’s surge in Germany’s federal election on Sunday will have no impact on the nation’s traditional policies based on democracy, European integrati…

  • Wave of protests grips NFL

    LOS ANGELES (AFP-Jiji) — A wave of protests swept across the National Football League on Sunday as U.S. President Donald Trump escalated his feud with players who kneel during the U.S. national ant…

  • Myanmar cartoonists lead media jeering as Rohingya flee

    YANGON (AFP-Jiji) — Cartoons taking aim at Rohingya Muslims are spreading rapidly across social media in mainly Buddhist Myanmar, where public opinion on the crisis stands in stark contrast to the …

  • U.N. to collect ISIL crimes evidence

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The U.N. Security Council on Thursday approved the creation of a U.N. investigative team to collect, preserve and store evidence in Iraq of acts by the Islamic State of I…

  • Fighter jets on agenda for Mattis’ visit to India

    NEW DELHI (AFP-Jiji) — Fighter jets, drone deals and shared concerns over Afghanistan’s security challenges look set to dominate the agenda when U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis visits India t…

  • White House prods health bill holdouts

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Unwilling to concede defeat on a bedrock GOP promise, U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday tried to sway two Republican holdouts on the party’s last-ditch health care hope wh…

  • NATO convoy hit by Taliban attack

    KABUL (AFP-Jiji) — A suicide bomber targeting a NATO convoy wounded three Afghan civilians in Kabul on Sunday morning without causing casualties among Danish troops on board, officials said. The T…

  • Trump clashes with sports world

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. President Donald Trump and the sports world engaged in an intensifying spat on Saturday after he called for National Football League owners to fire players who protest d…

  • U.S. bombers fly near N. Korea to show force

    WASHINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — U.S. bombers and fighter escorts flew off the coast of North Korea Saturday in a show of force against its nuclear weapons program, escalating already sky-high tensions. Th…

  • Italy’s 5-Star names youthful new leader

    RIMINI, Italy (Reuters) — Italy’s anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, riding high in opinion polls, has named 31-year-old Luigi Di Maio to lead it into parliamentary elections next year that coul…

  • U.S.-backed forces seize major Syria gas plant

    AMMAN (Reuters) — U.S.-backed forces said on Saturday they had seized a major natural gas field in Syria’s Deir al-Zor Province from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants in rapid …

  • Turkey OK’s military extention

    ISTANBUL/BAGHDAD (Reuters) — Turkey’s parliament voted on Saturday to extend by a year a mandate authorizing the deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq and Syria, stepping up pressure against an in…

  • Kurds insist referendum will happen

  • Merkel heads for German poll win

    BERLIN (AFP-Jiji) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel was expected to cruise to victory in elections Sunday but also faces the breakthrough into parliament of hard-right populists for the first time …

  • N-test stress may have caused quake

    SEOUL (AP) — South Korea’s weather agency said a magnitude 3.2 earthquake was detected in North Korea on Saturday close to where the country recently conducted a nuclear test, but it assessed the…

  • N.Z. poll stalemate leaves maverick Peters as kingmaker

    WELLINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — New Zealand’s cliffhanger election ended in a stalemate Saturday, leaving maverick populist Winston Peters of the New Zealand First (NZF) party to decide whether conservat…

  • Spain, Catalonia tussle over control of ‘Mossos’ police

    BARCELONA (AP) — Spain’s central government and regional Catalan authorities tussled Saturday over who controls the regional police force that is considered key to the success of a planned Oct. 1 …

  • Iran tests new missile amid U.S. pressure

    DUBAI (Reuters) — Iran said on Saturday it had successfully tested a new ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers and would keep developing its arsenal despite U.S. pressure to stop. The …

  • New M-6.1 earthquake shakes jittery Mexico

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — A strong new earthquake shook Mexico on Saturday, causing new alarm in a country reeling from two yet-more-powerful quakes this month that have killed nearly 400 people. The U.S…

  • Obamacare repeal may be killed by defections

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. Sen. John McCain said on Friday he opposes the latest Republican bill to dismantle Obamacare, dealing the measure what could be a fatal blow given the party’s slim Sena…

  • Iran unveils latest missile in direct challenge to U.S.

    TEHRAN (AP) — Iran’s Revolutionary Guard on Friday unveiled its latest ballistic missile capable of reaching much of the Middle East, including Israel, while the country’s president vowed that T…

  • Macron signs labor reform decrees

    PARIS (Reuters) — French President Emmanuel Macron formally signed five decrees overhauling France’s labor rules on Friday, the first major economic reforms since he took power in May. The new r…

  • CTBTO: Korean seismic activity takes place 50 kilometers from prior tests

    ZURICH (Reuters) — The nuclear proliferation watchdog CTBTO said unusual seismic activity detected in North Korea on Saturday took place around 50 kilometers from previous tests. “Korean Peninsu…

  • Mexico school collapse spurs doubts over building code

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) — The school collapse last week that killed at least 19 children during an earthquake has prompted many Mexicans to question whether building codes developed after a devastati…

  • Russia’s Lavrov says U.S., N. Korea in ‘kindergarden fight’

  • Post-election conundrum awaits Merkel

    BERLIN (Reuters) — Barring an upset, the main uncertainty surrounding Europe’s most important election this year is not whether Angela Merkel will continue to lead Germany after Sunday’s vote, b…

  • China: Quake detected near N. Korea nuke test site

    BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) — China’s earthquake administration said on Saturday it had detected a magnitude 3.4 earthquake in North Korea that was a “suspected explosion,” raising fears the isol…

  • China bans some fuel products to N. Korea

    SHANGHAI (Reuters) — China said on Saturday it will ban exports of some petroleum products to North Korea, as well as imports of textiles from the isolated North, in line with a United Nations Secu…

  • Failing dam sparks evacuation in Puerto Rico

    SAN JUAN (Reuters) — Emergency officials in Puerto Rico raced on Saturday to evacuate tens of thousands of people from a river valley below a dam in the island’s northwest on the verge of collaps…

  • May sets out 2-year Brexit transition plan

    FLORENCE (Reuters) — British Prime Minister Theresa May set out a plan on Friday to retain full access to the European Union’s single market for two years after Brexit to try to reassure business …

  • UNSC warns against holding Iraqi Kurd referendum

    UNITED NATIONS (AFP-Jiji) — The U.N. Security Council on Thursday warned that a referendum on independence by Iraq’s Kurdistan region was potentially destabilizing, adding its weight to internati…

