Vajazzling is here

Vajazzling is here

vajazzlingHere we are: vajazzling arrived in Berlin.

In the last years we saw a lot of trends, some were cool and some were weird, specially in Berlin, but this is… let’s see what it is!
After very weird ways to make up, make up hair, very “fashion” styles for clothing … after tattoos, piercing and body modification of any kind, now it’s time to adorn the vagina with strass, colored and various strass… or something like that!

It comes, of course, from USA and it’s growing in Europe, and in Berlin more and more beauty centers are offering this service.
Because yes: adorning is nice, and why not to make your vagina more nice, kindly, sweet … or wild and sexy?

It can be a nice surprise for your husband or boyfriend, or a random lover. It can make you feel better with yourself (self confidence is important), and also for professionals: some escorts can add it as a special feature in their list, surely some pornstars can say to be more fashion!

The fact is that it’s going out of fashion, so from now onwards let’s expect vaginas more decorated and shiny!

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