If the election was held today

If the election was held today

If the election was held today,

Trump would win by a Land slide, both in vote number and in electrical vote cast. You ask how can I say this?  Well let starts with the Dem. They are so divided.  Lib, very lib five-star lib and ones so left they are not even in American anymore, and a few middles of the road Dem, you the ones from the old school those who put country first, listen to the voter, stood and place there hand over there heart when the national anthem was played.

On the other hand, President Trump is an ornery, rough, cuss. Shoot from the hips, does not take the long way around the barn. If you looked in the dictionary under offensive you see his pitcher.

But he gets the job done says what he means and means what he said. Promised made Promised kept. EG. New tax reduction bill passed, tough on crime, conserved judges nominated. All done in less that two years in office.

So, in 2000 when the voters go in to vote some dem will vote for the pie in the sky candied. No many because they don’t want to see their mutual funds go down the toilet.

Now President Trump base will stick with him come hell or hi water, and that you can take to the bank.

Many, many voter will hold there breath look down at the floor, think to themselves he is a real #S.O.B BUT If the election was held today they WILL TAKE ANOTHER BREATH THEN SAY TO THEMSELVES BUT HE IS OUR S.O.B.

In other word they will not vote against there pay check, there family future

And that the way I see it cowboy Ron

Department of Homeland Security it makes sensePs that me Happy trails

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