  • Erdogan: Turkey will deploy troops in northern Syria area

    NEW YORK (Reuters) — Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Turkey will deploy troops in Syria’s northern Idlib region as part of a so-called de-escalation agreement brokered by Russia …

  • Republicans push ‘last best chance’ to repeal Obamacare

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Republican leaders sought to nail down the final votes needed to pass what U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday called their “last best chance” to repeal Obamacare …

  • N. Korea ‘could test H-bomb on Pacific’

  • Russia will target U.S. coalition ‘if provoked’

    MOSCOW/WASHINGTON (Reuters) — Russia warned the United States on Thursday it would target U.S.-backed militias in Syria if Russian troops again came under fire, as the United States disclosed an un…

  • Wang calls dialogue with Pyongyang important

  • Russia slams ‘military hysteria’

  • Afghan leader: Abolishing militant havens in Pakistan key

    NEW YORK (AP) — Abolishing militant hideouts in Pakistan is critical to establishing peace in neighboring Afghanistan, the Afghan leader said Thursday before meeting President Donald Trump on the s…

  • Merkel urges Germans to vote as right-wing fears mount

    BERLIN (Reuters) — Fears that apathy could boost the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) in an election on Sunday have driven Chancellor Angela Merkel and her main rival to urge their backers t…

  • Bangladeshi PM urges ‘safe zones’ for Rohingya

    UNITED NATIONS (AFP-Jiji) — Bangladesh’s prime minister on Thursday proposed creating U.N.-supervised safe zones inside Myanmar to protect Rohingya Muslims who are fleeing a military crackdown to…

  • Trump tightens unilateral sanctions on Pyongyang

  • World powers rally to defend value of Iran nuclear accord

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Top diplomats from Germany, Russia, China and Italy insisted Thursday there can be no turning back on the Iran nuclear deal after President Donald Trump suggested that he may s…

  • Japan relief team arrives in quake-hit Mexico

    MEXICO CITY (Jiji Press) — A Japanese emergency relief team made up of 72 workers arrived in earthquake-damaged Mexico City on Thursday. They started search and rescue activities for the victims o…

  • Facebook to release Russia ads to Congress

    NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is slowly acknowledging the outsized — if unintended — role it played in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. Bowing to pressure from lawmakers and the public, the co…

  • Search for Mexico quake survivors enters day 4

    MEXICO CITY (AP) — Survivors are still being pulled from rubble in Mexico City as rescue operations stretch into a fourth day Friday, spurring hope among desperate relatives gathered at the sites o…

  • Kono urges all states to sever ties with DPRK

  • May seeks to revive Brexit talks with Florence speech

    FLORENCE (Reuters) — British Prime Minister Theresa May will try to rescue stalled Brexit talks on Friday with a speech in the Italian city of Florence she hopes will convince the European Union sh…

  • EU envoys reach draft accord on more N. Korea sanctions / Steps include new limit on size of money transfers

  • Boris steals May’s limelight at pivotal moment for Brexit

    LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Theresa May must be asking herself: How do you solve a problem like Boris Johnson? Britain’s undiplomatic chief diplomat has thrown British politics into turmoil by t…

  • U.N. unveils new roadmap for Libya peace

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The United Nations launched a roadmap on Wednesday for a renewed international effort to break a political stalemate in Libya and end the turmoil that followed the countr…

  • Clock ticks as EU seeks new offer from U.K.

    BRUSSELS/BERLIN (Reuters) — European capitals expect British Prime Minister Theresa May to try to break a deadlock in Brexit talks over the coming days by signaling a readiness to pay the EU to sta…

  • Trump’s Iran deal trash talk muddles Pyongyang strategy

  • Rescuers rush to save trapped girl in Mexico

    MEXICO CITY (Reuters) — Mexican rescuers raced against the clock on Wednesday to save a 12-year-old girl trapped beneath a collapsed school and reach other possible survivors buried in rubble in cen…

  • Deadly Maria plunges Puerto Rico into darkness

    SAN JUAN (Reuters) — Hurricane Maria, the strongest storm to strike Puerto Rico in nearly 90 years, carved a path of destruction through the U.S. territory on Wednesday, causing severe flooding and …

  • S. Korea OK’s $8 mil. aid to North

    SEOUL (Reuters) — South Korea approved a plan on Thursday to send $8 million worth of humanitarian aid to North Korea, the South Korean Unification Ministry said, as part of an aid policy that the …

  • 50 nations ink U.N. nuclear ban treaty as big powers oppose it

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Fifty countries on Wednesday signed a treaty to ban nuclear weapons, a pact that the world’s nuclear powers spurned but supporters hailed as a historic agreement nonetheless….

  • Melania: Come together for the children

    NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. first lady Melania Trump called on world leaders Wednesday to come together for the good of their children, delivering her first public remarks at the United Nations as the Whi…

  • White House records wanted in Russia probe

  • Rouhani calls Trump speech ‘unfit for U.N.’

  • Bin Laden’s son ‘trying to reunify Al-Qaida’

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — A photo montage published by Al-Qaida to mark the 16th anniversary of 9/11 shows the face of Osama bin Laden in the flames of the Twin Towers. At his side is his son Hamza, the…

  • Spain police raid Catalan govt offices

    MADRID (Reuters) — Spanish police arrested Catalonia’s junior economy minister Josep Maria Jove on Wednesday as part of a raid on regional government offices ahead of an unauthorized referendum o…

  • U.N. says more than 40 million trapped in slavery

    NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — More than 40 million people were trapped as slaves last year in forced labor and forced marriages, most of them women and girls, according to the first joint…

  • Trump threatens to ‘totally destroy’ DPRK

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — U.S. President Donald Trump escalated his standoff with North Korea over its nuclear challenge on Tuesday, threatening to “totally destroy” the country of 26 million …

  • More arrests made over London attack

    LONDON (AFP-Jiji) — Two men were arrested Wednesday over last week’s London Underground terror attack in which 30 people were injured, bringing the total number of people in custody to five, poli…

  • Tillerson speaks to Suu Kyi about Rohingya refugee crisis

    NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke by phone Tuesday with Myanmar’s civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi about the Rohingya Muslim refugee crisis, the State Department said, a…

  • Britain, Saudi Arabia sign military deal

    RIYADH (Reuters) — Britain and Saudi Arabia signed a framework deal on military and security cooperation, Saudi state news agency SPA said Tuesday, redoubling efforts to counter Iran in the Gulf re…

