Lara Logan to Hannity: I’m Being ‘Targeted’

Lara Logan to Hannity: I’m Being ‘Targeted’ For Saying the Media is ‘Mostly Liberal’

by Tamar Auber | Feb 20th, 2019, 10:06 pm 4021

On Wednesday, former CBS News foreign correspondent Lara Loganspoke with Fox News Sean Hannity about her recent comments slamming the media as “mostly liberal.”

Logan told Breitbart podcaster Mike Ritland the remarks made on his show — which drew widespread attention online — amounted to “professional suicide.”

Defending her remarks on Hannity’s show, Logan said that as the result of her speaking out about how the media is “mostly liberal” she has been targeted because she is an independent voice.

“Any journalists who are not beating the same drum and giving the same talking points,” she insisted “pay the price” for not going along with the liberal crowd.

She also called out her targeters by name.

“I know they’re going to come after me,” she told Hannity. “Michael Calderone who is at the Huffington Post. I can give you the script now. I can tell you who the players are. Joe HaganBrian Stelter.”

She added: “They smear you personally. They go after your integrity. They go after your reputation as a person and a professional. They will stop at nothing. I am not the only one. And I am just, I am done, right, I am tired of it. And they do not get to write my story anymore. They don’t get to speak for me, I want to say loudly and clearly to anybody who is listening, I am not owned. Nobody owns me, right? I’m not owned by the left or the right.”

Logan made headlines recently when, during a scorched earth podcast interview with Ritland, she said that there was a lot of “weight” in most news organizations on “one side of the political spectrum.”

“The media everywhere is mostly liberal. But in this country, 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats. So that’s just a fact, right?” she told Ritland.

She also trashed reporting based on single, anonymous government sources.

“That’s not journalism, that’s horseshit,” Logan stressed. “Responsibility for fake news begins with us. We bear some responsibility for that, and we’re not taking ownership of that and addressing it. We just want to blame it all on somebody else.”

CBS News did not comment on Logan’s interview with Ritland. Logan quietly departed CBS last year.

Watch above, via Fox News

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