Pelosi’s new $3 trillion bailout scheme

Pelosi’s new $3 trillion bailout scheme

I was given the understanding that 3 trillion is what we bring in on a yearly basis in tax revenue,

I don’t think that the Republicans will go along with it! It, for these basic reasons she snuck too much junk in there,  part of the bill, would mean you cannot deport illegals until flu is over.


That could take forever because the way the language is written if one person in America has the flu, no one can be deported


she wants the stimulus money to go to states that may go bankrupt, in other words red states will bailout blue states and their mismanagement, at first, I was very much against this,

I wonder do we really have a choice in two or three states going bankrupt like New York California could create a domino effect and take us all down the tube

if we are going to consider this bill, these conditions must be met

states must get their financial house in order; they need a plan that everyone shares the pain. Example, pension plans may have to be reduced, remember, politicians give way to taxpayer’s money to buy votes they never did their due diligence and related have to worry about it because the problems wouldn’t hit the fan until another governor took over

they must reach out to their bill collectors or creditors nicer word I guess and get some loan forgiveness all government employees including the governor and his staff will have to take a reduction in ther salary.


In closing, this bill must , target gaining our country up and running again, social experiment programs will have to wait for another day

that’s why I see it cowboy Ron



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