  • Hurricane Maria lashes U.S. Virgin Islands

    SAN JUAN (Reuters) — Hurricane Maria, the second maximum-strength storm to hit the Caribbean this month, battered the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix on Wednesday and was headed to Puerto Rico with…

  • U.K. halts Myanmar military training

    LONDON (AFP-Jiji) — Britain said Tuesday it had suspended its educational training courses for the Myanmar military due to the ethnic violence in Rakhine state. London said it had “deep concern…

  • Turkish tanks drill on Iraq border ahead of Kurdish vote

    SIRNAK, Turkey (Reuters) — Turkish troops dug in on the country’s southern border on Tuesday and turned their weapons toward Kurdish-run northern Iraq, where authorities plan an independence refe…

  • More than 200 killed in Mexico earthquake

    MEXICO CITY (AFP-Jiji) — At least 216 people were killed when a powerful 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, including 21 children crushed beneath an elementary school that was reduc…

  • Guterres takes thinly veiled dig at U.S. leader

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres appealed on Tuesday for statesmanship to avoid war with North Korea and criticized world leaders who stoke resentment over refugees…

  • Rifts exposed over Iran nuclear deal

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The Iran nuclear deal must be changed if the United States is to remain in it, the top U.S. diplomat said on Tuesday, suggesting its key limits on the Iranian nuclear prog…

  • Inspired by trip to France, Trump eyes military parade

    NEW YORK (AP) — Who doesn’t love a parade? To a city that already offers many, President Donald Trump wants to add one that showcases U.S. military might. It would take place on July 4 in Washing…

  • U.S. Senate backs hike in military spending

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The U.S. Senate passed its version of a $700 billion defense policy bill on Monday, backing President Donald Trump’s call for a bigger, stronger military but setting the sta…

  • Assad opponents say political transition needed to rebuild

    NEW YORK (Reuters) — The United States, Britain and other countries opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad will not support the reconstruction of the country until there is a political transition …

  • Russia’s neighbors uneasy over war games

    LUZHSKY RANGE, Russia (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday attended the weeklong war games with Belarus that have demonstrated the Russian military’s resurgent might and made neighbo…

  • Iraq’s top court suspends Kurdish independence referendum

    BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq’s top court on Monday temporarily suspended the northern Kurdish region’s referendum on independence that’s due next week, a decision that put further pressure on the Iraqi…

  • Rescued Filipino priest talks of need for religious harmony

    MANILA (AP) — For more than 100 days, Catholic priest Teresito Soganub’s life was threatened by every airstrike, gunshot and artillery bombardment that targeted his Islamic State of Iraq and the L…

  • Officials find no militant group link to Tube attack

    LONDON (Reuters) — British police and spy agencies have not found evidence that last week’s attack on a London commuter train was ordered or organized by a recognized militant group, according to …

  • Trump calls for reform in U.N. debut

  • Mattis: U.S. has many military options in North Korea crisis

    WASHINGTON (AFP-Jiji) — The United States has “many” military options against North Korea, including some that don’t put Seoul at risk, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday. His com…

  • U.S. Navy fires 2 commanders after sea collisions in Asia

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The U.S. Navy dismissed two senior officers on Monday after a series of collisions involving 7th Fleet warships in Asia, citing a loss of confidence in their ability to comma…

  • Spain expels N. Korean envoy over nuclear tests

  • Maria batters Caribbean as it intensifies to Category 5 storm

    SAN JUAN (AP) — Hurricane Maria intensified into a dangerous Category 5 storm and pounded the small island of Dominica as it surged into the eastern Caribbean on Monday night, and forecasters warned…

  • Anti-Brexit party warns of ‘looming disaster’

    LONDON (Reuters) — Britain’s Liberal Democrats are to set out on Tuesday their plan to stop Brexit, with party leader Vince Cable appealing to opponents in all parties to put aside “tribal diffe…

  • French Ambassador Pic stresses N. Korea sanctions

  • Suu Kyi says Myanmar doesn’t fear intl scrutiny

    NAYPYITAW (AFP-Jiji) — Aung San Suu Kyi said Tuesday she does not fear global scrutiny over the Rohingya crisis, pledging to hold rights violators to account and to resettle some of the 410,000 Mus…

  • Merkel attends kids’ press conference

    BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s favorite animal is a hedgehog; she loves spaghetti and chicken soup and dreams of being an astronaut for a day. Those were some of the personal de…

  • Qatar to buy 24 fighter jets from BAE Systems

    DOHA (Reuters) — Qatar’s defense minister has signed a letter of intent to purchase 24 Typhoon jets from British defense group BAE Systems, in a move that could anger other Gulf countries boycott…

  • Tillerson: U.S. could stay in Paris accord

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The United States could remain in the Paris climate accord under the right conditions, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday, signaling a shift in tone from th…

  • Northrop Grumman poised to purchase Orbital ATK

    NEW YORK (Reuters) — U.S. defense contractor Northrop Grumman Corp. is poised to announce a purchase of missile and rocket maker Orbital ATK Inc. as soon as Monday, a person familiar with the trans…

  • Kuwait to expel N. Korean ambassador

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Kuwait will expel North Korea’s ambassador to the oil-rich country and four other diplomats, potentially limiting Pyongyang’s ability to earn money for its nu…

  • U.S. considers closing Cuba embassy over ‘health incidents’

    NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. Donald Trump administration is considering closing down the recently reopened U.S. Embassy in Havana following a string of unexplained incidents harming the health of Ameri…

  • Trump to give 1st address at U.N. as N. Korea threat looms

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — North Korea’s nuclear threat looms large this week over the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations in New York, where diplomats are eager to hear U.S. P…

  • U.S. seeks cooperation with Russia following airstrike in eastern Syria

    OSLO (AFP-Jiji) — Washington and Moscow have held high-level talks aimed at shoring up military “deconfliction” zones in eastern Syria after Russia was accused of targeting U.S.-backed forces b…

  • Hamas takes step toward unity govt, 1st election since 2006 / Abbas hails move after Egypt’s mediation

    CAIRO/RAMALLAH (Reuters) — Hamas has agreed to dissolve the administration that runs Gaza, it said Sunday, a major step toward handing control of the enclave to a Palestinian unity government after …

  • U.S. interior secretary recommends shrinking 6 national monuments

    WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is recommending that six of 27 national monuments under review by the Trump administration be reduced in size, with changes to several others pro…

