Kudlow: Economic Rebound Likely in Second Half of Year

Kudlow: Economic Rebound Likely in Second Half of Year


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An economic resurgence is ahead, but just not quite in the coming month or even the second quarter, according to White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

“I don’t think the numbers are going to turn up for the next few weeks – for May, the job numbers are going to be very difficult,” Kudlow told Jeanine Pirro of Fox News’ “Justice w/Judge Jeanine” on Saturday night. “I don’t want to forecast it, but that’s what I think.”

Kudlow told Pirro, there will be a waiting period as the Reopening America Again plans unfold around the U.S.

“I think you have to wait, Jeanine, really until we cross the bridge, get the economy safely reopened, and then we’ll see a lot of economic improvement in the second half of this year,” Kudlow added. Read More Here

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