Michigan health department shipping condoms and lubricant during stay-at-home orders

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Michigan health department shipping condoms and lubricant during stay-at-home orders

The stay-at-home has made many people feel like they’re on top of each other and for intimate partners, that may be a good thing, but Michigan wants to make …WWMT-TVYesterdaybookmark_bordersharemore_vert

Michigan launches free condom delivery service during coronavirus lockdown

The state’s health department has launched a new, free condom delivery *service* to help prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases …New York PostYesterdaybookmark_bordersharemore_vertView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

New report shows coronavirus pandemic could last for two years – and may not subside until 70% of the population has immunity

An estimated 70% of the human population may need to be immune to halt the pandemic, researchers say.CBS News1 hour agobookmark_bordersharemore_vert

Expert report predicts up to two more years of pandemic misery

Covid-19 is not going away, a new report on the coronavirus pandemic says. The report from CIDRAP predicts 18 months to two more years of Covid-19 cases …CNN5 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vertView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_upplay_arrow

Critics said the flu kills more than coronavirus. Why that’s not a fair comparison — and now, it’s not even true

The US death toll from coronavirus this year has now exceeded 62000, surpassing the high-end estimate for flu deaths. But coronavirus has killed at a much …CNN52 minutes agobookmark_bordersharemore_vert

The coronavirus death count may be even higher

The number of deaths in states hit hardest by the coronavirus is well above the normal range, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and …Axios9 hours agobookmark_bordersharemore_vertView Full Coveragekeyboard_arrow_up

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