  • Myanmar army chief: Rohingya not ethnic group

    YANGON (AFP-Jiji) — Myanmar’s army chief has urged the country to unite over the “issue” of the Rohingya, a Muslim group he says has no roots in the country, and which his troops are accused o…

  • Over 80 arrested in 3rd night of St. Louis protests

    ST. LOUIS (Reuters) — More than 80 people were arrested on Sunday night as protests in St. Louis over the acquittal of a white policeman who had shot a black man turned violent for a third night ru…

  • Haley: U.N. out of options for N. Korea

  • U.S. flies bombers over Korean Peninsula for drill

  • Britain lowers threat level after arrests over attack

    LONDON (AFP-Jiji) — Britain downgraded on Sunday the nation’s terrorism threat from its highest level, after police made a second arrest in their probe days after the bombing of a London undergro…

  • Peru’s president names new PM as he reshuffles Cabinet

    LIMA (AP) — Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has appointed a former economy minister as his new prime minister two days after a no-confidence vote by the opposition-led congress forced the …

  • Feinstein: Donald Trump Jr. will testify publicly on Russia affair

  • U.N. chief urges Iraqi Kurds to scrap referendum

    UNITED NATIONS (AFP-Jiji) — U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Sunday urged Iraqi Kurds to scrap plans to hold a referendum on independence later this month, arguing it would detract from t…

  • Sean Spicer steals spotlight at Emmys with guest appearance

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) — As Stephen Colbert took shots at U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweeting habits at Sunday’s Emmy Awards, it was the appearance of former White House press secretary Sean…

  • How repeated head blows affect the brain / Postmortems on 200 football players found high rate of chronic disease

    CHICAGO (AP) — Researchers are tackling fresh questions about a degenerative brain disease now that it has been detected in the brains of nearly 200 football players after death. The suspected cause…

  • Afghanistan mulls plan to arm 20,000 civilians to fight insurgents

    KABUL (AFP-Jiji) — Afghanistan is considering training and arming 20,000 civilians to defend territories where Islamic militants have been driven out, officials say, sparking fears the local forces…

  • Rebuilding Marawi to cost $975 mil.

    MANILA (Bloomberg) — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said 50 billion pesos ($975 million) will not be enough to rebuild the southern city of Marawi, citing massive damage caused by the conflic…

  • Malaysia police arrest 7 boys linked to deadly school fire

    KUALA LUMPUR (AP) — Malaysian police said Saturday they have arrested seven boys suspected of intentionally starting a fire at an Islamic boarding school that killed 23 people because students ther…

  • U.K.’s Johnson reignites leadership speculation with Brexit plans

    LONDON (Reuters) — British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson set out his plans for a “glorious” Brexit on Saturday that angered colleagues and reignited speculation he would challenge Prime Minis…

  • 12 Yemenis die in Saudi-led airstrike

    SANAA (AFP-Jiji) — Twelve Yemeni civilians including women and children have been killed in an air raid by the Saudi-led coalition northeast of the capital Sanaa, an official, residents and rebel m…

  • Russian forces bomb U.S.-backed Syria fighters

    BEIRUT (AFP-Jiji) — The U.S.-led coalition said Saturday that Russian forces had bombed U.S.-backed fighters battling the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group in eastern Syria…

  • U2 cancels St. Louis concert over safety concerns

    CHICAGO (AFP-Jiji) — Rock giants U2 called off a concert planned for Saturday night in St. Louis as the U.S. city braced for a second day of protests over the acquittal of a former police officer i…

  • U.S. restates intention to pull out of Paris climate accord

    MONTREAL (Reuters) — The United States attended Saturday a meeting of ministers from more than 30 of the nations that signed the Paris climate change agreement, though the White House issued a state…

  • Dhaka restricts movement of Rohingya refugees

    DHAKA (AFP-Jiji) — Bangladesh restricted the movement of Rohingya refugees Saturday, banning them from leaving overcrowded border areas where over 400,000 who have fled violence in neighboring Myan…

  • China envoy: U.S. should stop threats over N. Korea

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — China’s ambassador to Washington on Friday called on the United States to refrain from making threats over North Korea, which a day earlier launched another missile over Ja…

  • 2 suspects arrested over London commuter bomb

    LONDON (Reuters) — Police arrested an 18-year-old man in the departure lounge of the port of Dover on Saturday in what they said was a “very significant” step in the hunt for whoever planted a b…

  • Egypt court upholds life sentence for Morsi in Qatar case

    CAIRO (AFP-Jiji) — A top court on Saturday upheld a life sentence against Egypt’s ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi on charges stemming from a trial over spying for Qatar, a judicial offici…

  • Judge blocks Trump policy on sanctuary cities

    CHICAGO (Reuters) — A federal judge on Friday barred the U.S. Justice Department from denying public-safety grants to so-called sanctuary cities in retaliation for limiting cooperation with the Tru…

  • Police in Catalonia hunt for ballot boxes

    MADRID (Reuters) — Armed police in Spain have raided several print works and newspaper offices in Catalonia in recent days in a hunt for voting papers, ballot boxes and leaflets to be used in an O…

  • Germans unsure over nature of post-election coalition

    BERLIN (Reuters) — Support for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives has slipped and over a third of Germans are still unsure how they will vote, an opinion poll showed on Friday, fueling unce…

  • U.S. urges Kurds to call off independence referendum

    WASHINGTON (AFP-Jijji) — Washington put to one side its longstanding sympathy for its allies in Iraqi Kurdistan on Friday and sternly urged the region to call off its independence referendum. Earli…

  • Cassini spacecraft makes final, fiery dive to Saturn

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — NASA’s Cassini spacecraft disintegrated in the skies above Saturn on Friday in a final, fateful blaze of cosmic glory, following a remarkable journey of 20 years. Con…

  • St. Louis protests against officer’s acquittal to continue

    ST. LOUIS (AP) — Hundreds of people protesting the acquittal of a white former St. Louis police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man following a high-speed chase marched for hours in mostly…

  • U.S. reiterates military action against N. Korea still possible

    WASHINGTON/UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) — The United States said on Friday it had military options to deal with North Korea, signaling its patience for diplomacy is wearing thin after Pyongyang fired a …

  • Poll: Majority of U.S. backs military action

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — A majority of Americans support military action against North Korea if economic and diplomatic efforts fail, according to a Gallup poll released on Friday amid rising tension…

