GOP braces for Trump’s

GOP braces for Trump’s emergency declaration

BY JORDAIN CARNEY AND NIV ELIS – 02/14/19 06:56 PM EST 1,924179

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The months-long battle over a proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall is set to escalate dramatically when President Trump declares a national emergency.

Talk of an emergency declaration immediately sparked division, and in some cases outright rebuke, from the GOP senators Trump will need on his side.

Senators on both sides of the aisle are steeling themselves for an entrenched, messy fight, with the declaration likely serving as an opening salvo in a high-profile political and legal battle.

Several Republicans panned talk of Trump moving forward with the plan, an option he has kept on the table as conservative allies fume that the deal to fund the government included only $1.375 billion for border barriers, instead of the $5.7 billion for a wall sought by the president.

“I believe it’s a mistake on the president’s part. I don’t believe that the National Emergencies Act contemplated a president repurposing billions of dollars outside of the normal appropriations process,” said Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), characterizing Trump’s decision was “of dubious constitutionality.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) added that she did

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