A dog I never met

A dog I never met

I am fond of pigs.

Dogs look up to us.

Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. Winston Churchill

During my layover I was throwing the frisbee for my best pal Scooter. One of the drivers came over.” “I’m a dog lover. Can I through the frisbee? “Certainly”, I replied, scooter my black-and-white border collie was wearing me out. The two hit it off. obviously, he was a very good person, dogs have a way of knowing this.

The conversation turned to dogs and snakes.  I mentioned that my sons dog got bit by a rattler! Her name is 2 Dots. She weighs, ninety-pound, a husky. She killed the rattler and brought it to us, after several days she was as good as new

Then he shared an incredible story with me. “My parents live outside of El Paso Texas, about 12 miles east of the city. I left my black lab with them. They actually help me raise the dog and loved him, he was, family. They went to town, several hours later they returned. my dog was laying on the porch, not with his usual amount of energy. HE came over to the car and when mom went to open up the door. the lab jumped up the site and pushed the door shut. mom once again open the door and once again the black lab pushed the door shut. Dad opened the door and got his gun out and found a rattlesnake under the car, HE killed the rattlesnake then come around the car, my black lab was dead.”

You know I feel very special and sad. Still I’m glad that he shared his story with me. Life has taught me one thing about animals. They love us from cradle, to grave, they never lose their love, for us. because we come home late, we may feed them just a little bit after normal time. all they want is our companionship, love and respect. and they’ve earned it. This will be one of my biggest disappointments in life not being able to meet this wonderful dog[c1] .

And that the way I see it cowboy Ron McGinley


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