  • Pyongyang pursuing military ‘equilibrium’

  • UNSC strongly condemns latest N. Korea missile test

  • Britain raises threat level to critical after train bomb

    LONDON (Reuters) — Britain deployed hundreds of soldiers at strategic sites on Saturday to free up police to hunt those behind a bomb which injured 29 people on a packed commuter train in London an…

  • U.S. general: Pyongyang’s Sept. 3 N-test was H-bomb

  • Analysis / Latest missile launch shows N. Korea progress

  • Houthi chief threatens to attack Saudi oil tankers

    DUBAI (Reuters) — Yemen’s Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi said on Thursday his group could target Saudi oil tankers should Saudi Arabia attack Yemen’s main port at Hodeidah. “We could tar…

  • West presses Iraqi Kurds to shelve ‘risky’ independence vote

    ERBIL/KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) — The United States and Western allies pressed Iraqi Kurdish leaders to ditch a “very risky” independence vote on Thursday, presenting an alternative plan in an att…

  • Russian Navy launches cruise missiles into eastern Syria

    ABOARD THE ADMIRAL ESSEN (AP) — Russia fired a salvo of cruise missiles from the Mediterranean on Thursday and said they struck Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group targets in …

  • S. Korea drill simulates strike on DPRK

  • Brazil’s Temer faces fresh criminal charges

    BRASILIA (Reuters) — Brazilian President Michel Temer was charged with obstruction of justice and racketeering on Thursday, according to a statement posted on the prosecutor general’s office webs…

  • Trump administration supports bill to halt aid to Palestinian Authority

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration declared its firm support Thursday for a bill that would suspend U.S. financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority until it ends what critics have de…

  • North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan again

  • 3 suicide attacks kill at least 60 in southern Iraq

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) — Three suicide attacks claimed by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) killed at least 60 people in southern Iraq on Thursday, a health official and police sources said, s…

  • China urges restraint

  • In a first, Myanmar’s ‘ethnic cleansing’ unites Suu Kyi’s party, army and public opinion

    YANGON (Reuters) — If there’s one thing that unites Aung San Suu Kyi’s party, the army that once tried to crush her, and the majority of people in mostly Buddhist Myanmar, it is their vehement …

  • Ukraine open to Putin peacekeepers offer

    BERLIN (Reuters) — Ukraine on Thursday welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s declared openness to deployment of United Nations peacekeepers in separatist-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine…

  • U.S. extends sanctions relief as Trump questions Iran deal

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The United States on Thursday extended some sanctions relief for Iran under the 2015 nuclear deal but said it has yet to decide whether to preserve the deal itself, the State …

  • Several hurt in ‘terrorist’ incident on London Tube

    LONDON (Reuters) — Several people were injured at a London underground station on Friday after witnesses reported a blast on a packed rush-hour commuter train which police were treating as a terror…

  • North Korea fires missile over Japan in longest-ever flight

  • Brazil’s ex-President Silva complains of witch hunt

    SAO PAULO (AP) — Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva told a Brazilian court Wednesday that the corruption charges against him stem from a witch hunt and questioned the impartiality of the ju…

  • Democrats say they have deal with White House on Dreamers

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The top House and Senate Democrats said Wednesday they had reached agreement with President Donald Trump to protect thousands of younger immigrants from deportation and fund some b…

  • Report reveals soaring homelessness in Britain

    LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — Homelessness in England has risen by 60 percent in the past six years, fueled by rising rents and welfare reforms, a public spending watchdog said on Wednesday,…

  • Probe opens into 8 deaths at Florida nursing home

    HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (Reuters) — Eight elderly patients died after being left inside a stifling south Florida nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma, officials said on Wednesday, prompting a…

  • U.S. may sanction oil trade with Pyongyang

  • Plans announced to bury busy road near Stonehenge

    LONDON (Reuters) — The prehistoric stone circle of Stonehenge in southwest England will be freed from the sight, sound and smell of traffic under plans announced on Tuesday to bury a busy road that…

  • Evacuated ISIL fighters leave border in swap deal

    BEIRUT (Reuters) — Buses carrying evacuated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters reached Syria’s Deir al-Zor on Wednesday in return for releasing a Hezbollah prisoner, a commander…

  • Spain calls in Catalan mayors over independence vote bid

    MADRID (Reuters) — Spain’s state prosecutor has summoned more than 700 Catalan mayors who have backed an independence referendum, in an escalation of Madrid’s efforts to block the vote that it h…

  • Paris celebrates end of 100-year wait

    PARIS (AP) — The 100-year wait made victory extra-sweet for Paris. Only the weather was miserable. Paris celebrated the award of the 2024 Olympics as best it could in heavy rains on Wednesday. The …

  • N. Korea threatens to ‘sink’ Japan, ‘reduce’ U.S.

    SEOUL/TOKYO (Reuters) — A North Korean state agency threatened on Thursday to use nuclear weapons to “sink” Japan and reduce the United States to “ashes and darkness” for supporting a U.N. …

  • Juncker urges EU to ‘catch the wind in our sails’

    STRASBOURG (Reuters) — European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker urged EU governments on Wednesday to take advantage of Brexit and an economic upswing to forge a tighter union at the heart of w…

  • Pyongyang stockpiling gas ‘for war’

  • Singapore selects 1st female president without a vote

    SINGAPORE (AFP-Jiji) — An establishment stalwart was named Singapore’s first female president Wednesday, but the milestone was overshadowed by criticism her selection was undemocratic after she w…

  • S. Korea tests advanced air-launched missile

  • Top court OK’s new graft probe of Temer

    BRASILIA (Reuters) — A Brazilian Supreme Court judge on Tuesday authorized an investigation of President Michel Temer for suspected corruption involving a decree regulating ports, adding to graft a…

  • Israel backs independence for Kurds

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel’s leader says the country supports Kurdish independence ahead of a key referendum on the matter. In an announcement early Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s…

  • Thousands protest Macron labour reforms in France

    PARIS (AFP-Jiji) — Over 220,000 protesters marched against French President Emmanuel Macron’s flagship economic reforms on Tuesday in the first major demonstrations opposed to his pro-business a…

  • ‘Monkey selfie’ suit settled

    SAN FRANCISCO (AFP-Jiji) — A bizarre two-year court battle over who owns the copyright of a “monkey selfie” which went viral was finally settled on Monday — in favor of a British nature photo…

