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Big Thursday on Newsmax TV: 6pm ET Bill O’Reilly, Kellyanne Conway talk Gen. Flynn’s vindication, Obama’s attempt to shield Biden, Trump’s reopening plan on “Spicer & Co.”; 7pm ET Joan Lunden joins “Greg Kelly Reports,” plus Dr. David Samadi on one of Trump’s valets testing positive for the virus. Watch via Directv 349 (now in HD!), Xfinity 1115, Dish 216, Uverse 1220, Fios 615, Optimum 102, Mediacom 277, Spectrum (see channels), Cox, Suddenlink, WOW!, or More Info Here


Catholic Cardinals Urge Respect for Freedom With Virus

Special: The One Thing You Should Do for Your Prostate Every Morning

Texas Salon Owner Who Violated Lockdown Ordered Released From Jail

Health: Vitamin D Linked to Low Virus Death Rate

No Virus Deaths in Half of US Counties; SCOTUS Reverses ‘Bridgegate’

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