road home! the economic recovery 2020

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The road home, 2020 economic recovery. The road home! the economic recovery 2020 certainly, the Chinese flew, has done more to destroy our economy, than many recessions the great depressions, World War II, World War I, and the Civil War.  once again, we are divided nation. The medical establishment once the president keeps us under wraps for 3 perhaps six months. While business leaders, economists and many politicians and governors want us to go back to work. Personally, I don’t see how we can ask the American people to stay locked up any longer, they’ve have had it. and they will eventually start protesting and rioting. So, let’s see what options are and gain our country moving. The first thing I would suggest is for the president to have a mass meeting, with governors, with major business leaders.   Number one, find out how they want economy to be reopened I would suppose that one of the options, would be opening up different sections of the country, where the virus has been contained or hopefully defeated. We need! new thinking, for example when, most of the country gets back to work, maybe we need a two-day holiday called a shopping holiday. We need spending or confidence from the consumer. That’s the age-old question what comes first the chicken or the egg.   The president could go on television and explain this to the American people. where the voters like him or not they have confidence in him, and his ability get the job done. He could remind the American people to start shopping. interest is down, perhaps targeting their spending on things that they were going to have to get in the near future, washing machine, dryers or perhaps a car if it’s in their budget.   He could remind the American people that our servers and people who earn much of the living from tips has been greatly harmed, and we should tip as generously as we possibly can. Remember tip money is returned to the economy very quickly, perhaps at the grocery store liquor store or to a night on the town, a day at the beach, savings account., One the ideas being tossed around is for another reprobation from Congress for shovel ready jobs, look their shovel ready jobs and their shovel ready jobs. I don’t think very much of shovel ready jobs in Pres. Obama’s administration, much of the money really did not go to improving our inner structure, most of the money was the center for social of programs and the buyout votes from Congress and senators. I suppose that if we really did shovel road, program we would inventory our roads and bridges, electric lines, canals and waterways, Internet towers hospitals and so on.   Projects that were earmarked to be done within 6 to 12 months, start them right away projects that were going to be done 12 to 24 months, move them up into a line awaiting. After that let’s look for better ways to moving water from the East Coast to out West, places in California are suffering from water and we have, the ability alleviate that with high-speed water tanks water pipes or new canals perhaps we need to be looking at super interstate highways coast-to-coast border to border perhaps a super interstate that would only accommodate high-speed trucks and high-speed buses and keep the car segregated. But the last thing that we do not want to do, is spend the taxpayer’s money on unnecessary I repeat unnecessary social programs, our money should go into hard assets so then the day whether this works or does not work will have some to show for money and that’s the way I see it cowboy Ron    
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