  • Trump says tougher steps needed on North Korea

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) — U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday the U.N. sanctions on North Korea agreed to this week were a small step and nothing compared to what would have to happen to deal w…

  • Suu Kyi to skip U.N. assembly

    YANGON (Reuters) — Myanmar’s national leader Aung San Suu Kyi, facing outrage over ethnic violence that has forced about 370,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee to Bangladesh, will not attend the upcomi…

  • Pyongyang defiant

    SEOUL/WASHINGTON (Reuters) — North Korea showed trademark defiance on Wednesday over new U.N. sanctions imposed after its sixth and largest nuclear test, vowing to redouble efforts to fight off wha…

  • Macron, Johnson visit hurricane-hit Caribbean

    MARIGOT, ST. Martin (AFP-Jiji) — French President Emmanuel Macron and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson traveled Tuesday to the hurricane-hit Caribbean, rebuffing criticism over the relief ef…

  • Global split over Rohingya crisis as China backs Myanmar

    COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh (AFP-Jiji) — International divisions emerged on Tuesday ahead of a U.N. Security Council meeting on a worsening refugee crisis in Myanmar, with China voicing support for a…

  • Turkey signs major missile deal with Russia

    ISTANBUL (AFP-Jiji) — Turkey has signed a deal for its first major weapons purchase from Moscow to buy S-400 missile defense systems, both sides announced Tuesday, in an accord that could trouble A…

  • U.S. Supreme Court permits Trump’s broad refugee ban

  • N. Korea warns of ‘greatest pain’

  • No hope in sight in Gulf crisis as 100-day landmark arrives

    DOHA (AFP-Jiji) — As the boycott of Qatar by a Saudi-led bloc of countries approached its 100th day Wednesday, experts warned the increasingly bitter dispute could last into 2018 and beyond. “If …

  • Saudis foil terror plot, infiltrate spy ring

    DUBAI (Reuters) — Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday it foiled an Islamic State plot to bomb its defense ministry headquarters and also said it had arrested several people suspected of carrying out espion…

  • Floridians return to storm-battered homes

    FLORIDA CITY/MARCO ISLAND, Fla. (Reuters) — Storm-shocked Floridians returned to shattered homes on Monday as the remnants of Hurricane Irma pushed inland, leaving more than half of all state reside…

  • Militants ambush convoy in Sinai, kill 18 police

    EL-ARISH, Egypt (AP) — Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants ambushed a police convoy in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Monday, killing 18 police officers and wounding seven others in …

  • Lack of unity in Trump era spurring dissatisfaction among veteran Republicans

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Veteran Republicans are bailing on Congress in growing numbers, as GOP control of Washington fails to produce the unity or legislative successes party leaders wish for. With Presid…

  • U.K. lawmakers back Brexit bill, but more battles loom

    LONDON (AP) — British lawmakers voted a key Brexit bill past its first big hurdle in Parliament early Tuesday. But many legislators branded the bill a government power grab, and vowed to change it b…

  • 1 million join rally for Catalan independence

    BARCELONA (Reuters) — Around one million Catalans rallied in Barcelona on Monday, waving red and yellow striped flags and banging drums, in a show of support for independence after Madrid moved to b…

  • Landslides, flooding hit Manila after heavy rain

    MANILA (AP) — A tropical depression dumped heavy rains in the Philippines early Tuesday, flooding metropolitan Manila and nearby provinces and causing a landslide that killed two brothers. Five oth…

  • Peru expels DPRK envoy over nuke tests

  • China urges N. Korea to stop

  • UNSC unanimously backs new sanctions on N. Korea

  • U.N. rights chief calls Rohingya crisis ethnic cleansing

  • U.S. sought speed in pursuit of latest N. Korea sanctions

  • U.S. marks 9/11 anniversary with hope

  • Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc along Florida’s Gulf Coast

  • U.S. commemorates 9/11 terrorist attacks

  • Iraq holding foreign wives, kids of suspected militants

  • Ex-Georgian president forces way into Ukraine

  • China thinks U.S. holds key to solving North Korea crisis

  • Myanmar rejects truce, talks with ‘terrorists’

  • Mourners sift through wreckage after massive Mexico earthquake

  • Cambodian leader threatens to ban opposition

  • Kim fetes nuclear scientists

  • McCain says aggression will lead to ‘extinction’

  • NATO head: N. Korea’s actions require global response

  • Lotte mulls sale of supermarkets in China

  • Heavy rain, flooding hit Italy

  • Merkel open to Iran-style Pyongyang dialogue

  • Canine’s olfactory senses help detect ants

  • Cassini to dive into Saturn for its grand finale

  • UNSC to vote Monday on N. Korea sanctions

  • S. Korea asked for redeployment of nuclear weapons last year

  • Bruised pope ends Colombia tour with human rights appeal

  • Israeli PM’s son blasted for offensive online post

  • Costa Rica: N. Korea poses imminent global threat

  • Florida residents leave en masse as Irma looms

  • UNHCR: Rohingya exodus reaches 270,000

  • Quake, Hurricane Katia deal Mexico a deadly double blow

  • U.S. calls for N. Korea U.N. vote on Mon.

  • Analysis / China’s ties with North Korea fray

  • Manila stops trading with Pyongyang

  • Trump Jr. disavows collusion to Congress

  • Spain blocks Catalan independence vote

  • Prince George starts school

  • Macron to Europe: Reform or decline

  • Trump says military action against N. Korea not inevitable

  • Mexico expels N. Korea envoy

  • Watchdog: Many U.S. Navy ships in Pacific lack certification

  • Hurricane Irma kills 14 in Caribbean, heads for Florida

  • 15 killed as strong quake hits Mexico

  • Chinese tycoon seeks U.S. political asylum

  • S. Korea PM: North may launch ICBM Saturday

  • Trump makes offer to mediate talks on Qatar crisis

  • Images of solar flares captured

  • Suu Kyi: Myanmar trying to protect all citizens in Rakhine

  • Israeli jets strike Syrian military facility

  • Wang: China backs further actions

  • Xi to Trump: Resolve via talks

  • U.S. military apologizes for offensive propaganda

  • Up to 300,000 Rohingya could flee Myanmar

  • NATO: All states must comply with sanctions

  • 15 states, D.C. sue over Trump’s DACA move

  • S. Korea prepares 4 THAAD units amid fear over N. Korea

  • Syrian govt used chemical weapons 27 times, U.N. says

  • 2 fashion giants ban overly skinny models

  • Pope in Colombia to promote unity

  • U.N. mulls oil, textile ban on North Korea

  • Facebook reveals Russia misinformation ad drive

  • Catalonia sets independence vote for Oct. 1

  • Trump sides with Democrats on debt limit

  • Hurricane Irma tears into Caribbean as Florida braces

  • Dhaka govt sources: Myanmar laying landmines near border

  • China’s intimidation of U.N. officials slammed

  • Unprecedented hurricane hits Caribbean

  • Trump orders end to program protecting young immigrants

  • Putin ridicules state of U.S. politics

  • Syrian forces break 3-year ISIL siege

  • Putin says progress on N. Korea not possible without dialogue

    VLADIVOSTOK/SEOUL (Reuters) — Resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis is impossible with sanctions and pressure alone, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after meeting his South Korean counterp…

  • N. Korea diplomat warns of ‘more gift packages’ for U.S.

