Trump Urges Sen. Graham to Call Obama to Testify: ‘He Knew Everything’ About Flynn’s Unmasking

Total Virus Layoffs Hit 36.5M With 3M New Claims
The global novel coronavirus crisis continues to batter the U.S. labor market, with millions more Americans, including white collar workers, filing for unemployment benefits last week as the hit from the pandemic spills over into a broader swath of the economy…. [Full Story]
Some US Schools Are Pulling the Plug on Distance Learning
After the Chattahoochee County school district called an early end to [Full Story]
FBI Seizes Sen. Burr's Cellphone in Stock Sell-Off Probe
The FBI is moving forward in its probe of Sen. Richard Burr for [Full Story]
Urgent Pill Warning: Memory Loss Linked to This Common Prescription
Sergeant Fired After Parkland Massacre to Be Rehired
A Florida sheriff’s sergeant fired because he sat in a parked car [Full Story]
James Clapper: I'm Willing to Testify - Remotely
As a Senate committee dives into an investigation on the origins of [Full Story]
Huckabee: Extended Lockdowns Threaten More Than the Economy
Citizens of the United States are not servants of the government. The [Full Story]
Weird Free Trump Gift Surges in Value Last 24 Hours! Claimed It Yet?
Trump Urges Sen. Graham to Call Obama to Testify About Unmasking
President Donald Trump said the first person he would call to testify [Full Story]
US Appeals Court Rejects Trump Bid to Escape Emoluments Lawsuit
A U.S. appeals court on Thursday rejected President Donald Trump’s [Full Story]
Gallup Poll: Americans Less Charitable Amid Pandemic
Americans hit an all-time low of donating money to charitable [Full Story]
Trump: Flynn Unmasking, Probe Was 'All Obama,' 'All Biden'
President Donald Trump, in an interview airing Thursday, laid the [Full Story]
Russia Calls on NY Times, Financial Times for Retractions
Russia’s Foreign Ministry has accused the Financial Times and The New [Full Story]
Lloyds: Pandemic Will Cost Insurers More Than $200B
The pandemic will cost the insurance industry over $200 billion, [Full Story]
NY GOP Rep. King to Vote for Dems' $3T Relief Bill
Retiring Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., a moderate, plans to cross the aisle [Full Story]
Bill O'Reilly to Newsmax TV: Jill Biden Only Way to Stop Joe
As “befuddled” and inarticulate as Joe Biden is, the only way he [Full Story] | 
Pastor Matt Brown to Newsmax TV: You Can Buy Alcohol and Weed But Can't Go to Church
The social distancing laws in California are keeping people from [Full Story] | 
Larry Gatlin to Newsmax TV: We're Praying We Can 'Get on The Road Again'
Larry Gatlin, of the famed gospel group the Gatlin Brothers, [Full Story] | 
Uber Requires Drivers, Passengers to Wear Masks in Cars
Uber Technologies Inc. on Wednesday said it will require drivers, [Full Story]
Govt Revises March, April Job Losses Higher
The U.S. economy lost a record 20.537 million jobs in April and not [Full Story]
Goldman Sachs Stunner: US Unemployment to Peak at 25%
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economists revised their forecasts to [Full Story]
Where to Get COVID-19 Virus and Antibody Tests
Experts believe that testing is one of the most critical paths to freedom from the coronavirus. Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, chief medical officer of the American Heart Association, says that virus testing leads to quick identification of cases and treatment for infected people. [Full Story]

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