  • N-test ‘caused landslides’

  • Hanoi-Beijing tensions rise over S. China Sea

  • Leaked paper details British plans to limit EU migrants after Brexit

  • The secret life of extinct dodos revealed

  • Suu Kyi feels heat as over 100,000 Rohingya flee attacks

  • Turkey blames ‘populism’ for Merkel switch on EU talks

  • Germany sees rise in ‘Russian’ cyber-attacks

  • Young U.S. immigrants prepare for worst

  • Colombia signs deal with last guerilla group

  • Britain: Time running out for N. Irish parties

  • Xi urges ‘healthy’ India ties after border spat

  • Tainan mayor confirmed as new Taiwan premier

  • U.N. panel: N. Korea evades sanctions, reaps foreign cash

  • Seoul welcomes agreement

  • Putin warns of ‘global catastrophe’ over N. Korea

  • Trump agrees ‘in principle’ to scrap ROK warhead weight limit

  • Haley: Kim begging for war

  • U.S. urges ‘strongest’ U.N. actions on North

  • S. Korea Navy holds live-fire drills

  • G-7 calls for new UNSC sanctions against N. Korea

  • Cambodia opposition leader charged with treason, espionage

  • Macron to push for sanctions against Venezuela

  • Drug cuts heart risks by curbing inflammation

  • Obama offered advice in farewell letter to Trump

  • WWII-era bomb defused in Frankfurt

  • Saudi Arabia’s annual Hajj pilgrimage comes to an end

  • Taiwan premier Lin resigns

  • China pledges $80 mil. funding

  • Xi calls for BRICS to play a bigger role in world governance

  • Iran tests home-grown air defense system

  • Tehran warns off U.S. U2 spy plane, drone

  • Iran upholds jail terms for 3 U.S. nationals

  • Merkel backs end to EU-Turkey talks

  • Poll: Chancellor more credible

  • Syrian Army, allies race to Deir al-Zor

  • Trump rebukes Seoul over test

  • Mattis warns Pyongyang threats risk massive U.S. military response

  • U.K.: Commitment to Nordic, Baltic states won’t waver

  • South Korea simulates attack; ICBM launch plan suspected

  • Obituary / John Ashbery / Poet

  • Obituary / Walter Becker / Guitarist, bassist

  • Cambodian paper shuts amid crackdown

  • Moscow: Closure of U.S. facilities ‘hostile act’

  • Largest wildfire in L.A. forces hundreds to evacuate

  • Alarming West, Turkey nudges closer to Russia arms deal

  • Kenya president warns judiciary after nullification of election result

  • More Rohingya pour into Bangladesh; camps at full capacity

  • U.S. takes over Russian posts in San Francisco, D.C., N.Y.

  • N. Korea claims success with ‘advanced hydrogen bomb’ / 6th detonation most powerful test so far

  • China ‘strongly condemns’ test

  • IAEA chief: N-program a ‘grave concern’

  • Seoul seeks strong response to N-test

  • Trump hints at withdrawal from S. Korea FTA

  • North Korea conducts 6th nuclear test

  • Kenya court scraps president’s victory

  • China names new army, air force commanders

  • Worst floods to hit South Asia in 10 years expose lack of planning for annual monsoons

  • Ryan calls on Trump not to end ‘Dreamers’ policy

  • Source: Mueller has letter on ex-FBI head’s dismissal

  • Report: U.S. to increase naval patrols in South China Sea

  • U.S., S. Korea agree to revise missile treaty

  • Trump asks for $7.9 billion down payment for Harvey relief

  • S. Korea’s exports surpass expectations

  • Mattis in accord with Trump over North Korea

  • U.N. watchdog won’t inspect Iran sites despite U.S. pressure

  • China sets Oct. 18 for key Communist Party congress

  • U.S. orders Russian consulate to close in tit-for-tat

  • U.S. awards contracts for prototypes of border wall

  • Vietnam protests Chinese sea drills

  • EU’s Barnier: No ‘decisive progress’ in 3rd round of Brexit negotiations

  • Russian-American gave secret testimony over Trump Tower meeting

  • Girl, 3, found clinging to her drowned mom

  • Harvey’s second coming wreaks more havoc in Texas, Louisiana

  • U.S. admits many more troops are in Afghanistan

  • Macron unveils ‘mother of all reforms’

  • British princes mark Diana’s death

  • Muslims embark on annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca

  • Trump pushes tax overhaul

  • ‘No sign’ of imminent DPRK N-test

  • Taliban chief strikes moderate holiday tone

  • Hezbollah-brokered ISIL deal blocked by U.S.-led airstrike

  • Diana’s death forced British royals to overhaul image

  • China, India rivalry looms over BRICS talks

  • Lebanese deal on ISIL evacuation angers many

  • Peru opposition leader Fujimori probed over graft

  • First lady’s fashion stirs controversy

  • Missile intercepts by U.S. considered

  • China working with U.N.

  • Venezuelan assembly demands probe and trial of ‘traitors’

  • U.S. officials say missile likely be Hwasong-12

  • U.N. condemns ‘outrageous’ North Korea missile launch

  • Juncker blasts Britain for unanswered Brexit questions

  • Cha to be named as Seoul envoy

  • Trump surveys devastated Texas as Harvey rages on

  • High-tech ‘yarn’ could generate electricity

  • Mars weather cloudy with chance of frosty nighttime snowstorm

  • China: Tensions at tipping point

  • N. Korea leader Kim has 3rd child: reports

  • Flamboyant Indian guru jailed for 20 years for rape

  • Barnier concerned over slow pace of Brexit talks

  • N.Y. watchdog set to fine Pakistan’s biggest bank over dubious practices

  • Tillerson to abolish most special envoys

  • Missiles a message of ‘defiance’

  • Migrant deal struck by key European, African nations

  • Trump defends move to pardon Arpaio

  • Trump’s lawyer reveals Russia business plan

  • More dead in Houston amid fears worse is still to come

  • Hamas chief says ties with Iran restored

  • Pilgrims converge on Mecca prior to annual Hajj

  • Researchers find recovery of brain lags after concussion

  • North Korea fires projectile over Japan

  • Trump renews threat to scrap NAFTA

  • U.K. pushes for talks about the future, EU wants divorce first

  • Tillerson sidesteps defending Trump over Charlottesville

  • Big impact feared for Texas oil, economy

  • Lebanon finds remains of troops suspected kidnapped by ISIL

  • Former Colombia rebels try hand at politics with new party

  • Pakistan postpones U.S. visit after Trump speech

  • Labour Party backs Britain staying in EU single market

  • Guatemala president expels U.N. anticorruption chief

  • Taliban suicide bomb attack on Afghan forces kills 13

  • U.S. Secretary of State still seeks talks with N. Korea

  • Finland police confirm identify of suspect in stabbing attack

  • Gunfire heard near Bangladesh border as 1,000s flee Myanmar

  • Report: Pyongyang continuing N-activities

  • Unwanted statues? Taiwan has the answer

  • Rescuers pluck hundreds from Houston floodwaters

  • India, China to end border standoff

  • Politics take center stage at MTV awards

  • Merkel stands by approach to refugee crisis

  • Britain calls for EU ‘flexibility’ in talks

  • More Mandarin ‘needed to fight poverty’

  • China’s top anti-graft inspector under investigation for graft

  • Saudi-led strike on Yemen a ‘mistake’

  • Venezuela shuts 2 radio stations, holds military exercises after threat from U.S.

  • Opposition chief challenges Erdogan with 4-day congress

  • Lebanon Army declares ceasefire against ISIL

  • ISIL claims Brussels knife attack

  • China promotes army general who fought Vietnam in ’79

  • Analysis / Trump pardon latest judicial affront

  • Poll: Macron sees popularity fall to 40%

  • Al-Shabaab senior member killed in strike

  • Defiant Barcelona marches against terrorist attack

  • Iraq recaptures ISIL stronghold

  • Historians warn against rushing to remove statues

  • Trump’s first pardon spares political ally

  • U.S. sanctions target China, Russia firms

  • Evangelical leaders stand by Trump

  • Merkel lauds China for easing N. Korea crisis

  • Kiev: N. Korean missile engine type made for Russia

  • Lack of real-world tests raises doubts on U.S. missile defense

  • Scaramucci deletes tweets

  • Kushner amends financial disclosure form 39 times

  • Iran blames Trump’s ‘arbitrary’ policies

  • U.S. probes China firm over North

    WASHINGTON — The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump has launched an investigation into a Chinese trading company over illicit dealings with North Korea, which continues its nuclear and mi…

  • North Korean defectors down as border tightened

  • Chinese envoy to U.S. says trade picture with Pyongyang ‘distorted’

  • S. Korea fires missiles in new air, sea drills

  • Trump’s options limited on N. Korea

    U.S. President Donald Trump has employed tough rhetoric in response to North Korea’s missile tests, but his options appear limited in dealing with a challenge that has vexed his Oval Office predeces…

  • S. Korea sees high possibility of 6th N-test

    SEOUL (Reuters) — South Korea’s defense minister said on Wednesday he sees a high possibility of North Korea conducting a sixth nuclear test in the wake of the North’s first test-launch of an i…

  • China, Russia say U.S., South Korea should refrain from military drills

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia and China on Tuesday proposed a plan for defusing tensions over North Korea, suggesting that Pyongyang declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests while the United States…

  • U.S. confirms North Korea fired ICBM as tensions rise

  • Seoul says North Korean drone a grave provocation

  • Supersonic U.S. bombers fly over Korean Peninsula

  • N. Korea envoy rejects U.N. remarks

  • Warmbier family reject autopsy

  • U.S. student freed by N. Korea dies

  • Suspected N. Korea drone spied on THAAD

  • Mattis: N. Korea urgent threat

  • Lessons in loyalty for North Korea kids’ day

  • Moon shocked over ‘hidden’ extra THAAD deployments

  • S. Korea fires warning shots at North balloons

  • Possible link to North Korea emerges after cyber-attack

  • N. Korean artist swaps propaganda for satire

  • Spicer: Latest detention by North Korea concerning

  • Seoul finds Trump ‘smart cookie’ talk hard to digest

  • N. Korea’s nukes may be for taking over ROK, U.S. says

  • Seoul: N. Korea fails in missile test-fire

    SEOUL (AP) — A North Korean mid-range ballistic missile apparently failed shortly after launch Saturday, South Korea and the United States said, the second such test-fire flop in recent weeks but a…

  • Sad state of N. Korea’s ATMs points to China’s sanctions

  • American reportedly held in N. Korea

    SEOUL (Reuters) — North Korea detained a U.S. citizen on Friday, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported, bringing the total number of Americans held by the isolated country to three. The man,…

  • China defends its trucks being at N. Korea parade

  • New images show volleyball game at nuclear test site

  • Tensions are soaring, but Pyongyang barely notices

  • N. Korea launch used new system

  • Australia says China ‘must use leverage’

  • Trump aide: North Korea’s behavior can’t continue

  • Pence warns N. Korea of U.S. resolve, urges policy change

  • China paper to N. Korea: Halt N-plans

  • China rejects coal from North Korea

  • U.N. slams North Korea’s missile launch

  • What THAAD can do is unknown to China, experts say

  • Tillerson to chair U.N. meeting on N. Korea

  • IAEA chief warns of new phase in N. Korea threat

  • Seoul says Pyongyang failed in missile test

  • U.S. looking at sanctions to choke N. Korea financially

  • Seoul: N.Korea rocket-engine test shows meaningful progress

  • Interpol red notice for 4 N. Koreans in Kim case

  • Key Trump security picks OK’d

  • U.S., ROK military chiefs discuss threats

  • Pyongyang issues threat

  • N. Korea: ROK, U.S. behind Kim murder

  • Malaysia to give family time to claim body

  • Malaysia, North Korea to discuss return of Malaysians

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